What is RAND_25 or RAND_50 flags?

Chance of a monster to stagger (random movement). 

Hydra has cold vulnerability. Can it be covered with resistance?

Normal cold vulnerability: resistance makes you neutral, you need double resist to be resistant and immunity to get immune.

Vulnerability could be assigned to any element? or only to basic ones?

Need to check. Don’t think it works, since you have hurt_light flag for example and not res_light[-1]

Why dragon race to -10 bonus, while in spoiler it’s written -20?

Polymorphed players only get half bonus/malus from race. And half anything (ent penalty -2 to speed becomes -1 if polymorphed). 

Please note that when you start at char creation, the polymorph is not in effect.

Which is minimum stat possible?

Stat min is 3 whatever you assign to race. Internally it’s lower but the used stat is min to 3.

How does shapes works for monsters?

  • Shapechange is only one way, you can’t put shapechange on a shape it will not work.
  • Shapechange is one time — mob stays like that until death.
  • If monster A will shapechange to monster B; monster B can not shapeshift to monster C (B become as just a placeholder).
  • so if A -> B … B can not have flag for shapechange into C. You will need 2 monsters B1 and B2 (for new one to transform – allocation and shapechange spell)
  • if monsters don’t have shapes, the game uses type of monster from the “summon” spells, eg druid has s_animal so he can shapechange into any animal
  • when a monster changes right now – they just change their race, but keep their current HP, status effects, and inventory, but takes new parameters from race: spellcasting and other abilities, hearing, smell, AC. Please note that speed is a special case because, while average speed is defined in the race, speed for an individual monster is allocated at birth, and may be a couple of points above or below average (details: struct monster_race → struct monster in monster.h.)

It’s written that monsters immune to certain elements (eg IM_FIRE), but I don’t see RES_ flag there. Why?

Even if monster IMMUNE – you still can damage it. It will get ~10% of damage.

Will it work in stores:


Nope, no duplicates.

What is max-min normal slots in shops?

You can’t have less slots for turnover, then normal items. eg:

We have 14 normal items and 12 always:
slots:13:14 will do (as you need at least one slot for  drops – even at no_selling server people could ‘sell’ items to stores to ID them).

I wanna add a new monster, a new hydra

base:hydra and base:dragon should not be touched, you would break the races

How does rule and rule-flags works in dungeon.txt?

Let’s examine this example:


It means that it’s 50% to spawn ORC flag monsters and “koO” symbol monsters; 30% to spawn TROLL flag monsters; 20% for anything else

How to prohibit certain monster (eg death golem) to appear in pit?

Pits have flag restrictions for this.

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