Update to tileset package

I’ve also included to tileset package some template files for tileset database designing. Link is the same; also added package to downloads section.

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Tangar’s tileset ver. 1.0 released!

Tileset fragment

I’ve finished first version of my tileset which is based at beautiful David Gervais artwork.

This tileset made for Tangaria, which is powered by PWMAngband. If you would do some tweaking – this tileset could be used with most of *bands. 

Package includes .PSD file with hex codes for mapping stuff, so it’s much easier to work with it. Also it includes tileset files and following PWMA files:

town_test.txt – start location with all terrain objects, useful for testing
terrain.txt – list of all terrains with properties
town_feat.txt – list of objects which could be used in towns
wild_info.txt – world map with town in center (all other is water)
town.txt – town list
town_empty.txt – empty town

If you wish to use this tileset or artwork from it – please mention in your credits following names: (list of names constantly updating and enlisted there: Downloads section)

I’ll continue maintaining this tileset, so there would be new versions!

Download tileset with config files

.psd tileset (contain a lot of new stuff which I didn’t include to tileset package yet).

Past livestream with tileset work:

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First release of PWMAngband 1.3.0 beta 0!

Recently we had 255 limit problem. Now it’s fixed in 1.3.0 beta 0!


– Allow more than 255 terrain types
– Fix some spell level errors

Considering 255 problem:

The reason is obvious: the terrain “floor d hills” is exactly number 256 in the f_info feature array. This means there is somewhere where feature is coded on a “byte” and doesn’t allow more than 255 terrain types. And I found the culprit:

struct square {
byte feat;
bitflag *info;
int light;
s16b mon;
struct object *obj;
struct trap *trap;

Everywhere else, feature index is coded on an integer. Vanilla code has the same “struct square”, so it must also happen in V.

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TiledToAngbandExport: new version

Ilius updated TiledToAngbandExport tool: https://github.com/ilius33/TiledToAngbandExport

Now it’s possible to create new maps (with map/mask layers) in Tiled ‘on fly’ 😀 Good job!

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Tangar’s tileset: first stage finished

I’ve finished first (alpha?) version of new tileset graphics layout. It’s available in Downloads section. I’ll continue to add new stuff to tileset, but for now I wanna move this version into production, so you would be able to play with it 😉

Now I’m binding graphics to databases. Past stream in English with this work:

Soon (tm)

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MAngband 1.5.0 released

New version of MAngband released! It’s got a lot of new cool features: changelog

https://mangband.org/ (Multiplayer Angband) — vanilla online roguelike game; mother of online roguelike genre; gave birth to TomeNET and PWMA (and of course AO!).

Dear MAngband team, thank you for your great job! 🙂 Together we would bring online roguelike genre to the new level!

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Tileset: first wave of graphic’s work almost finished

I’ve figured out how to organize tiles properly in DB files.. So soon I’ll pause photoshop work and would add all tiles to the game, to perform server restart. With my new idea (to organize DB files by hex strokes) we would be able to add more tileset anytime soon without messing everything up 😀 
Today’s Russian stream, added moar flowers (and discussed politics, so it wasn’t too productive this time 😛
psd updated (in ‘downloads’ section).
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New PWMAngband 1.2.0 build 2 relased!

YAY! Powerwyrm made it! 😀 Now it’s possible to assign up to 65025 object’s images to the game World!


– Make book realms struct magic_realm
– Give spells a realm
– Remove class realms, replace class spellcasting stat with average of spellcasting stats
– Remove obsolete PRAY packet, use CAST instead
– Move books from object.txt to class.txt
– Add drop-base to monster.txt
– Monsters with “drop-base” drop random book based on depth
– Rename House of Arcanes to Bookseller
Redesign town_feat.txt and town_xxx.txt files to allow 255×255 different tiles in towns

I’ll finish new tileset asap to produce wipe&restart. Huuuge streams are coming!

And it’s not the end of good news.. I’ll share some more cool stories soon 😛

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Tileset enhancement!

Great news! Powerwyrm invented new revolutionary feature to enhance tileset!

You can put anything in the “mask” parameter. Basically you have 255 types of terrain with 255 different flavors. If you have less than 10 flavors, you can simply put 1,2…9 as parameter for easier comprehension.

Old system:
– terrain.txt
name : generic tree

– town_feat.txt
feat : T : generic tree

– town_test.txt

Here you can display 9 generic trees. But you cannot distinguish them.

New system:
– terrain.txt
name : pine
name : larch
name : oak
name : cypress
name : cedar
name : maple
name : elm
name : eucalyptus
name : aspen

– town_feat.txt
feat : T : 1 : pine
feat : T : 2 : larch
feat : T : 3 : oak
feat : T : 4 : cypress
feat : T : 5 : cedar
feat : T : 6 : maple
feat : T : 7 : elm
feat : T : 8 : eucalyptus
feat : T : 9 : aspen

– town_test.txt


Here you can display 9 different trees.

So now terrain would support 65025 different tiles (it was 255 before)!

Some explanation how it works in past stream in English:


Tileset size increased to 4096×4096 -> .psd updated

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What’s up

Hiho! We are alive, don’t worry 🙂 Game is running and you could continue to play it; at the same time I’m continuing to develop new tileset. Almost finished with graphics itself; so soon would start to bind it to object’s DB.

Sometimes I make pause in development cause my hand hurt, but it’s not the main reason why tileset work go slowly: at first I wanted to create really ‘tiny’ demo of custom towns; but when I started to work, I understood that it would be better to make everything properly and use all available tiles – currently we are limited to 255 terrain objects in town_feat.txt , so I’ll use them all.. till the time when I’ll be able to lift ‘255’ limitation myself, as Powerwyrm refused to do it in PWMA. Yep, it’s pretty sad.. We (me and Powerwyrm) got problems in communication recently, but I hope we would be able to restore cooperation in future.

You could watch tileset creation process at my youtube channels during live streams or watch videos afterwards:

youtube.com/GlazGame — streams in English (playlist)
youtube.com/StreamGuild — streams in Russian (playlist)

Soon ™ new world begin!

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