Tangaria’s tileset

Tangaria’s tileset – 32×32 px colored tileset on 4096×4096 px field, which could hold up to 16384 tiles; it’s based at beautiful David Gervais artwork, with adding a lot of new tiles from other artists who published their work at CC0 or Creative Commons licences.

I made this tileset for Tangaria (online roguelike game), which is powered by PWMAngband. If you would do some tweaking – this tileset could be used with most of *bands. Also you could add it at any other roguelike or grid-based game.

Tileset is published under the Creative Commons licence. You are free to to copy, distribute and transmit those tiles (even commercially) as long as you credit following:

Please note that this list updating as long as tileset getting new tiles! I’ll continue maintaining this tileset, so there would be new versions. I’m adding art only from zero-licence (CC0) or creative-commons works (and also Shtukensia draw tiles by her own). If I forgot to mention someone – please contact me (igroglaz@gmail.com) and I’ll credit you asap!

Download links:

Package includes .PSD file with hex codes for mapping stuff, so it’s much easier to work with it. Also it includes tileset files and following PWMAngband files:

town_test.txt – start location with all terrain objects, useful for testing
terrain.txt – list of all terrains with properties
town_feat.txt – list of objects which could be used in towns
wild_info.txt – world map with town in center (all other is water)
town.txt – town list
town_empty.txt – empty town

I work on this tileset during live streams, so you could check my youtube channels if you interested in ‘process’: