Tangaria – free open-source multiplayer roguelike game powered by PWMAngband; it combines the complexity and unpredictability of roguelike genre and social features of MMORPG: kill monsters together with other players, chat, PvP (on demand), buy a house and open a store to trade with other players… with advanced real-time gameplay – game become semi turn-based when your character is injured.

Roguelike features:

  • permadeath. Every adventure – counts. Every death – is an achievement. Every new character – is the happiness of a unique exploration experience.
  • absolutely random level generation. You are constantly facing extremely unimaginable gaming situations.
  • very high degree of character freedom (loads of action: kick, throw, dig, polymorph, etc)
  • destructible environment – tunnel walls, chop trees, make an earthquake to blast everything around you!
  • freedom. Not linear walkthrough of the game. There is even no walkthrough! Go wherever you want; every dive to the dungeon isn’t like previous one!
  • perfect Hack’n’Slash experience – all boring auto-attacks your character will make automatically while giving you time to control essential stuff.
  • strong anti-powergamer roguelikish concept – it’s just you, your skill, your guts.. and your freedom. Grind won’t help you to survive.

MMORPG features:

  • real-time. You could assign a certain HP threshold at which game will become semi turn-based.
  • PvE in group. Game has great features for teamplay; the more – the merrier!
  • PvP. You could duel with other characters if you will turn on PvP mode.
  • Trade, barter, create your own shop. The economy is healthy because a lot of items and gold got wasted when characters die (quite often situation).
  • Communication. Find friends, create a guild, buy a house and welcome your neighbours;
  • …and much more. Game has a lot of tiny beautiful features, for example, feature about artifacts – they are real artifacts. There couldn’t be two ‘Orcrist’ swords. After you found an artifact, only you at server have it (there are mechanics which prevent players from hoarding artifacts without using them).


  • oldschool graphics. Unique handmade locations with inhabitants.
  • one character per account. It’s forbidden to have more than one account per person.
  •  disconnected stairs. Up/down staircases are ‘not connected’ between levels to prevent stair-scumming.
  • food matters. It’s not too easy to obtain food, it could be only found in the dungeon.
  • no selling to NPC. It removes boring grind from the game; in return, you get extra gold in the dungeon and could trade with other players.
  • rebalanced telepathy & detection: no boring mechanical actions; exploration matters!
  • brackets system – prevents grinding low-level mobs for items and experience.
  • deep world lore and storyline based on the unique fantasy universe.
  • diversity: 38 races, 18 classes, 1185 monsters, 24 dungeons, 557 items (multiplied with 122 ego types), 236 unique artifacts, 156 activation properties, 96 item’s parameters… and endless amount hours which you could spend in-game to have a great time!


Also, you could understand how the game looks like by watching videos

Tangaria based at powerful PWMAngband (2007) game engine which was derived from MAngband (1998) and also got some TomeNET (2001) features. All three games are in active development, got very special and unique gameplay, make sure to try them! PWMAngband got Angband core and latest vanilla features (tileset support, new ID/curses/traps systems, item management, etc), ‘time bubble’ (slow down a time when you are on low hp, making game almost turn-based while in danger), ‘Necklace of the Eye’ support (you could try to play the game in 3D mode or even VR), new gameplay mechanics like necromancy, summoning, etc


Also, you are welcome to ask any questions @ our Discord 😉

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