Server break and work status (getting to 1.3.0)

Hosting @ google cloud ended.. so I’ll run new server at new place already – after I’ll finish tileset (~85% of filling database is ready).  I think tomorrow I’ll finish tileset.. then I got to finish town location….. Read More

Development version of PWMAngband 1.3.0 released for testing

@Powerwyrm:  Here’s the list of changes that have been implemented up to now: User interface ————– Angband 4.1.3: – Spell info improvements – Grey out unreadable books in the inventory – Show recharge failure chances in item list… Read More

Gamedev & tileset sections

I’ve added new sections to the website, you could find them in menu 🙂 Also guide section moved inside FAQ.

Shtukensia’s pixelart speed-drawing

I’m finishing to add several hundreds new tiles.. some of them drawn by Shtukensia – she recorded a bit of her work on new tiles on video 🙂 Inspired by David Gervais DO tiles:     PWMA update… Read More

‘Angband Online’ become ‘Tangaria’!

Our magical world would have it’s own lore. It’s own story. It’s own history. I’ve made decision to rename ‘Angband Online’ project to ‘Tangaria’ (accessible by There are several reasons why I did so, there they are:… Read More

News: tiles, locations, new server, screenshots and SLD2

Added more mountains tileset. They become very handy in creating entrance to Orc Caves dungeon (click to enlarge): Completed first 3 locations: Hidden Valley, Wolf’s Gorge and Orc’s Mountains. Now working on first town; btw during ru-stream Shtukensia… Read More

Understanding of world design

Phew. This is it. Added MOAR mountains and trees (ru stream). Also added new tiles with special lightning – to create dark and atmospheric narrow passages. I really hope it’s last tiles additions for now – I wanna… Read More

New trees, grasslands, ruins, lowlands, hills, walls

Ok, I’ve added moar stuff to terrain: trees, grasslands, ruins, lowlands, hills, walls etc, and added it to DB in todays’s stream. It’s super hard to stop working on new tiles, cause it’s becomes really fun after you get… Read More

Process: blackguard added, new terrain tiles

@Powerwyrm: blackguard added! and instead of 8, the class comes with 20 spells! Many ideas imported from D&D blackguard, should be fun I’ve finished adding new terrain for now; new 20+ different types of grass tiles – with dirt,… Read More

Tileset: boulders, branches, stumps

Added ~25 new tiles (boulders, branches, stumps) in yesterday’s stream in Russian.   Now I wanna add some tree trunks and maybe leaves.. so main area would look more ‘natural’…   Damm I’ve sweared to myself that I… Read More