Advanced tips

  • always be sure you have control over the situation;
  • never get yourself hemmed in;
  • don’t forget to cast defensive spells or use buff potions in dangerous situations;
  • rest in safe spots near walls;
  • character power is more closely associated with damage output rather than HP or character level;
  • if you preserve your supplies, you can fight well above your weight. Early in the game, this means using flasks of oil against worthwhile targets; later in the game this means using branded or slaying “ego” ammunition. Good ammunition is too valuable to waste on less valuable targets (like red jellies, or groups of orcs);
  • buffing, generally with !Heroism, can be very helpful to get starting characters out of sticky situations.
  • make sure you have the right equipment for your level. Don’t hesitate to buy items in town.

In the list of characteristics of monsters there is a line:
Spell chance: 1 spell every 5 turns
This means that EVERY turn there is a chance (in this case 20%) that the monster will cast one of the spells below. This means that the monster, in principle, can foolishly cast its strongest spell several turns in a row, thereby giving you some pepper 😀

If you play a character with a small amount of hp (magician or druid) – do not rush to risk fighting high-level monsters until you get a mana shield or a good shape.

S_UNIQUE does not work on final bosses of dungeons (for example, The Wight-King of Barrow Downs).

Monsters summon different monsters 3 times at least (then clones are already possible). The level of the monster depends on the level of the summoner and the level of the dungeon.

Most often, an item has a hidden powers property if it is “of….”.

When playing Tangaria it’s better to disable Num Lock mechanically (match or paper) or with my addon. Active Num Lock locks the keyboard, which may be inappropriate. It’s the same with Caps Lock.

Premonitions (feeling) of higher levels (severity level) may include premonitions of lower levels. For example, “somewhat dangerous” can include “sensation of challenge”.

/afk mode will not save you from hunger if your character is already starving (i.e. it says hungry or weak); however, remember that no food or satiation is wasted while in the town.

Please note that cloud-like spells do not stack (for example, the spell toxic moisture).

Use the Remove curse scrolls to remove curse from a cursed item. For especially strong curses, the rare *Remove curse* scrolls could be used. Note that some curses cannot be removed (with a power of 100).

When in a party with other players:
– you get a bonus to experience
– monsters don’t get stronger
– you get experience only if the difference between the levels in your party is no more than 7. Examples: 1 and 8 level – both players will get experience. 1 and 9 levels – a player of the first level will not receive experience.

Infravision allows you to see warm-blooded monsters in line of sight in the dark. For example, you can see orcs at the end of a dark corridor. But it won’t give you possibility to see through walls.

Remember that telepathy is not a panacea, because there are monsters with an “empty mind” flag that are not visible to her. Also telepathy in Tangaria got limited radius.

I heard a rumour that open world monsters will have big trouble to hunt you down if you will have high stealth… They will be asleep in most cases, if you won’t wake them up..

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