💀Help, I keep getting killed by monsters in wilderness!
Make sure you are equipping a light source (such as a torch or a lantern). Try to practice running away from monsters before they get to you. This skill will be useful in the dungeon.

I was killed by pack of cave spiders! I even lost a level 7 warrior to them!
The solution to this is to make a macro for Cure Light Wounds potions, so you will be able to drink them fast.

I keep getting mobbed by orcs!
The solution to this is to have Phase Door scrolls to teleport away in case of danger. You can buy them in the alchemists shop… To use them fast – macro them like we did with Cure Light Wounds, but instead or read, use quaff. Another hint is to know where the stairs are when you starting a dangerous fight to be able to run to previous or next dungeon level.

I got blinded and confused by a dark elven mage 🙁
The solution to this is to make a macro for Cure Light/Serious Wounds. They will cure blindness, as well as confusion. You can buy them in the temple.

I was killed by air hounds 8(
I’m sorry…. that is probably frustrating. Phase doors are great because they are cheap, but they are no substitute for the real thing. Once you can afford it, buy a staff of teleportation and make a macro for it. This should (hopefully) prevent this sort of thing from happening.

👿I’ve met very powerful monster, way more high level than my character. Why?
You were unlucky. But.. You also were warned about it. “Two numbers” indicator (previous question in FAQ) could give you a warning about such danger. This feeling depends only on the monsters present in the dungeon when you first enter it. It will not get reduced to safer feeling as you kill monsters neither will it increase if new ones are summoned. This feeling also depends on your current dungeon depth. A dungeon you feel nervous about at 2000′ is way more dangerous than a murderous one at 50′. This indicator could help you to ‘feel’ the presence of OoD monsters (Out-of-Depth). Their power limited to at most +40 levels (happens in high-level vaults). Feelings are:

1 – “This seems a quiet, peaceful place”
2 – “This seems a tame, sheltered place”
3 – “This place seems reasonably safe”
4 – “This place does not seem too risky”
5 – “You feel nervous about this place”
6 – “You feel anxious about this place”
7 – “This place seems terribly dangerous”
8 – “This place seems murderous”
9 – “Omens of death haunt this place”

👹Where to find dungeon boss?
It’s always on the deepest level of the dungeon.

😕I become confused or stunned by monsters and die. What to do?
1) you could heal confusion/stun by some cure wounds potions (take care to drink potions before you’ll become knocked-out!)
2) find items with confusion/stun resistance
3) use consumables (eg eat mushroom of clear mind)

! Please note that we got some crucial differences to MAngband:
a) stun is a separate resistance property; resistance to sound doesn’t give resistance to stun
2) resistance to chaos doesn’t give resistance to confusion

🐉I can’t find the boss on level, though it should be there. Why?
One of the reasons could be that it was ‘eaten’ by other monsters with KILL_BODY flag. Eg 
w moves west and “kills” the unique

😈Are monsters susceptible to certain attacks?
A white dragon takes normal damage from a fire bolt, and almost no (1/9th) damage from a frost bolt. Also some monsters can be susceptible to bright light (i.e. wand of light, not lightning), and holy orb does extra damage vs. evil creatures. Earthy creatures are also susceptible to stone-to-mud attacks.

Where to find information about monster? Its attack, resistances, spells…
Press / and enter monster name to see know properties. The more monsters of this type you will kill – the more information you will know. To save this progress after your death – reincarnate your character.

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