ATTENTION! This section may contain spoilers, which some players could like to find out by themself.

Table of character progress: first column is level; second approximate amount of experience to get next level under 100% factor. Names of dungeons are italicized:

1 0 For a fragile race it’s good to go to Old Ruins (to the east from tavern where you’ve appeared); warriors could consider to go directly to Mountain Gorge (next location, to the east from Ruins).

Please note that starting from the second level, you will not be able to go down to the Ruins (i.e. if you entered on the first, got 2 lvl and left there – you will not be able to enter again, you will have to go to the next dungeon).

2 10 Be careful when meeting fast monsters; even a wild cat can be a serious hazard. Use the Phase Door scrolls to break the distance, run away or destroy them from afar (for example, throw rocks with the h button).
3 25 At the third level it’s quite safe for every hero to get to Mountain Gorge, but still be careful there.
4 45 Try to collect the food you find. It will come in handy later. Don’t overeat; if satiety is more than 90%, there will be a penalty to your speed. If you still overeat – have a rest (command R); in rest mode – time is accelerated and overeat pass faster.
5 70 The threshold of entering the Mountain Gorge. It means that starting from level 6 you will not be able to enter this dungeon and will have to go to the next one.
6 100 You shouldn’t exit the game while in the dungeon; in this case, your character will stay in the game for a few more seconds for which you can be killed. It is best to get out to the town or its environs, there the exit is instant.
7 140 Beware of invisible ghosts that can “eat” your food. They are quite rare, but still sometimes found. If you hear sound:

but there is no one around – run away or try to kill the invisible creature blindly. At first, you are unlikely to find stuff with See Invisible property. But you can buy the ‘Detect Invisible’ scrolls, they are cheap. There are also True Seeing potions, the effect of which lasts for a while. In general, it’s easier to run away from invisible critters at first.

8 200 Wormtongue (Agent of Saruman) is quite weak and can carry very powerful artifacts stolen from his master.. It inhabits 400-500 depth.
9 280 Word of Recall scrolls are used to transport you from a dungeon back to the surface (and vice versa). In principle, you can walk on foot; but these scrolls make life much easier, especially if you run into trouble and need to leave the level as soon as possible (though the scroll does not work immediately, but after a dozen moves).
10 380 The threshold of entering the Orc Caves (to the north from Mountain Gorge). Next there will be just dungeons’ names, without indication ‘threshold’.

Level 10 – it’s a pretty good result for a new player!

11 500 It would be good to find something with fire resistance.
12 650 Do not underestimate magic wands, rods and staves of light or illumination. Some monsters are vulnerable to bright light.
13 850 If the light source has gone out in the dungeon and there is nothing to recharge it with, your goal is to find a lighted room in order to read the scroll Word of Recall.
14 1100 Don’t forget that you can throw objects at enemies. By breaking the blinding potion on the monster’s head, you will most likely blind him and he will become an easy prey.
15 1400 Sewers (dungeon to the west from town).
16 1800 It is desirable, but not necessary – protection against Confusion / Blindness. If you do not have it – heal it with Potion of Cure <...> Wounds.
17 2300 Don’t play when you have little time. Tangaria does not tolerate haste, awkward step can cost your character’s life.

One of the common mistakes that lead to death – when switching to a new type of potion (for example, from serious wounds to critical or healing) – people forget to bind them into new macros. As a result, if you are confused – you cannot do anything and keel over.

18 2900 You can restore the reduced parameters by getting a level… Also strength and constitution can be restored by wetting your whistle 😉
19 3600 Try to buy an anti-paralysis ring (Free Action). Well, or you can take such gloves/boots. It is important to make it till the level 20 or so, otherwise there is a chance to meet some carrion crawlers…
20 4400 Fetid Swamps (SW from town), Orc Mountains (to the north from Orc Caves)

Getting to level 20 is great! Congratulations!

21 5400 It is advisable to close the base resists; in order of increasing importance- Fire, cold, acid, lightning. For a start, only fire will do.
22 6800 Even if you have protection from the elements (fire, cold …) do not hesitate to buy protection potions. For example, imagine that you have fire protection. Then on top of that, after drinking the potion of resist heat, you will receive “double protection” for a while, which makes you practically almost immune to fire. If there was no fire protection on the objects, after drinking the potion – you will get it. It is especially important to have double resist for races with susceptibility (eg Hydra or Ent). But in general, it is important to everyone starting from the 30th level (unless, of course, you are lucky enough to find a item with immunity property).
23 8400 At the twentieth levels, you will begin to come across potions that permanently improve your parameters. There are two types – those that improve one parameter instead of another (not always the best choice) and “pure” ones that only improve stats.
24 10200 By the middle of the twenties levels, it would be nice to get a teleportation staff. The good thing about staves is that they can be used while stunned or blinded. Staff of teleportation can save your life more than once, taking you out of the mess to a safe distance.
25 12500 Old Forest (to the south from town), Abandoned Manor (NW from town)
26 17500 Drink from the fountains at your own risk. You can get a permanent improvement of your stats, but there is also a small chance of getting into a trouble. Remember that at the initial stage of the game, fountains can be deadly for physically weak characters (magicians, healers).
27 25000 Pay attention to the Stealth parameter – thanks to it, you make less noise and do not wake up sleeping monsters. Some races have serious problems with it…
28 35000 Speed potions can be very useful in boss fights; they double the speed of all your actions (the enemy makes one move – you two). If you’re unlucky and fail to find them, use the hit and run tactic (Phase Door scrolls).
29 50000 Poison Resistance (especially in Sandword Lair dungeon)
30 75000 Sandworm Lair (west from Abandoned Manor), Ettenmoors (east from Orc Caves), Land Of Rhun (south from Old Forest)

At this levels starting mid-game. Be careful!

31 100000 Be prepared for the fact that a critical situation may arise at any moment. Practice saving your butt beforehand; and don’t forget the Plan B.
32 150000 Before you go down into the dungeon – each time check whether you have taken all the scrolls and potions with you. One day, this trivial advice could save your life 🙂
33 200000 It is very important to know what awaits you outside the range of sight (especially after level 35), so try to get infravision (works only on warm-blooded monsters) or ESP – extrasensory perception (telepathy). ESP allows you to “feel” opponents even behind walls. There are different types of ESP – to see evil, good, animals and other types of creatures. The most needed at the beginning of the game is ESP evil. It can be found on weapons (* slay evil * weapons, Weapons of Aman, Weapons of Gondolin). Later on you need to have a full ESP (like Crown of Telepathy, for example).
34 275000 Try to get Nether Resistance… it’s especially useful for Barrow Downs.

In general, be careful with monsters which got Nether attacks. Even if you have resist – sometimes the damage is huge (up to 550 for some powerful Nether spells). You can ones be unlucky and the monster will foolishly cast two Nether Balls in a row 🙂

35 350000 Barrow-downs, Maze, Small Watery Cave, Heart of the Earth
36 450000 Try to fight 1 on 1, lure enemies into narrow corridors, do not rush to finish everyone at once. This is especially important in vaults, where notably dangerous monsters usually live.
37 550000 What about Chaos Resistance?
38 700000 Double teleport with a high degree of probability will lead to something bad 😉 In case of danger at high levels, it is best to go into the walls (if there is no such magic, dig the moves in advance).
39 850000 The monster’s HP is displayed in the lower left corner This is especially true for boss fights.
40 1000000 Helcaraxe (there Hold Life will be handy), Mines of Moria, Illusory Castle, Cirith Ungol, Numenor

If you managed to get to this stage – respect! You’ve become fellow Tangarian!

41 1250000 At higher levels, pay special attention to the dungeon environment – rooms, corridors, is it lighted or not… Be especially careful on levels like dark arena (a lot of free space with no walls and dark). Pay attention to non-obvious details; for example, if you have an ESP and you see an empty room that looks like a nest – it is quite possible that it will be filled with Q or g .. Although it may be the harmless Frozen Sphere. Is it worth checking? 🙂
42 1500000 Stat sustains will be helpful. Especially when you are fighting some bosses (including Morgoth); without a sustain on your CON during combat, your life can be drastically reduced which will make you HPs very low.
43 1800000 Do not hesitate to use buffs. Heroism/Berserk Strength potions, Holy Chant/Holy Prayer scrolls, Protection from Evil etc. There are many more useful things;)
44 2100000 Stun resistance is highly desirable so as not to fall prey to plasma hounds or other stunning foes.
45 2400000 Mirkwood, Mordor
46 2700000 Sacred Land Of Mountains, Erebor
If you have a fight with an important boss at a fairly high level – thoroughly study its features before the fight. Many of them are immune to certain types of attacks, they are able to see through invisibility, tear down walls around, and so on.
47 3000000 Dol Guldur, Paths of the Dead
It is advisable to kill some unique monsters before you reach level 50. For example, this applies to Stormbringer and Emperor Mimic (to some he may seem weak… until he summon a dozen or two death molds).
48 3500000 Fallen Gondolin
In the late game, for some classes, the Rune of Protection scrolls become very useful, which allow you to protect the tile from the monster summoning. If you do not have such scrolls – dig corridors or try to cooperate with characters who can create runes with their magic. Also there are some other ways to protect VS summoning, eg create doors spell, grow trees spell, stone prison, etc.
49 4000000 Mount Doom
If you have really bad situation which is hard to escape – Destruction magic is very good to protect yourself hiding in the middle of rubble’ mountains.
50 4500000 Angband, Straight Road, Valinor


Level 50 it’s currently the highest level. One day it will be possible to get even more experience while visiting new dimensions…

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