Blackguards can use Rings of Open Wounds without slowing their recovery.
Stunned monsters deal less damage in melee and sometimes miss a turn.
Confused monsters cannot cast spells reliably and may misstep.
Scared monsters suffer penalties and may freeze in terror if cornered!
Held monsters will take no action until it wears off or they take damage.
Melee attacks, damage, and some effects will wake sleeping monsters.
Time spent within sight or hearing range will eventually wake sleepers.
Stealth is very helpful against sleeping monsters but not against alert ones.
Inspect your racial and class abilities with the S command.
It could be dangerous to read unIDed scrolls even in town.
Stun is a separate resistance property; resistance to sound doesn’t give stun resistance.
Resistance to chaos doesn’t give resistance to confusion.
Cure Critical Wounds potions will cure blindness and confusion; carry lots.
Staves can be used even when confused and blinded.
Potions of Heroism or Berserk Strength will protect you from being scared.
Monsters that breathe fire, acid, electricity or cold can deal big damage.
Resistances cut damage to 1/3rd for the basic four elements.
The more hitpoints a monster has, the more damage its breath will do.
You can combine equipment of Resist Fire and a potion of the same name.
You can combine equipment of Resist Cold and a potion of the same name.
You can combine equipment of Resist Poison and a potion of the same name.
If you don’t know what a monster can do, use a rod of probing on it.
Never underestimate the value of constitution. Hitpoints keep you alive.
Inscribe items with the ‘{‘ command.
Inscribe an item with ‘!s’ to get confirmation before selling it.
Inscribe an item with ‘!d’ to get confirmation before dropping it.
Inscribe an item with ‘!k’ to get confirmation before destroying it.
Inscribe an item with ‘!v’ to get confirmation before throwing it.
Inscribe an item with ‘!*’ to get confirmation before doing anything to it.
You can use the ‘I’ command to inspect items and get details on them.
Use ‘=’ to check out the options and customize your game.
Be sure to set your hitpoint warning in the options menu (‘=’).
Flasks of oil make a good throwing weapon early on.
Word of Recall will send you to and from the dungeon.
You can never teleport into a vault, even if you’re already standing in it.
The only way to protect your inventory from damage is through immunities.
+10 speed means you move twice as fast as normal.
Too much stunning will knock you out! This is to be avoided if possible.
The stores change their stock every so often.
If acid hits your armour, you take less damage from it.
Nexus attacks can swap your stats. Smart, weak warriors don’t do well.
Regeneration improves your recovery of both hitpoints and mana.
Never be too afraid to run away.
Never go exploring without an escape option.
Pay attention to how your enemies move – some are erratic, some can blink.
Even among the same type, some enemies will be faster or slower than others.
Monsters’ breath weapons grow less dangerous as they lose hitpoints.
A wounded enemy’s spells are as strong as a healthy one’s.
Don’t worry about using up your potions, wands, and staves to stay alive.
If you’re in a bad situation, take a breather and ‘I’nspect all your gear.
Even the most powerful characters can be made useless by blindness.
Even the most powerful characters can be made useless by confusion.
Finding a way to resist blindness and confusion is critical to survival.
Probing an enemy to learn its abilities is always useful.
Buy at least one scroll of phase door before you enter the dungeon.
Buy at least one potion of cure light wounds before you enter the dungeon.
Acid can destroy your stuff – watch out for acid hounds and water vortices.
Never underestimate monsters you haven’t fought before.
Quivers can hold different types of ammo in one inventory slot (max. 40).
If you have more than 40 items in your quiver, it will take up more slots.
Many items are bad, but few are cursed to the point of needing magic.
A bigger weapon isn’t always better – check your damage using ‘I’nspect.
Can’t keep track of all the information on the screen? Add extra windows.
You can use subwindows to display messages, monsters, items and more.
If you teleport away a tough monster, beware of teleporting afterwards!
Resistances to higher elements are somewhat random, so be careful.
Hold life will not block all experience drain, just most of it.
Fire damage can destroy scrolls, books, and staves in your inventory.
Cold damage can destroy potions in your inventory.
Electrical damage can destroy wands, rods and rings in your inventory.
Immunity to an element prevents inventory destruction from that element.
Phase door is a good escape if the terrain is appropriate.
In open rooms, Phase Door may well keep you in the line of fire.
In a vault, any form of teleportation will always teleport you outside.
Identical resistances on different pieces of equipment do not stack.
Curing potions and spells reduce or eliminate cuts, stunning and poison.
Nexus attacks can teleport to, teleport away, teleport level, or swap stats.
Time attacks are not mitigated by sustains.
Drain charge attacks remove charges from your items and heal the monster!
You cannot cast spells or fire missiles at monsters in walls, but they can.
To attack a monster in a wall with your weapon, use the ‘T’unnel command.
Acquirement scrolls produce better items if you read them deeper down.
In truly desperate times, use Teleport Level or Destruction to escape.
You always get the first move when entering a level.
Regeneration makes you hungry more quickly.
If you’re in extreme need of food, curing potions might do you good.
Under great weights of loot, you’ll be less quick of foot.
You’re never invincible. Never forget that.
Always carry around an escape that you can use while blind and confused.
Staying on a level too long can cause awake random monsters to spawn.
Wands and staves sell for a good price even with 0 charges.
Walking around with lots of heavy weapons is not necessarily a good idea.
Carry around extra copies of town spellbooks in case one gets burned.
You don’t have to cover every resist all the time – carry swap items.
The better fed you are, the faster you regenerate.
Look at the food bar at the bottom of the screen to see how well fed you are.
The light meter at the bottom of the screen shows your light radius.
You don’t have to cover every resist all the time – carry swap items.
Wearing too heavy armour or wielding too heavy weapon could be a bad idea for low STR character.
Try to get at least one scroll or staff of teleportation – it could save your life.
Drinking potions of resistance protect both your inventory and worn items from harm.
Have a question? Make sure to join our Discord channel, we will help!
If you died – just start a new character right on. Every death make you a better player!
All items vanish from the town surface every dawn.
True artifacts cannot be dropped in houses, only random artifacts can.
To distinguish ‘true’ artifact from ‘random’ one – check it’s description.
True artifact always got a lore-like description.
Push Ctrl+q to get a quest.
If you need more hotkeys – just bind some macros to SHIFT+key or CTRL+key.
You should play with the Numpad (number pad) to be able to move diagonally.
If you are going to a dangerous location it’s a good idea to go in a party with your friends!
Party members should stick together; it’s hard to survive if you wander one by one.
If you have a suggestion or bug report, please join our Discord channel
Expensive Black Market (XBM) give a possibility to order items.
Press Shift+i to inspect an item (or ‘l’ook to inspect a store item)!
Artifacts never appear in stores unless you sell one to them.
Artifacts resist destruction by monster attacks, and should never be picked up or stolen.
At -1000 ft you need Free Action as paralyzing attacks become more common there.
Poison attacks could be instantly fatal at -2500 ft. Carry resist poison potions!
Ancient green dragon could breath 350 poison damage and it’s common at -2000 ft.
Winged Horror (nazgul’s bird) breath poison and nether and it’s common at -2400 ft.
Some prefer to avoid bosses to go after Morgoth asap to get higher in the ladder.
Don’t forget to post your character dump at ooook!
YASD means Yet Another Stupid Death
If you don’t have necessary resistance – better to avoid certain monsters.
If you are facing unique monster – it’s better to get some idea what to expect from it.
You don’t need to cover every resistance hole. Swap items or avoid certain monsters.
You don’t need to kill every unique. It’s possible to defeat Morgoth with low turncount!
Consider to enter competition at oook ladder – to kill Morgoth as fast as it possible!
Artifacts can not be destroyed or stolen.
Items that provide resistance to an element cannot be damaged by that element.
Inventory are less susceptible to damage than items on the floor, but still can be destroyed or stolen.
Some prefer to reduce risk at the expense of early rewards; though it damages turncount score.
Some are ready to take risks early in order to win the game quickly to get at high ladder positions.
If you try to reduce risks by playing slowly, you actually could increase fatal chances by spending more time in potentially dangerous places.
Even if you will manage to kill Morgoth – game won’t end.. There are plenty stuff to do.
Encountering more powerful enemies gives a chance to obtain powerful items.
If you are quite nimble – you don’t need to fear thiefs.
Sources of magic: spellbooks; items (potions, scrolls or devices) and innate racial powers.
Some rare spellbooks can only be found in the dungeon or at the Black Market.
You can only cast spells from a realm (and spellbook) appropriate to your class.
Some classes can barely read, therefore can’t cast any magic spells.
To cast spells you need to study it by spending points which you get by getting new levels.
Spells fail rate depends on player’s class, level and primary spell stat (INT/WIS).
To cast spell you must have appropriate book in your inventory and light to read it.
You cannot use spells without the light or while blinded, or confused.
Casting a spell consumes mana (spell points). Some monsters could drain mana, beware!
Wands and rods are susceptible to electricity, while staves – to fire and acid.
Wands of Wonder can have unpredictable effects – good and bad.
Wand, staff and rod can be used while blinded or confused; but got chance of failure.
Advantage of staves: you don’t need to aim them while blinded or confused.
Some potions may have permanent effects – stat or experience gain.
Thrown or shattered potions may affect monsters.
Potions have no fail rates and can be used while blinded, confused or stunned.
Scrolls have no fail rates; but you can’t read them while blinded, confused or in the dark.
Gold are automatically picked up on walkover.
You don’t carry gold in inventory, it’s just added to your wealth count.
Power Dragon Scale Mail (PDSM) is the most desirable armour of all.
You could identify item without Identify scroll – just use/wear it.
If fireball will hit unidentified item with fire resistance – it will be identified.
Push [ to display all known visible objects on the current level.
Push ] to display all known visible monsters on the current level.
Always carry an escape items – phase door scrolls or teleport items.
Always carry a source of healing, including curing of status effects.
Always avoid any monster that can kill you in a single player turn.
Always carry a means of doing damage at a distance.
!CLW means cure light wounds potions
Get some flasks of oil to your first adventure to throw them into powerful monsters.
It’s good to read scroll of blessing to improve accuracy.
If you have poor throwing skill, you will throw flasks of oil not so precisely.
?PD means Phase Door scrolls.
Base elements: fire, cold, acid, electricity. Poison sometimes also called a base element.
Damage from basic elements without double resistance are extremely dangeorous at deep levels.
‘Cap’ is a maximum amount of damage an element can deal before applying resistances.
Base elements have an extremely high damage cap: 1600. Poison cap is 800.
Immunity to element blocks both damage and side-effects completely.
Monster’s alertness determines it’s sleepness.
Monster’s vision indicates the maximum range at which it can detect you.
Holy Orb spell especially deadly for evil creatures.
It’s very important to assess monsters properly: whom to fight and whom to avoid.
Monster’s health can be tracked through a health bar on bottom left side of the screen.
Monsters can perform multiple blows (up to four); each one could have different effect.
Dig anti-summoning corridors to ensure that only one monster could face you.
The best strategy while facing a exceptionally dangerous monster is simply avoid it.
Stealthy characters can sneak around collecting loot without fighting at all.
Stealthy characters could pick fights only against monsters they can comfortably handle.
There is a rumour that one player managed to win the game by killing only 4 monsters.
Monsters with healing spells can heal only while in combat.
Monsters do not use spells unless actively engaged in a fight.
It is best to kill breeding monsters before they multiply out of control.
It is best to kill breeding monsters while they are asleep.
Dungeon level will never be completely filled with breeders.
Breeders can’t overcome hundred of species per level.
Level up increase HP, mana, primary skills, spells improvement and race bonuses.
The lower the level of the player, the more experience will get upon killing any monster.
Having Hold Life is comfortable, but not to important.
If you can’t get Hold Life, carry lots of Potions of Restore Life Levels.
Ghosts, undead, vampires and nether attacking monsters are often draining experience.
It’s impossible to entirely prevent experience drain; even with Hold Life.
Hold Life will greatly mitigate the effect of experience drain from mosnter attacks.
Hold Life won’t help versus experience drain from items.
Killing Morgoth being lower than 50 lvl is the challenge worth of songs.
Killing Morgoth with very low turncount is an achievement.
Banishment, Mass Banishment and Destruction are valuable scrolls for end-game.
While in town, beware of the Mean-Looking Mercenaries and Battle-Scarred Veterans.
When you start a fighter class try to get more than one attack per round with your weapon.
Multiple blows is determined by your weapon weight, your Strength, and your Dexterity.
A light weapon (whip or dagger) can be better than heavy ones because of BpR (blows per round).
Phase Door is useful for the Shoot ‘n Scoot maneuver.
Teleports could land you in more trouble than you started in. Still it’s better than death.
Teleports Away send monster(s) away from you; safer than Teleport, but might not get them all in one strike.
Teleport Level moves you up or down one level.
If there are too much dangerous monsters, Teleport Level can be your ticket to safety.
*Destruction* removes everything except artifacts from the area around you.
*Destruction* blasts the surroundings and causing rock to fall from the cieling.
If you’re ever in deep trouble, *Destruction* spell is the safest way to escape.
Healing potions: Cure Light/Serious/Critical Wounds, Healing, *Healing*, Life.
Carry some Cure Serious Wounds with you once you start getting confused.
Even Cure Light Wounds potions will cure blindness.
Potions of Life is restoring 5000 hitpoints (about 5 times more than you’ll ever have).
Collect rare consumables and save them in your home for a dangerous fight.
Identifing comes in the form of scrolls, but you also can ID items by wearing/activating.
You can’t do much without light.
Without light you won’t be able to see most monsters, cast spells, read scrolls, or, in general, see the dungeon.
Most useful magical item is a Word-of-Recall scroll (WoR).
Word-of-Recall scroll activation takes place about 50 turns after reading the scroll.
Word-of-Recall scroll it’s not a perfect escape method because of long activation.
Read Word-of-Recall scroll from the surface to teleport to the lowest dungeon level you have visited.
Read Word-of-Recall in the dungeon, and you will be teleported to the surface.
Resistances generally chop off a significant amount of damage, ranging from 1/5 to 2/3
When you have double resist for basic elements, damage is chopped to 1/9.
Double resistance is NOT having two permanent sources of the same resist! Use potions.
Double resistance is having both a permanent source and a temporary source.
Drinking a Resist Fire potion while wielding a shield of Resistance provides double resistance to fire.
If you have high infravision, you can probably hold off on See Invisible for a few levels.
High infravision won’t help vs ghosts as they’re cold-blooded. Get See Invisible!
Without Free Action you are very dead if you will meet Carrion Crawlers.
Monsters with melee paralyzation attack can keep you immobile until death. Get Free Action!
Confusion and Blindness resistance are vital.
With Confusion and Blindness resistance you can rely on Teleportation scrolls to get out of any situation.
Teleportation staves can be activated when blinded or confused, although with a decent failure rate.
Scrolls are fail-safe, but you can’t read them while blinded, confused or in the dark.
Poison Resistance is necessary. Some monsters breath make huge amounts of damage.
Beware of Ancient Multi-Hued Dragons’ breat. Drink resistance potions!
Drolems (dragon golems) could breath poison for a huge damage!
Throughout the dungeon, many doors are hidden from view.
To find hidden doors, just walk nearby – you can find them while nearby.
If you see a door all on it’s own in a corridor, there are usually others nearby.
Secret doors will never be in a situation where you have to move diagonally to open them.
The dead-end corrirods usually does have a secret door, but not always.
If you search for a while and don’t find hidden door, just give up and move on. 
When you enter a level, you receive a feeling giving you a vague idea how good the level is.
Level feelings range from “boring” to Superb.
The better the level feeling, the better the items on the level, and the more difficult the monsters.
Pits are large rooms filled with a single type of monster.
Vaults are dense, dangerous rooms with many out of depth monsters and treasures.
Vaults can cause high level feelings (entering level messages).
On weapon: (+x, +y): it’s item’s magical bonuses to hit and to damage.
Rings of Damage affect only melee attacks.
Rings of Damage do not affect ranged combat.
On item: [a, +b]: it’s base armor class and magical bonus to armor.
‘Slays’ are weapons considered to be particularly deadly against a certain type of creature.
Slay weapons double, triple or multiply by five the damage done by the damage dice.
Slay weapons DO NOT affect bonuses to damage; they only work on dice damage!
Slay Evil, Animal: x2 damage dice.
Slay Prc, Undead, Demon, Giant, Dragon: x3 damage dice.
*Slay* Dragon, Undead, Demon: x5 damage dice.
The elemental brands do x3 damage dice to those monsters not resistant to the relevant element.
“of Melting”, “of Burning”, “of Freezing”, and “of Shocking” do 3x damage dice VS non-resistant monsters.
Push ‘/’ to see monster memory (your knowledge of the monster).
White monsters are cold-based.
Red monsters are fire-based.
Blue monsters are electrical.
Black monsters are acidic.
Yellow/Green monsters are poisonous.
Multi-Hued monster could attack with all kinds of elements.
Crimson monsters can cause weakness.
‘Set Hitpoint Warning’ option will slow time on low HPs.
Don’t forget to assign ‘Set Hitpoint Warning’ option value to slow time on low HPs.
There is little point in trying for speed higher than +35 or so.
At normal speed you gain 10 points of energy per turn; with 100 energy you could make an action.
At normal speed you gain 10 points of energy per turn; most actions cost 100 energy units.
Pillardancing technique (you should be at least twice as fast as the monster): Dance around single block of wall – hit, run, repeat.
Hack’n Back technique (you should be at 2x faster then monster): hit and back up; in most cases monster will use his turn to move towards you instead of using a spell.
Shoot ‘n Scoot maneuver: fire your missile weapon until monster gets close, and then Phase Door.
Wail’n Bail technique: fight the monster until you’re almost dead, teleport out, find him, and resume fighting.
The Anti-Summoning Corridor: dig a twisting corridor into the rock, and station yourself at one end of it.
Dig Anti-Summoning Corridors: when your opponent arrives, he won’t be able to summon monsters next to you.
Occasionally, even the lowliest filthy rag or broken sword can have amazing powers.
Note that some ‘terrible’ items could be actually good…
Free action is essential after 1000′, as paralyzation can often mean instant death.
The nexus “stat-shuffling” attack can be prevented by resist nexus.
Potion of Augmentation – restores all your stats, then attempts to raise each one.
Staff of the Magi – restores your INT and mana to the maximum.
Scroll of Acquirement creates one item of great quality on the floor near the player.
*Acquirement* scroll creates several items of great quality.
There are rumours about Potions of Death, Ruination and Detonation.
There are rumours about lamps with djinns who fulfil your biddings.
Group monsters can be dangerous! Make sure only one can attack you at a time.
Ambush spell-casting or breathing groups from around a corner so that only one can see you at a time.
You need: 1000′ – Free Action, See Invisible; 1500′ – base, 2000′ – Poison resistances.
If you receive a mortal wound, you cannot heal it on your own, drink a potion.
Use Cure Critical Wound potion in you received a mortal wound.
Carry multiple copies of the lower-level spellbooks to prevent losses to theft and fire.
Food is rare in Tangaria; it’s worth to put some to house for later.
Teleport Away is important magic for emergency use.
Priests/paladins have Banishment as important magic for emergency use.
If don’t have an escape spell, use scrolls of phase door/teleport/teleport level.
Thief can only steal only one item at a time.
Fire attack can only burn up one scroll at a time.
For mages could use Mass genocide to get rid of annoying monsters.
Mass genocide is very effective against summoning uniques, as it gets rid of all monsters except uniques.
You may now equip two rings of speed (unlike earlier versions of Angband).
Having too much speed increasing food consumption.
Always carry multiple Word of Recall scrolls.
If you use Rod of Recall you need high level and/or high dexterity to prevent theft.
To prevent theft you need high level and/or high dexterity.
Hit-and-retreat: when you have a big edge in speed, hit the monsters, backup, and then hit the monster again when it follows you. Repeat.
Hit-and-retreat tactics doesn’t work well if the monster has a distance attack.
Shoot and scoot: for monsters that are dangerous up close, use a heavily enchanted ammo, and phase door away every time the monster gets near you.
Disenchanter monsters are better killed from the distance.
Summoners are not as dangerous when fought in a corridor.
It’s safer to fight summoners when they have less room to summon enemies against you.
The disadvantage of fighting in tight corriors is that the potential treasure drop is reduced.
Summoned undead may be able to walk through walls and surround you.
Your melee attacks number is based on strength, dexterity, class, level and weapon weight.
Most classes can get a maximum of five attacks per round.
Mages can get a maximum of four attacks per round.
Warriors can get a maximum of six attacks per round.
A weapon of extra attacks can exceed maximum attacks per round limit for classes.
To-hit bonuses for a bow come from any source: rings, DEX, gauntlets of slaying, the bow or the arrows.
The to-damage bonus for shooters come only from the arrows and the bow.
Gauntlets of slaying and ring of Damage won’t help your bow damage.
Heavier weapons have critical hits more often.
Priests are penalized in spell-casting for wielding “non-priestly” weapons.
Priests are basically restricted to blunt weapons and “blessed blades”.
To keep spellbooks from being destroyed by fire – drink potions of resist heat for double resistance.
To keep spellbooks from being destroyed by fire at hight levels – get fire immunity.
To keep spellbooks from burning… just bring extra copies of spellbooks to the dungeon.
To prevent item from destruction from element to which you don’t have resistance, you may hide it in a safe part of the dungeon.
If you are hunting a monster is going to incinerate your inventory – you may hide some items in a safe part of the dungeon.
All spellcasters are penalized for wearing a combination of too heavy armour.
If you noticed that your maximum mana suddenly went down – try removing some armor.
Mages, and other mage-type spell casters, lose mana for wearing gloves.
Gloves providing either free action and/or agility will not decrease spell casters mana.
Priests/paladins don’t have mana penalty for wearing gloves, as they invoke the power of their deity directly.
Buffs don’t have cumulative effect.
You can’t get double speed bonus from Haste Self spell and speed potion.
Certain “bolt” spells have a chance to become a “beam” based on your experience level.
Magic missile, lightning, fire and frost bolt, and some other spells – have a chance to become a “beam”.
Rods, and especially wands have a chance to cast “beam” instead of “bolt”.
Higher-level spellbooks can only be found deep in the dungeon
Earthy creatures are susceptible to stone-to-mud attacks.
White dragon takes normal damage from a fire bolt, and only 1/9th damage from a frost bolt.
Some monsters can be susceptible to bright light (i.e. wand of light, not lightning).
Monster memory doesn’t give you credit for killing a monster if you cannot see the monster.
Monster memory doesn’t give you credit for killing a monster if you are blind.
Monster memory doesn’t give you credit for killing a monster if the it was in a dark area beyond your infravision range.
You will still gain experience for killing invisible mosnters.
To kill large numbers of orcs fairly easily – line them up in a long corridor and then blast them with a wand of light!
To kill large numbers of trolls fairly easily – line them up in a long corridor and then blast them with a wand of light!
Not all types of orcs are susceptible to light.
A rod of light can be a mid-level character’s best friend, doing good damage against a whole line of susceptible monsters, with a really fast recharge.
Dispel Evil, Orb of Draining or a Staff of Power can work wonders.
Monsters in walls can’t be hit with spells or missiles, only by physical attacks.
Creatures in walls can not be attacked by wands or other magic attacks.
Creatures in walls can not be shot at with bows and arrows.
Tunnelling into the wall allows to attack any creature inside it with your main weapon.
If you having lots of trouble with a unique monster – run or teleport the monster away.
If you having trouble with a unique – leave it for later, when you’re tougher.
To kill powerful unique monsters speed potions helps a great deal.
To kill powerful unique monsters a nice missile weapon helps a great deal.
Some uniques that resist all the major attack forms; use your bow.
Mim and Lorgan resist all the major attack forms; use ranged weapons.
Hard uniques better to kill under a speed potion effect.
The treasure in chests is based on the dungeon level where they were generated.
Treasure chest is NOT based on where the chest is opened, but where it was found.
Monster pits are rectangular rooms filled with monsters.
Monster pits are 19×5.
Jelly pits are filled with jellies, molds, icky things, oozes, etc. Better to avoid them.
Orc, Troll, Giant, Dragon and Demon pits are filled with different types of those monsters.
Dragon pits are filled with the same colour dragons.
Undead pits (aka Graveyards) are filled with some nasty undead. Beware!
Inside monster pits there can be monsters that are far out of depth.
Be very careful around monster pits; check them diagonally.
Monster nests are 19×5.
Monster nests are rooms contain a random assortment of monsters of a given type.
Vaults are unusually shaped and sized rooms, filled with monsters, treasures, and traps. 
Lesser vaults are about 40×20.
Lesser vaults are filled with all kinds of monsters, got treasure to go along with some OoD  monsters.
Greater vaults are about 60×20.
Greater vaults are huge rooms with outside walls of impenetrable rock except for a couple of granite walls in the corners.
Greater vaults filled with OoD monsters, got excellent treasure and some really OoD monsters.
Greater vaults are often got more than one artifact.
Taking on a greater vault is amazingly dangerous.
For Greater vaults: get some speed, lots of resistances, and a Teleport Away.
ESP means ‘extra sensory perception’.
ESP allows you to sense monsters even though they aren’t in your line of sight.
You will fight much better on full stomach.
Monsters that pick up an item have a chance to NOT drop it again on death.
There are traps that can empty your stomach or drain the fuel of your light.
If you don’t have enough supplies (food, light) then you might be doomed.
Phase Door scrolls help to escape if you are surrounded.
Archers might find wands of light useful to create line-of-sight (los) opportunities for killing monsters from afar down hallways.
Satisfy hunger scrolls can not be eaten by rot jellys.
Before hard fight try to drink potion of Berserk Strength together with Speed potion.
! means a potions, ? is a scroll, = is a ring, ” is an amulet.
Scrolls of Life can not ressurect dead, but they give certain benefits.
Most monsters that drain experience are undead, eg grape jelly, liches and vampires.
It’s bad idea to fight in melee with monsters like jellyes or molds…
Potions of Speed doubling new player’s global movement/attack/cast speed.
Potions of Speed not only useful for attack, but also could help you to retreat quickly…
Don’t use staves of teleportation as emergency escape if your aren’t good at ‘Magic Device’.
If you find useful staff which you don’t need right now – pick it up and put in your house!
Rods could save you a forture: it can’t be destroyed and it’s charges restore in time.
Always quaff potions to get double resistance when fighting dragons, demons or hounds.
Throw a Potion of Blindness at a monster and it cannot cast any spells!
Try taking off your armour before fighting a Gelatinous Cube!
You don’t always have to kill everything you meet!
If you can’t beat it, leave it alone!
An umber hulk can be a confusing sight.
If you start seeing fiery monsters from a far, you have probably gained infravision.
Elvish waybread might negate the effects of poison.
Cave dwellers are accustomed to darkness and rarely enjoy bright light.
A creature made of stone can be slain by a spell that turns stone to mud.
It is often a good idea to throw items that you don’t want to eat or drink.
The faster you run the more food you will burn.
Invisible monsters will often expose themselves if you drop items around you.
The key to killing tougher monsters is called “hit&run”.
There is no such thing as invulnerability.
Don’t be over-confident if you found powerful items. It often leads to death.
There is more than one way to deal with a locked door.
Afraid of your valuables getting stolen? Carry more junk!
Afraid of your money getting stolen? Invest it!
They say that melee fighter had better leave jelly monsters alone.
A weapon of Undead Slaying has all you need to kill a ghost.
The One Ring is powerful, but will eventually destroy its owner.
Having troubles with summoners? Door Creation is your friend!
Stairway Creation may be slower than Teleport Level, but safer…
If it can’t see you, it can’t hurt you!
If it can’t see you, you might still be able to hurt it…
Weapons of Flame will light your way.
A greedy genocide can be a fatal mistake, especially if you are low on hits.
Bashing a creature may sometimes stun it.
Appearance is only the frosting, not the cake!
They say that alcohol is bad for your health.
Save the game in dungeon and you’ll be buried there.
They say that a sorceror never waits for a feeling to come.
They say that a genuine artifact hates to remain unused.
They say that removing a rubble sometimes gives you a treasure.
They say that an archer should try ‘killing from afar’.
They say that a Dark Sword hates magic.
They say that a Dark Sword is just a cursed sword.
They say that it’s good idea to read the FAQ on the website.
Need a help? Just give a shout in Discord.
Wanna have a talk? Just visit our Discord channel.
They say that behind Dark Lord lies another world of extreme danger.
They say that wizards are subtle and quick to anger, even the kindest.
They say that a macro can save your life hundreds of times.
Never forget to lock the door when you leave your house!
They say that a clever thief never does her job with her pack full.
They say that a Demigod should leave his worldly treasures.
They say that you should enter jelly-pit naked.
They say that you should die at the centre of a large room.
They say that you should fight behind a rubble.
They say that chattering deep in dungeon is a bad habit for dungeoneers.
They say that 50′ is safer place than the town.
Never dive the dungeon naked, unless you’re a monk.
They say that you should carry flasks of oil even when your lamp is full.
Ask a priest to heal you.
Ask a rogue to scout dangerous level.
Ask a sorceror to wraith himself.
Ask a mage to examine your randarts.
Ask an unbeliever to get rid of that Q.
Ask a priest to sweep a pit.
Ask a telepath to go downstairs first.
Nowadays even a warrior should learn to read.
Ever found a Westie broken dagger?
They say that a disenchanted Dark Sword is not so good for non-unbelievers.
They say that a death in Tangaria is very akin to that of real life.
They say that you should let someone else to go down first.
They say that alchemist never stocks restore potions of the kind you need.
They say that an unbeliever without ESP is a dead meat.
They say that you don’t have to save the world.
They say that quick dive, quick die.
Dig your own grave and you’ll survive longer.
They say that you should be extremely vigilant the moment you recall.
They say that very often a dagger(+0,+0) is greater than a Broad Sword(+5,+5).
They say that archers never care for damage rings.
Ever tried to eat a ring?
Darn, that rogue casted the spell of Summon Lag!
They say that you should learn to dive, though it’s not in the water.
They say that speed rings so precious, some people still prefers damage rings.
Ever found a hound pit?
Ever eaten an eye?
They say that angband players are of less gourmant.
Ever found the same randarts twice?
They say that a true hero never gets afraid.
Ever wondered why all those small town stores are open 24/7?
Ever seen a living statue? Or ever been?
Ever bounced on a phase spiders’ trampoline?
They say that the deeper you go the higher you fly.
They say that you should lead cold hounds to breathe at fire hounds.
Ever heard about a meat shield?
They say that wiry and prompt fighter attacks like a lightning.
They say that every vault contains at least one entrance.
They say that you shouldn’t attack a greater vault alone.
Ever seen your tombstone?
They say that no one can be stealthy enough to sneak up on a Quylthulg.
Ever relished a dragon steak?
You know you played Tangaria too much when you wonder why you don’t auto-attack.
They say that it’s no good digging with a dagger.
They say that it’s not only players that know phase’n’shoot.
They say that 90% of sorcerors are born to die.
They say that if you notice a hound of different colour in a pack, run away!
They say that never drink and dive.
Ever seen the second town?
Found a scroll of acquirement? Hush! Don’t tell that to anyone!
They say that the best way to make use of ?acq is to sell it to other players.
Ever seen a pack of multi-coloured walking potions of experience?
They say that mage staff helps mages of ages to walk.
They say that without mage staff a mage should crawl to move around.
They say that a cloak of shock resistance is made of ebonite.
Lamps won’t stack? Try identifying them!
They say that you should inscribe on ?acq the name of what you want.
Ever found a potion of augmentation while your stats are not max-ed yet?
They say that an arrow without macro is like a gun without trigger.
Foudinni says: always prepare to fight, always prepare to run!
Ever tried to rub a lamp? – Erm, which key to rub? ‘E’rm…
They say that you should try to find traps more than once.
They say that all the clerics should learn to pray at very level 1.
They say that there’s no use crying over spilt arts.
They say that prepare to die when you dared to enter the land of kings.
They say that shopkeepers won’t change inventory as far as a customer is in.
They say that watery caves can be too nasty for novice dungeoneers.
They say that traps so nasty, there’s still one notable exception..
Ever *destroy*ed the Greater Vault?
Ever *genocide*d the townies?
They say that a true thief never makes a sound.
They say that sorcs often carry about a sling even though they never shoot.
They say that in some areas a map is kept in secrecy.
They say that the deeper you go, the nastier the traps are.
Beware a pack of hounds around the next corner…
They say that beneath an item on the floor can lie a trap.
They say that in this world darkness kills.
Can a dragon enter into a church?
They say that you should always attack a vault from the flank.
They say that you should be very careful when a trap seemed to do nothing.
They say that traps of the same name can does various effect.
They say that true sorcerors never run.
They say that you should always cross the screen horizontally.
They say that genuine artifacts may resist some of the effects of traps.
They say that genuine artifacts are vulnerable to some kinds of traps.
They say that touching bones of your race brings bad luck.
They say that speed boost beyond a line is not so helpful.
They say that you should learn not to attack… in some situations.
Ever activated an elemental ring?
It’s a bad idea fight with traps’ droping monster nearby to the stairs
They say that sprigs of Athelas is a cooking spice of precious kind.
They say that every housewife should stock athelas for special cuisine.
They say that lembas remedes many things, including poisoning.
They say that levitation never allows you to leave the ground.
They say that not all the anti-magic devices have the same effect.
They say that a weakest being often has a toughest friend.
They say that a terrible item is not so worthless.. somethimes.
They say that a potion of curing cures more than your body.
They say that some creatures don’t believe in magic.
They say that even a level-50 priest might need potions of wisdom still.
They say that not all the swords are obedient. Don’t cut yourself!
They say that you should learn why people would shout in the midst of dungeon.
They say that some vaults are protected by some kinds of magic.
If you noticed you left something behind you, never hesitate to fetch it.
Wanna retreat? Retrace your steps!
When there’s a open door, why one would dig a hole next to it??
They say that from disadvantage you can learn a lot.
They say that some intellectuals take armours as cramps.
They say that Always prepare one more easy way out.
They say that you should be *vigilant* to survive 1000′.
Ever laid a carpet of potions?
They say that never genocide the thieves.
Don’t you know that it’s a fool who digs with sword?
Ever tried to hit your comrade with a Potion of Healing?
Ever tried to hit your comrade sorc with a Potion of Restore Mana?
They say that an adventurer is just a Jack of all trades.
They say that an yeek really needs exercises.
They say that you don’t need Free-Action at all to feed carrion crawlers.
They say that carrying Teleportation scrolls, staves and rings isn’t paranoia.
They say that never try to pick things up when you’re wounded.
They say that Ent is tree and tree can burn.
They say that learn about your merchandise.
They say that hobbits are great slingers, in general.
They say that if you find a long and straight corridor, just don’t walk in.
They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
They say that the lazy warrior jumped over the doors.
They say that it’s comedie when a Troll decides to be a wizard.
Started a new character? Time to revise your macros!
A broken dagger and a filthy rag can be the best suits for a wizard.
They say that learning new spells underground is not so nice idea.
They say that you should carry permalight to fight with the Unlight.
Under certain situations you should use intelligence a potion never gives.
They say that a feeling often comes with a treasure.
They say that a feeling often comes with a trouble.
Ever tried to fix a shattered weapon?
They say that some spells demand perfection, some useful from the first step.
They say that clever dungeoneers always open a door without touching the knob.
Alas, you died? Never forget to gather your ashes!
They say that identifying useless items is useful somewhat.
Ever fired arrows made of staff of *Destruction*?
They say that never drink from a fountain.
They say that never drink from a fountain beneath 2000′.
They say that Hobbits have big hairy feet suitable for barefoot walking.
They say that Trolls can make a wizard that is not good at magic.
..But the evil that man do lives on…
On some battlefield no one wins..
Sometimes you better stand if there’s no turning back.
Sometimes it’s better leave level immediately…
Lame life awaits those who avoids Death.
If birthday is celebrated, why not death?
What is life without death?
What is life with infinite ressurections?
The higher you fly, the farther you’ll fall.
Try not to panic.
We must travel in the direction of our fear.
Don’t believe in wonders, believe in dreams.
Fear -> Anger -> Hate -> The Dark Side.
Denial -> Anger -> Bargaining -> Depression -> Acceptance
There’s no hope as long as the Ring exists.
“Wands of Heal Monster are useful! Hint: ball spell, @….moo(o)ooo
They say that more often than not a single Light spell kills a wizard.
If you play play in party – kill bosses twice.

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