If you have complaints, suggestions, if you find an error or want to participate in the development, write in the Tangaria discord

For inquiries: igroglaz@⒢⒨⒜⒤⒧.⒞⒪⒨

Useful links – our Discord channel – Tangaria ladder — Powerwyrm homepage with PWMAngband distributives — Angband: singleplayer roguelike game; where it all came from (father of online roguelike genre). It’s often called ‘Vanilla’ or just ‘V’. — Multiplayer Angband: Vanilla online roguelike game (mother of online roguelike genre; gave birth to TomeNET and PWMA). — TomeNET: online roguelike game with skill-based RPG system. — The Angband Variant Repository – streams and videos @
Tangaria – PWMAngband source @ GitHub – tools and scripts for Tangaria – development notes for Tangaria – Angband forums — Angband in Russian (originally translated by Alexander Ulyanov) — ancient Russian web-site about Angband































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