Booze for rest

You know.. Drinking booze could restore your vigor, but make you stupid. Take care!

‘Dragon’ race temporary disabled because of the exploit.

Update: dragons are enabled again. For now they would be much more clumsy in terms of searching, disarming etc; it’s temporary measure till exploit would be fixed.

2 Comments on “Booze for rest

  1. What exploit disabled Dragons?

    I’m guessing that is what has made my account unplayable? I am a level 9 Dragon called Darkfold that started the other day.
    I’m currently getting an error “unable to access save” and booted to desktop immediately.

    Do you know when I will be able to play again? I can’t create another character on my account. So i can’t play at the moment.

    • Sorry for inconvenience! Please try again, I’ve reenabled dragon race

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