St(r) / STrength / STR
Int / INTelligence / INT
Wi(s) / WIsdom / WIS
De(x) / DExterity / DEX
Co(n) / COnstitution / CON
Ch(r) / CHarisma / CHA / CHR

! / potion
!heal == potion of healing.

? / scroll
?life == scroll of life, ?acq == scroll of acquirement.

= / ring
=sp+8 == ring of speed (+8).

" / amulet (amu)
wisamu+6 == amulet of wisdom (+6).

$ , au / gold
AU (aurum) is chemical symbol of gold.

Aggravate / Aggro / Agro / 
Property (on items or innate racial) which makes surrounding monsters to wake up and fight with you. It makes stealth impossible. Aggravate property doesn’t stack, so one may found it useful sometimes… Also there is spell effect from Scroll of Aggravate Monster or casted by monsters (eg Shrieking mushroom patch) – it wakes up all surrounding monsters and hastes those who are in line of sight (nasty!).

AMHD / Ancient Multi-Hued Dragon
Dangerous dragon which breaths one of fifth types of damage; if he will appear at low levels and you won’t have certain resistance – he could kill you in 1-2 breaths.

art / artifact
An object, possessing special powers, of which only one exists in the game. Generally very rare, and valuable. Hit ~ to see a list of the artifacts that have been found. There are two types of artifacts: true artifacts (they’ve got a lore-description when Inspected) and randarts – random artifacts. There can’t be two true artifacts on server; only one player could possess particular trueart at time.

Item property which allow you to identify items automatically, by just coming nearby to them.

basics / 4res
Four basic resistances (fire, cold, acid, electricity).

Weapon property which adds magic elements (fire, cold, acid, lightning, poison) damage.

Type of ranged monster attack; amount of damage depends on monster’s current HP.

Monster’s ability to multiply; common for insects.

BM / black market
The black market, a store (7) in town that sells powerful items for outrageous prices.

BpR / blows per rounds
How much blows your character could perform during one turn. Having high BpR is essential for melee fighters. BpR depends on weapon weight (daggers and whips are very fast), strenght and dexterity. Also some weapons have Extra Attacks property.

Fraud, dishonest playing – the unfair actions that the players do to make game easier. This is considered a serious misconduct and causes contempt from other players. Unlike other games, in Tangaria, as in most roguelike games, cheating also involves the use of additional accounts to store items, playing together on new character with high level player, storage characters, transferring powerful items from a high lvl character to a starting low lvl character, bringing in new characters and killing them to get money or other unpleasant events. We ban for such behaviour.

Any questionable practice, from a gameplay or roleplaying standpoint. If you are unsure if something is “cheez”, ask other players who are playing. Actually it’s light degree of cheating; exploitation of problematic game features, like resting near shop for a long time to get certain items. It’s not welcome, but tolerated.

clvl / character level
Level of your character which you could increase with getting experience by killing monsters.

crit / critical

  • potion of cure CRITical wounds;
  • chance of critical strike.


DEW / Dark Elven Warlocks
Very nasty monsters who are the reason for many notable player deaths. Could cast mana bolts which makes loads of damage.


  • to go down deeper than you should, faster than you should, especially with low level characters. A common practice among experienced players;
  • just to go down several levels in a row;
  • a noun used to refer to a trip down into the dungeon, usually in past tense. Examples: “We dove to 600 feet, but then we got surrounded by orcs.”, “Wanna dive?”, “Wow, that was an awesome dive, I made a ton of cash”.


  • Dark Sword (weapon with anti-magic field);
  • Disruptive Shield spell (‘sorc DS’).

DSM / Dragon Scale Mail
A type of rare armour which provides excellent protection and has relatively light weight. If you are new you probably won’t be finding any anytime soon.

dlvl / dungeon level
Depth in the dungeon; each dungeons level is -50 ft; so for example, dlvl 5 is -250 ft.

double resist
Each character got two type of resistances – temporary and constant; they stuck with each other. Temporary resistance could be obtained by drinking a potion/casting a spell/using an item. Two of the same temporary or constant resistances won’t give double effect.

dynamic / Dynamic level
A level that is randomly regenerating each time someone leaves it and comes back to it. See static level.

EA / extra attack
Weapon property which increase BpR.

Magic equipment which got special properties, eg Lantern of Brightness.

Type of magic attack. There is basic attacks (fire, cold, acid, electricity) and ‘high’ resistances (poison, nexus, chaos, etc). Each type of attack has its own special effects (eg, shards and cold attacks could shatter potions).

ESP / extra sensory powers
Extra sensory perception or telepathy which allow player to read surrounding monster’s minds. There are different types, eg ESP orc gives powers only to read orc minds and won’t affect other monsters; ESP evil will show evil-minded monsters (most mosnters of evil, so it work quite good). At mid-game (~32 lvl) it’s very important to have at least ESP evil.

Also there is a Telepathic Awareness property which shows all minded creatures the same way as full ESP, but works in a bit less radius.

Non-unique items that possess special powers. An example would be a long sword of slay orc, or soft leather boots of stealth.

EXP / experience
Points which your character gain for killing monsters. When you gain enough of EXP – you will obtain level which will raise your character’s characteristics.

FA / free Action
Provides immunity to paralysis and slowing attacks. Becomes neccesary around 750 feet (for sane players).

FF / feather falling
Possibility to fall slower which prevents damage from falling into a pit or  gravity disturbance.

ft / foot
(plural: feet) – a unit of length. 1 ft = 12 inches = 30.48 cm.

gfx / graphics (mode)

GV / Greater Vault
Big room with a lot of treasures which are guarded by especially deadly monsters.

GCV / Great Checkerboard Vault
Huge hall with ‘checker’ tiles which got an excellent treasure inside.

Items that are magically enhanced, with no special powers. An example would be a whip +6+3, or small leather boots +6.

GoI / Globe of Invulnerability
Buff which character obtain upon getting into the next level for a short period. Also it’s obtained upon getting back to the game after server restart (if you was in the dungeon during it).

A type of room found in the dungeon that is subdivided into 4 chambers (each one with separate door), often housing tough monsters.

Nest which inhabited with undeads.

HA / Holy Avenger
Powerful weapon property.

HP / Hit point
Determine your character health; when it goes below zero – your character die.

ID / IDentify
?id == Scroll of Identify.

Total protection from a certain type of attack.

info-files / data files
Files in  lib/gamedata.

Special high difficulty playing mode; when you dive to the next level of a dungeon, you can not go back to the previous one.

JRRT / John Ronald Ruel Tolkien
A great writer who created the Middle-Earth world which inspired Tangaria.

lb / pound
A measure of weight; it’s equal to ~450 gram.

level feeling
A message which you get when entering a new dungeon level; it gives you some information on what to expect there…

LotR / Lord Of The Rings

Items which you find in the dungeon by killing monsters, plundering chests, etc.

LV / lesser vault
Small-sized treasury.

Experience level; also means ‘I gained level!’.

monster farming
Killing breeding (multiplying) monsters; some players consider it as a cheezing.

Morgy / Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
This is the most powerful unique monster. To win the game you must kill him.

native depth
Level of dungeon where a certain monster could be met.

Room full of monster of one type (animals, mimics, etc) in random order; undead pit called graveyard.

OOD / out of depth
Monster or item which generated at lower depth which it normally should appear.

Orb of Draining; priest spell.

A group of characters that adventure together. Characters in the same party can always see each other (even when behind walls), can see what depth the other party members are on, and share experience while on the same dungeon level. To create a party, hit shift+P

PDSM / Power Dragon Scale Mail
Armour made of the rarest dragon scale which obtains loads of magic…

Monster which fight’s on players side.

Phase door
Phase door scrolls can be purchest in the alchemists shop (5). When read, they teleport the player a short distance away. They are essential for low level characters, as a means of escaping dangerous situations. Can be used as a verb. (“I was surrounded by orcs, but I phased and got away”).

Room-trap which has inside monsters of the same type (eg, orcs, dragon, trolls); in contrast to nest has strict order of monsters positions.

Transformation of one creature into another; for example, by drinking from a fountain or using a polymorph wand, you can transform into a bat, fish, dragon or one of hundreds of other creatures.

poi / poison
Poison resistance or poison attack.

pot / potion
Espesically stats potion.

Tiny bottle; read Lord of The Rings to know more 😉

Protection from Evil
Magic buff: all melee attacks by evil monsters have a chance to be repelled (success depends on the difference between you levels and enemy level).

Pseudo ID (pseudo)
If a character has been holding an unidentified weapon or armour long enough, he may be able to tell if it is enchanted, cursed, or ordinary. High level characters pseudo-ID faster. Can be used as a verb (Hey, wanna pseudo this for me?).

PvP / Player VS Player
Optional (you could switch it on/off) possibility to fight with other players.

Randart / Random artifact
Extra powerful item which parameters were generated randomly.

rec / Requirement

  • level requirement on item;
  • Word of Recall scroll.

reg / regeneration
Property which increase rate of hitpoints regeneration.

A legendary elven long sword which belonged to Fingolfin, the High King of the Ñoldor. One of the most powerful items in game.
But Fingolfin gleamed beneath it as a star; for his mail was overlaid with silver, and his blue shield was set with crystals; and he drew his sword Ringil, that glittered like ice.

Dungeon consist of rooms connected with passages. Rooms could have different size’s and shapes. Some rooms could be lit, some are dark (but you could lit them with magic).

RLL / Potion of Restore Life Levels

Possibility to ‘feel’ unidentified item quality; to get it, you have to take the item with you for a while (or stay nearby to it).


  • resist — protection from magic and elemental attacks. There are basic or low (fire, cold..), high (chaos, nether..) and magic (blindness, confusion..) resistances. This protection reduces damage from ~ 1/ to 1/7 (depends on attack). In some case you could get double protection;
  • !res.str == potion of restore strength.

RNG / Random Number Generator
Magic dice which ‘game’ throw every time when you make any action.

RoS / Ring of Speed

scum / scumming
Passing dungeon levels (star-scumming) or turns in town to get a certain benefit.  Considered as cheezing.

SI / see invisible
Property which allows to see invisible mosnters. Note that infravision allows to see some invisible monsters if they come close enough.

Property on equipment which multiplies damage on monster (eg slay evil will make 2x more damage towards evil creatures).

sorc / sorceror
Powerful magician class.

Information on the game acquired by non-game methods (usually the characteristics of a particular monster or artifact). Many equate this to foul play or cheating.

SP / Spell Point
Also ‘mana’; points which your character spends when cast magic spells from spellbooks.

SpR / shots per round
How much shots your character could do during one turn. Essential parameter for archers, rangers and characters who use missile or throwing weapons. Magic attacks do not affected by SpR.

Stair scumming
In ancient days it was a technique primarily used to generate levels with artifacts (special weapons and items). Later on this word signifies the activity where a player go up/down staircase to force a floor to reset. Nowadays it’s fixed by disconnected stairs and won’t work anymore.

Static / Static level
A level that, for whatever reason, is staying the same when it is left; which does not generated from zero after player come there. Level become static if there is a player on it (so if you are in the dungeon and another player will come to your level – he will appear at the same level at which you are playing).

stats / status
Main parameters: St, Int, Wi, De, Co, Ch (strenght, intellegence, etc).

Monster’s ability to spawn monster/monsters.

Summoning monsters with staves of Summon Monster to get experience and loot. At low experience levels can be dangerous if the new monster is more than your character can handle. Summoning deep in the dungeon is perilous for any character, especially since it is no longer true that dangerous monsters will be forced to sleep when summoned.

TO / teleport other
Scroll or device which give possibility to teleport monsters away. Some rare monsters are immune to it.

One trip to the dungeon (or to the wilderness, depending on the context).

unbe / unbeliever

  • monster who disbelieve in magic and prevents you to cast spells or use magic devices
  • player class

uni / unique
A special extra powerful ‘named’ monster, who is an individual. Often accompanied by acoplices. An example would be Mugash, the Kobold Lord. Could be killed by one player only once.

Cellar or treasury; a large room with internal partitions of complex architecture, which enhabited with especially deadly monsters, dangerous traps and fabulous treasures.

Version of the game, modified so much that it is already a new game.

WoR / Word of Recall
A scroll which, when read in the dungeon, will return you to town, and if read in town will take you to the deepest depth you have been in the dungeon.

Wormy / Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
Unique who may have great loot early on.

Open spaces that are not in the city and not in the dungeon.

XP / eXPerience

YASD / Yet Another Stupid Death
Situation when you died in a common way, eg forgot to drink a potion of resistance and died because of monster breath.

A monster nest filled with animals.

Social slang


to, too


As Far As I Know

away from keyboard

Artificial Intelligence

Also Known As

As Soon As Possible

American Standard Code for Information Interchange (often refers to pure text mode)

at the moment

By The Way

Be right back

cy / cu / cya
see you later

DM / pm
Direct message / private message

et cetera: and other similar things,  and so forth

ez / ezpz
easy, very easy

Frequently Asked Questions

good game

good job

good luck

good night


(I’m) going to go / got to go

I don’t know

If I Recall Correctly

In My Humble Opinion

In real life


lol / kek
Laughing Out Loud

newcomer, beginner

Not Available / Applicable

No Problem

Not safe for watching

No Worries Mate / Never Mind

Message of the day

Oh my god!

Rolling On Floor Laughing

plz / pls



Read the freaking manual

(wait a) second // usually MUCH longer than one second 🙂

Information about the game which “spoils” the fun, general name used about help files which are not distributed with the game.


what’s up? how are you?

too long; didn’t read

Today I learned

ty / thx
thank you


welcome back

Want to buy

What the F*ck

Want to sell

Want to trade

y / u

you welcome

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