Name Description
Fire Could destroy arrows, scrolls, books, staves, chests and burns some armour and wooden/leather items. Lava terrain burns with fire damage.
Cold Shatters potions. Having resistance to the element will make an item less likely to be destroyed
Acid Can destroy items in inventory and damage equipment. Damage reduced if you wear armour, but it could lose AC.
Electricity Can destroy wands, rods, rings and amulets
Poison Damaging over time and you can’t regenerate. Gear that provides Poison resistance reduces damage and prevents the ‘Poisoned’ status effect; spells only reduce the damage. At high levels propose a high threat, you should have double resist.
Plasma Fire and electricity together. Could stun you.
Blindness You can not see. Cure Light Wounds heals it. Even blinded you could use Staves of Teleportation. Resistance to the ‘Blind’ status effect does not provide resistance to Light or Dark attacks.
Confusion You can’t move/attack straight; and can’t read. Confusion resistance will prevent confusion by a water bolt or ball. Cure Serious Wounds heals it. Even confused you could use Staves of Teleportation.
Chaos If unresisted will cause the player to hallucinate and be confused, and may drain life (experience). Chaos resistance does NOT provides Confusion resistance (as before).
Nether Element of the dead. Drain experience and make HUGE damage. Nether resistance reduces the experience drained, but does not provide resistance to other life draining attacks.
Light Creates permanent light and causes blindness, unless they have protection from blindness or resistance to light.
Darkness Darken surroundings and causes blindness. Resistance to Dark reduces damage, but does not provide resistance to Blindness.
Disenchant Could harm magical bonuses on equipment. If one item resists Disenchantment, all of your other items will be unaffected by disenchanting.
Gravity Stunning, slowing, confusing and randomly scatters items and creatures.
Inertia  Slow you down.
Force Stunning, confusing, pushing you away.
Nexus May teleport the player to the monster, away from the monster, up or down a level, or swap over two of the player’s “internal” stats temporary.

Can’t do nothing! Note that resistance from stunning (free action) won’t help all times, as you may still be paralyzed by being “knocked out” in melee or by a stunning attack

Shards Cause cuts and wounds; you will lose HP over time. Destroys potions.
Sound Could stun, if you don’t have stunning resistance. Drink healing potions to cure. If a character gets very stunned, they may be knocked out and at the mercy of the enemies.
Time Reduces all stats and experience even if all are sustained.
Terrify The terror which prevents you from attacking in melee. Potions of Heroism removes it.
Water  Could stun or confuse.
Ice  Could stun or cut you.
Mana  Powerful attack; there are only rumours about items which could protect from it… It’s destroy everything on its way.
Meteor  A huge blast of the meteor which shatters burning lava around…
Missile  Magic missiles (apart from non-magical ones).
Holy Holy Orbs are deadly for evil characters.
Curse You degrade over time
Forget Amnesia.. Sometimes you can’t even remember how to read.
Drain mana Especially deadly for casters…
Stun Could stun you. Items with stunning resistance is rare, but they exist.
Blast Confusion and amnesia
Psy Confuse, stun, fear, paralyze, drain mana

Depths on which it’s fun to get certain resistance:

  • 1000′: Free Action, See Invisible
  • 1250′: Basic four Resistances
  • 1900′: Confusion Resistance, Blindness Resistance
  • 2000′: Poison Resistance
  • 2500′: Hold Life (optional)
  • 2700′: Chaos Resistance, Nether Resistance
  • 4950′: Sustains, every resistance you could get. But it’s alright to have some gaps – with a possibility to swap items in inventory for certain resistances.


  • Resistances cut damage to 1/3rd for the basic four elements (fire/cold/acid/electricity).
  • Equipment’s resistances stack with temporary resistances from potions, spells and activated items.
  • Drinking potions of resistance (fire, cold, etc) strongly protect both your inventory and worn items from harm.
  • Breath monster’s attacks deal 1/3rd of monster’s current HP. Max base damage cap is 1600 for basic and 800 for poison.
  • Higher elements resistances (chaos, nether, disenchantment, shards, light, darkness, confusion) are somewhat random (protect from 1/6th to 5/6 damage).
  • Time attacks pass by stat’s sustains.

The low elements (fire, cold, acid, electricity and poison) can be resisted once by equipment, and once by spells. A combination of equipment and spells gives double resistance. Some ego items ignore low attacks. Some artifacts give immunity to low attacks. The damaging effects on your items can only be stopped by the ignore or immune abilities.

Special low elemental resistances:
Ignore lows – the item cannot be harmed by low attacks, but does not necessarily give resistance.
Immunity to low – the item allows you to take no damage from the low attack. It also prevents all your other items from being damaged by the low attack.


Dragon Scale Mail resistances

DSM stands for Dragon Scale Mail. There are several different types, and a knowledge of which ones are useful will stand you well. They all activate to breathe the element specified by the name, which while useful at low levels, is often underpowered later. None of them can be harmed by any element.

Low DSM’s

You may be lucky to get one of these five DSM on relatively low lvls, but in most cases they  aren’t useful by the time you start finding them on regular basis, as their technical value and depth is much higher than their practical worth.

Black BkDSM Resist Acid
Blue BlueDSM Resist Electricity
White WDSM Resist Cold
Red RDSM Resist Fire
Shining SDSM Resist Light and Dark


Middle DSM’s

These can be useful for mid-level characters that don’t have the resist the DSM provides.

Gold GoDSM Resist Sound
Bronze BrDSM Resist Confusion
Green GrDSM Resist Poison
Multihued MHDSM Resist Cold, Fire, Acid, Electricity, and Poison


High DSM’s

These fine armors are expensive, rare, and useful. They have high armor bonuses and give multiple high resists.

Law LDSM Resist Sound, Shards
Chaos CDSM Resist Chaos, Disenchantment
Balance BDSM Resist Sound, Shards, Chaos, Disenchantment
Power PDSM Resist Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity, Light, Dark, Poison, Nether, Nexus, Chaos


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