Status for january-february 2020

Some news from fronts 🙂

Soon (we all hope so) game will be accessible in Linux – thanks, Flambard! (maintainer of MAngband); also he published Multiplayer Variants Network Manifesto (which I fully support) and introduced _browser_ client!

Powerwyrm works on bringing monster changes from Vanilla. It includes huge tileset rework and cool stuff like new abilities: spiders can now weave webs, humanoids using whips (extra-distance attack), spitting, etc. Also it will include some core changes like Sil lightning system! 😉 Continue reading

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New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 11 released!

– Fix custom stairs in towns
– Add small racial antimagic modifier
– Make unbeliever antimagic bonus a class modifier

Rework of antimagic — now un-hardcoded and works differently. Antimagic now works as follows:

1) check vs class modifier which is 1d1 for Unbeliever (50% at level 50)
2) check vs polymorphed race if player is polymorphed (ring, shapeshifter) with bonus set as half the race level (for example: true believer level 57 gives 28% antimagic)
3) game takes the best of 1) and 2) and caps at 50% (unbeliever level 20 polymophed into true believer would get 28%, unbeleiver level 40 would get 40%)
4) check vs race modifier which is now added (so go wild with antimagic race), capped at 10% (for example: 1d5 which gives +1 every 5 levels would work nicely)
5) check vs using a “dark sword” is added, capped at 40% (all DS in PWMang have max +4 anyway)
6) once all bonuses are added, the result is capped at 90% — so a “foo” (race with +10 AM) unbeliever level 50 using a +4 dark sword would get 10% + 50% + 40% = 100% capped at 90%

— fixed several tileset problems
— you can’t buy dialogues from NPC’s anymore 🙂
— Iron Mountain’s hydras doesn’t breath plasma anymore, but sound (regular hydras in the dungeon does plasma as always)
— Shtukensia got some more smuggled consumables in her possesion.. She could sell it for ya for a reasonable price. Time is money, friend!

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Tangaria map

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Bug fixes

— Fixed boss monsters spawn and rearranged their loot at dungeons: 

  • The Mountain Gorge
  • The Orc Cave
  • The Severs
  • Fetid Swamps
  • The Orc Mountains
  • Abandoned Manor

— Temporary fix for recalling bug in Old Forest dungeon

— Fixed water trolls and elementals tiles (download file in discord; this fix will be included to new client a bit later)

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Healing elixirs

There is a rumour that you always could buy especially fine healing potions from Shtukensia in tavern.. Thou say that she got it from smugglers, so the price is sky high… but they are always accessible. For those who wish to get them cheaper – there is an option to get heal drinks at the Holy Temple or Black Market (powerful potions are rare there though).

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New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 10 released!

– Un-hardcode class shapes
– Add race shapes
– Don’t describe vendors as “the entrance” to that vendor (VENDOR flag at terrain.txt)
– Allow paragraphs in race/class descriptions (with ‘|’ symbol)
– Add CAUTIOUS flag for monsters

Server updated!
– every NPC now got a nice description, use ‘l’ to look at it and know who are you talking to 🙂
– wild animals do not follow strangers anymore
– added description to gargolies race in character created screen (long read!) with new paragraphs system
– added new race: golem. Read it’s description in-game or at the website in ‘races’ section

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Added gargoyle race.

Gargoyles are stone creatures which sometimes appear after magic storms, when arcane nexus vibrations animates rock. It’s very rare occasion, but for centures it happened a from time to time, so you could meet gargoyles in Tangaria more often, than, for example, balrogs.

As gargoyles made from stone, they are resistant to fire, acid and electricity. It’s hard to harm then with shards magic. They do not fear poison and could levitate with a help of their inner magic.

Their weaknesses is certain slowness and also they can’t restore hitpoints and mana easely. They are good in infravision though and their stats can’t be reduced. Another problem is that it’s very hard for them to learn something new. But they are very powerful phisically and it’s not easy to destroy them. They are wise, but not too really smart.. and in most cases quite ugly.

Some powerful wizards tried to make gargoyles with their magic, but they managed to create only ‘golems’ – by powering clay with their spellcasting, as it appeared that much easier to magically operate with clay, than with stone or rock. But I’ll tell you about golems another time..


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Race changes

Some of changes (I don’t remember all of them, as I constantly rebalance stuff):

  • Darklander race revamped. Now they got ESP to sense evil creatures at 25 lvl and their exp penalty increased.
  • Undeads got all their stats sustained.
  • Cambion no longer could suffer too much from sound attacks.
  • Celestials protected from blindness.
  • Balrog hp increased.
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Races improvements

Added some interesing idea to races progress, eg:

  • Darklander got additional stealth at 45 lvl
  • Damned got it’s stats degraded over time in exchange for good health recovery and immortal life (time resistance)
  • Merfolk can’t dig so well
  • Barbarian don’t born as a heroes and become stronger only after hard training (stat gain over lvls).. Although they also become less intelegent, but more wise (compared to young barbarians)
  • Black Dwarfs become better in digging in time, but louder
  • Goblins become more dexterious and got more vitality in time
  • Trolls speed become gradually decaying
  • Half-giants can’t teleport (but become very.. very strong. They are descendants of Titans after all..)
  • Cambion got perma ‘drain exp’ in exchange to power (Maia with additinal chaos/nex resistance, but less exp penalty)
  • Balrog got ‘perma-aggro’ in exchange to fire immunity and other bonuses
  • Undeads got slowed regen (actually they do not regenerate at all) and also loose speed a bit over becoming high lvl. Maybe vampires should also have problem with regeneration? Share your ideas in comments!

It’s not all, I just don’t have time atm to enlist all stuff – concept is pretty raw and would be constantly rebalanced.. and then I’ll post there detailed information about race changes.

A lot of stuff going on right now, Powerwyrm added so much great features recently. It would take some time to ‘fill’ them up with content, but even now game looks awesome!

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PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 9 released!

– Fix corrupted binaries
– Allow random values to have negative dice
– Simplify birth menu code
– Customize stair generation parameters
– Add short description to features
– Allow access to a half-capacity Home in normal diving mode
– Wipe all trash on the surface every dawn

Deep bow to Powerwyrm! Thanks for the great stuff!

There will be a lot of streams soon where we would implement new features which become possible with awesome PWMA updates!

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