Translate to other language

There is a useful program – ScreenTranslator which allows you to translate any text on screen. Basically it is a combination of screen capture, OCR and translation tools. How to use it in Tangaria:

  1. download latest release at
  2. unpack it anywhere and run ‘screen-translator.exe’
  3. RMB on ‘ScreenTranslator’ icon (it’s in your system tray) and choose ‘Settings’
  4. ‘Update’ tab → click on ‘Check now’ button
  5. unfold ‘translators’ → RMB on ‘google_api’ → ‘Install/update’
  6. unfold ‘recognizers’ → RMB on ‘English’ → ‘Install/update’
  7. press button ‘Apply changes’ → ‘OK’
  8. copy file tangaria_font.traineddata and tangaria_eng.traineddata to:
    *you may need to create folder ‘tessdata’ manually
  9. ‘Recognition’ tab → ‘Default language’ → choose ‘tangaria_font’
  10. ‘Translation’ tab → Language: ‘Russian’
  11. ‘Translation’ tab → check ‘google_api.js’
  12. run the game (mangclient.exe is better as SDL client will minimaze on translation) → press Ctrl+Alt+z → select part of screen to translate

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