New server setup and PWMA update

  1. Ok, from now on our server address is
  2. server works, please update clients
  3. I’ve added ‘torch’ light to all vanilla and PWMA terrain features
  4. rearranged tileset to add different doors from PWMA update

New PWMAngband 1.3.0 beta 2 released!
– Hopefully fix “undefined packet” errors when sending a large amount of features from pref-xxx.prf to the server
– Remove pseudo-3D tileset
– Remove player shop types, allow free colorized house doors
– Allow variable number of stores in store.txt

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Beta version of PWMAngband 1.3.0 released


Here’s a list of changes since the last development release:

– Remove DEATH flag from graf-xxx.prf files
– Update monsters when leveling up
– Fix room templates with specified treasures
– Fix possible nuking of useful item when too many are generated on a level
– More struct loc refactoring

Clients updated! Powerwyrm hunded down all critical bugs, so it’s now comfortable to test new version 😀 I’m a bit busy atm, but soon there would be a lot of new stuff & streams! I suppose at the end of this week I’ll be back to work on Tangria 24/7 😉

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Server moved to the new hosting

We moved to new cloud. Keep on jumping!

To play you should update your client.

There is know issue with other players invisible to you; Powerwyrm hunting this bug down 🙂

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“Unknown packet type” problem fixed!


Client files (mangclient.exe and the 2 other ones) updated with a delay equal to (size of feature array / 10) between PKT_FEATURES sendings (for Tangaria which has 2600 features, the delay is 260ms, which is roughly 1 second for the 4 packets — you’ll see a slight delay after choosing character and before the login screen shows up)

I’ve updated the zip, you need to redownload it, but only the mangclient.exe file is changed so you only need to replace that file

On my local PC, this prevents server from “reprocessing” the FEATURES packets (8 calls without the delay, 4 calls with it). I hope this also fixes the “unknown packet” problem

And it fixed problem indeed! 😀 Yay!

Tangaria client updated. Test continues!

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Server is ON for testing

Powerwyrm fixed this nasty bugs!

Server file (mangband.exe) updated with:
– log entry for every packet that is received by the server during setup phase (I have the normal flow so I will be able to compare)
– fix for random crash due to bug with struct loc

Guys, please feel free to test stuff! 😀

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Server open for dev testing (pre-pre-pre Alpha)

Sever down for maintaince.

I’ve opened server for testing.. It’s VERY bugged, eg:

  • in 70% cases you can’t login to your character. The only way is to try again and again and finally you would login. Also try not to push buttons too fast on login, when while it prompt you. 
  • you can not see other players atm; players are invisible to each other. But you could see if they drop items, fight etc
  • sometimes client crush. After several attempts you could relogin (hopefully)
  • sometimes server just crush. If so you can’t continue playing. Please tell so in discord, I’ll restart it.

There would be a wipe, so don’t worry to die a lot 🙂

This isn’t really ‘public’ test. Please do not report about it on public resources as game doesn’t work properly and I don’t want people get wrong picture.

To play – just download client in ‘Downloads’ section.

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Monsters came out, new tiles, test coming

  1. I’ve finished to settle monsters at open world locations. Every location got it’s own special monster species around. Severe monsters are less aggressive than in dungeons, so if you would scout around they won’t kill you on sight. Also monsters on surface was tweaked (reduced exp, no loot), some dangerous abilities (summoning) was taken down there (as there are too much empty space on surface, you can’t hide in corridors from summoning). Anyway, it’s testing for now; maybe mobs should be ‘wanderers’, to make it even less dangerous. We’ll see.
  2. I’ve added Terter terrain/water transition tiles (thanks, pal!). Tileset .psd updated. Tomorrow I’ll make stream with world design, using this tiles.
  3. This weekend I’ll turn on server for testing; just before Powerwyrm would come out of vacation, so we could get some more bugs for him 🙂 The problem is that there is one HUGE bug which makes login unavailable in 70% cases; but for testing puproses it will be alright. Cya in-game!
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Whats up

I’ve added female tile models from PWMA, added to them some hair and removed beards 🙂 And noticed that there is a bug with character appearence – other chars looks invisible. 

Translation of main section @ website is finished. So I’ll start adding lore considering world, slowly.

Also I’m assigning monsters to surface locations, so they would guard entrances to the dungeons. They won’t be too dangerous for curious adventurer; some of them would sleep until you bother them. Of couse monsters on surface wouldn’t give much exp/loot as it’s easy to hunt them by using borders.. Real adventures are in dungeons! And I also plan to add more different terrain to dungeons layout.. The problem is to make them not too overburdened.

And of course I need to include Terter tiles transitions and test them in-game. Plenty of tasks to complete while waiting for Powerwyrm 🙂

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Website is under reconstruction

As server is out for now, I’ll work with lore and my book. So atm I’m redesigning website, to fit there book section. The idea is to divide page in two parts – left would be for the game and right for lore/book. I’ll write book in Russian and won’t translate it in full length, but lore (history of world, geography, races, countries etc) would be translated in both languages; to do so I’ll also make this website bilingual.

@Terter made great graphical assets for water and land transitions. I’ll include them to tileset when website would be finished.

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Server is ready.. almost

I’ve finished alpha version of the World, all locations and dungeons are ready. I’ve bought new hosting, started server and… <CRUSH!>

The problem is that there is a bug with PWMA which crush client  (“Unknown packet type” ). So for now we have to wait for Powerwyrm to come back from vacation to fix it (3 weeks).

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