💡 This section is only for players who play without graphics.
If you play with graphics – you can skip this page.

There is a possibility to play in non-graphics (symbol) mode (it’s also called ASCII) where symbols appearing on your screen will represent the dungeon’s walls, floor, objects, features, and creatures lurking about.

📴How to turn off graphics?
Windows client comes with graphics turned on by default. To disable graphics:

— for SDL client (mangclient_sdl.exe):
1) right after game starts (before you login to your character) — click Options (on top of the screen)
2) in “Available Graphics” click None and press Ok

— for traditional client (mangclient.exe):
1) edit mangclient.ini (in the same directory as the executable)
2) change the first line from graphics=1 to graphics=0.
For this change take effect, you will have to exit mangclient.exe and start it again.

In ASCII mode game will look like this
(click on image to see legend):

Oh my!! What is going on here? You, the mighty adventurer, are a ‘@’, standing in the town’s tavern, surrounded by walls of ‘#’. Nearby to you is a NPC (tavernkeeper) and a cat (note that they could be outside of the tavern sometimes). Each ‘.’ is an empty space that you can walk around in. You are standing near the entrance to the tavern. (the ‘8’). The ‘*’s are trees, and the area of ‘~’ at the east is a pond. To your right are road which leads to the dungeon (‘>’).

What the things you see on your screen actually are:

.	           lit floor
(empty)	           unlit floor or unexplored territory
#		   wall
~		   water
+                  closed door
`		   open door
*		   tree, treasure (if in rock)
@ 		   a healthy player
0-7                 entrances to shops, or a wounded player
8                  entrance to the tavern in town
a-z, A-Z, ,          monster
>		   down staircase
<		   up staircase
:		   rubble
^		   a trap
everything else	   objects you can pick up

Monsters appear in the earlier stage of game:

k kobold      Can be nasty in the beginning.
p people      Novice rangers etc. Beware of special attacks.
w worms       They breed. Rid'em before that, or run...
l lice        They breed too. Itchy.
C canine      Jackals or wild dods. Often herd.
              (beware they can be Maggot's dogs)
S spider      Be careful, they can move very quickly!
e eyes        Can paralyze you; never hit them in melee.
b bat         No Problem (NP).
f feline      Could be dangerous because of high speed.
R reptile     NP
j jelly       Immobile. Throw rocks!
m mold        Immobile too.
, mushroom    Same as above.
i itchy thing Not dangerous.
t townspeople Live in town areas; some are dangerous.

^ trap       Not a monster.. Hard to avoid at the beginning.


Symbols On Your Map

Symbols on your map can be broken down into three categories:

  • features of the dungeon such as walls, floor, doors, and traps;
  • objects which can be picked up, eg treasure, weapons, magical devices, etc;
  • creatures which may or may not move about the dungeon, but are mostly harmful to your character’s well being.

Some symbols are used to represent more than one type of entity, and some symbols are used to represent entities in more than one category. 

At the beginning it will not be necessary to remember all of the symbols and their meanings. The “slash” command / will identify any character appearing on your map.

Here is a more complete list of the meanings of the game symbols:

Features that do not block line of sight

. A floor space 1 Entrance to General Store
. A trap (hidden) 2 Entrance to Armoury
^ A trap (known) 3 Entrance to Weapon Smith
; A glyph of warding 4 Entrance to Temple
An open door 5 Entrance to Alchemy Shop
A broken door 6 Entrance to Magic Shop
< A staircase up 7 Entrance to the Black Market
> A staircase down 8 Entrance to your Home

Features that block line of sight

# A secret door # A wall
+ A closed door % A mineral vein
+ A locked door * A mineral vein with treasure
+ A jammed door : A pile of rubble


! A potion (or flask) / A pole-arm
? A scroll (or book) | An edged weapon
, A mushroom (or food) \ A hafted weapon
A wand or rod } A sling, bow, or x-bow
_ A staff { A shot, arrow, or bolt
= A ring ( Soft armour
An amulet [ Hard armour
$ Gold or gems ] Misc. armour
~ Lights, Tools, Chests, etc ) A shield
& Multiple items    


$ Creeping Coins , Mushroom Patch
a Giant Ant A Ainu
b Giant Bat B Bird
c Giant Centipede C Canine (Dog)
d Dragon D Ancient Dragon
e Floating Eye E Elemental
f Feline (Cat) F Dragon Fly
g Golem G Ghost
h Humanoids H Hybrid
i Icky-Thing I Insect
j Jelly J Snake
k Kobold K Killer Beetle
l Giant Louse L Lich
m Mold M Multi-Headed Hydra
n Naga N (unused)
o Orc O Ogre
p Human “person” P Giant “person”
q Quadruped Q Quylthulg (Pulsing Flesh Mound)
r Rodent R Reptile/Amphibian
s Skeleton S Spider/Scorpion/Tick
t Townsperson T Troll
u Minor Demon U Major Demon
v Vortex V Vampire
w Worm or Worm Mass W Wight/Wraith
x (unused) X Xorn/Xaren
y Yeek Y Yeti
z Zombie/Mummy Z Zephyr Hound



I can not delete character with Q, game asks approval – to enter ‘person’ sign on keyboard

Press @

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