Downstairs bug fix

Powerwyrm managed to fix critical bug which crushed server! Yay!

The story about it – is pretty detective: we tried to catch it in debug for a month 😉 And finally this morning we catch it at last – server logs:

110219 082709 Mako: There is a wall in the way!
110219 082710 Darkfold V: You enter a maze of down staircases.
110219 082710 BEGIN pre_turn_game_loop()
110219 082710 Handle any network stuff
110219 082710 Process monsters with even more energy first
110219 082710 END pre_turn_game_loop()
110219 082710 BEGIN process_player(Mako)
110219 082710 process_player_cleanup()
110219 082710 Shutting down (panic save).
110219 082711 Server panic info save succeeded!

Powerwyrm solving the riddle:

110219 082710 Darkfold V: You enter a maze of down staircases.
110219 082710 BEGIN process_player(Mako)

So for player “Mako”, EVERY 5 GAME TURNS, there’s a test if we should “flicker” him or not. This means, the bug can happen very rarely: another player must enter the same level exactly on a turn “0” or a turn “5” from 0 to 9. This also means it can only happen if the player that changes level (Darkfold) has the “animate_flicker” option set and doesn’t use a tileset (ASCII mode). And this also means it can only happen if the player (Mako) is either a dragon or shapechanger with a multihued form, the leader of a party, or an Elementalist. That’s a TON of circumstances!!!

Now the bug: if we try to “flicker” the player, we “lighten” the square where the player is. Problem: at this point, we didn’t spawn the other player yet, so we access an invalid location and BAM the game crashes!

Elementary, my dear Watson ™

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  • Green Glutton Ghost not so fast anymore;
  • Rations of food more rare to find;
  • Rusty Lantern <-> Old Lantern;
  • Old Lantern (pretty common to find in the dungeon) now made of glass. It could be good idea to try to throw it to your enemies to hurt them (spoiler: holy grenade @ Worms 🙂
  • Throwing torch and common lantern to the enemy also now make sense;
  • Torch, oil and lanterns’ costs increased. Lantern become rare in provisioner shop.
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Booze for rest

You know.. Drinking booze could restore your vigor, but make you stupid. Take care!

‘Dragon’ race temporary disabled because of the exploit.

Update: dragons are enabled again. For now they would be much more clumsy in terms of searching, disarming etc; it’s temporary measure till exploit would be fixed.

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New PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 5 released!

Hooray Powerwyrm!

– Add a basic framework for autoinscriptions
– Change inscription for player to ‘#P’
– Change inscription for recall to ‘#R’
– Fix Dungeon Master not having full ESP on LIMITED_ESP servers
– Make disturb_faint false by default
– Make wraithed players also get the IMPAIR_HP flag
– Remove all trading restrictions between players when no_selling is set
– Allow the console to run from PuTTY via Telnet
– Add [Escape] by default at the beginning of the keymap when creating a new keymap

Update your clients 🙂

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Golden start

Revamped birth_start_kit option – now it provides proper amount of gold. So now if you would push ‘=’ at character creation screen and would choose “birth_start_kit=false” you would start naked, with just a bit of food and bag of gold which you could use at whatever you like. At the same time birth_start_kit provide certain addition items, so you have to think, what is better for you.


  • Added newbie items: 
    – Rusty Lantern
    – tattered Satisfy Hunger scroll
    – rugged Word of Recall scroll
  • Old lantern now appear on shallow depths, while regular lantern could be found bit deeper;
  • New trap: squeaky board (you could find some kinda ‘useless’ items to become useful from now on to avoid this trap);
  • Mysterious girls become brazen strumpets *hic* Thug life…
  • Tileset: fixed rubble and unclothed our courtesans a bit 😉

To be able to see proper graphics you should update client.

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Maggot’s day!

  • Siren trap become more dangerous – it’s so loud that could even stun you; and moved deeper;
  • Some of Maggot’s hounds moved a bit deeper and become stronger, some less;
  • Players now often could become afraid of Farmer Maggot moans. Don’t forget that there are a lot of drinks which makes adventurers’ heart bolder!
  • Booze become less severe in terms of ‘handover’.

Some players asked – how booze could be used for..? Answer: to drink it! Especially when there is no food around.. 😉

Also I’ve added new trap; but if it would be published right now, players would have to update client. So I’ll release this trap a bit later, at the day when I’ll add more objects to game at once, so you won’t need to update client too often.

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Time to plan

Now we got trello –; fancy web-tool for planning 😉 Everyone are welcome to register there, participate in discussions and suggest new ideas!

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Maggot, death sword and trees

  • There was a rumour that ‘tree giant’ was seen in Old Forest – and after that folk noticed that amount of trees there significally increased;
  • Death swords not only dangerous for physical health, but also could affect your brain. At the same time they are not so fast anymore;
  • Farmer Maggot is no longer harmless. He finally found his old pitchfork, which is rusty, but sharp. But as he run daily after troublemakers, he become less fatty;
  • Fixed bug with booze effects.. *hic*
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Let’s drink!

  • *hic* now you could find new booze. It’s provide some satiation, but don’t drink too much, it could be bad for your health 😉
  • Vigor mushrooms become rare again;
  • We got loading screen;
  • New characters now start with more Phase Door and Critical Light Wounds potions.

Also there is a bug with birth_start_kit=false; please do not start new characters in this mode for now.

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Detection magic rebalance

We had a glitch in detection magic, now it’s fixed. Also detection magic was rebalanced once again (previous: part 1, part 2):

1) Magic mapping scroll now more rare and expensive, you can’t buy then in Alchemy store (but still you can try to find them in BM). At the same time they become more powerful (thanks to Varatorn for this idea).

2) I reworked all detection items, artifacts, spells in such concept:

Potions -> scrolls -> staves -> rods -> artifacts -> spells

Scrolls & potions are the most powerful source of detection as they got certain inbound magic resourse which ends upon use; also they are rare and expensive. Items (staves) – also quite rare; could be destroyed upon recharging and you also need space in your inventory to hold them. Artifacts (and rods) could be endlessly used, also arts do not take space in inventory, so their magic less powerful, but infinite. Spells – could be used endlesly, so have smallest amound of detection radius – so it would be good idea for a mage also to collect Magic Mapping scrolls or Enlightment potions to use then at especially dangerous level.

Please note that Enlightment (Clairvoyance) magic are still not work as intended as we are waiting when new customization would be implemented in game’s core (vanilla Angband).

Please report you impressions, we need you feedback to make game better!

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