PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 2

– Split player information into two lines in do_cmd_check_players()
– Always generate FEAT_DIRT when digging a wall
– Attach “light” parameter and WASSLIT flag to player instead of being global to the cave
– Prevent NO_DEATH monsters from being moved at all
– Fix crash in post_turn_game_loop() when refreshing the view of a dead player
– No auto-retaliating after a clear request is temporary disabled (until first_escape system is reworked)

Please update client

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An unexpected feast

New Tolkien’s inspired food:

    • Cram Bread
    • Petty-dwarf roots
    • Salted Pork from Isengard
    • Elvish wine
    • Cold chicken
    • Maggoty bread
    • Flagon of mead
    • One Ring Cake
    • Stolen mushrooms
    • Elvish water
    • Apple of Youth
    • Pipe-weed (not really food, but.. 🙂
  • Now most of dungeon bosses drop different food (rebalancing in process);
  • New mushroom flavours: red, orange, pink, beige;
  • Some polishing of existing food;
  • Halfling, Demonic, Gargoyle got Black Breath resist;
  • Undead, Vampire, Wraith, Golem got Black Breath immunity;
  • Less hunger drain from BB;
  • “Ration of Food” generation chance reduced;
  • Removed “Ration of Food” from classes gifts;
  • Light resistant monster’s rebalance;
  • Monsters: SRES_Light flag (minor resistance);
  • Monsters: SRES and RES electricity and acid;
  • NO_DROP flag which prevents items from dropping;
  • Now you can’t drop some newborn items, eg Remove Hunger (tattered) scolls;
  • Sorcerer’s Dig spell buffed;
  • Unbeliever can not use Magic Devices, but can see invisible at close range;
  • Healing and *Healing* potions now also give 1 turn resist from confusion;
  • DM can drop items inside of other player’s houses;
  • fix CHR bonus appeared on truearts and nazgul’s rings;
  • hotfix for dead player’s location crush;
  • fixed wrong satiation loss from experience drain attacks.

Please update client to see new food properly.

Note that some food which bosses drop may look not so good at first glance. But actually it’s useful, you just need to think how to consume it 😉

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Unofficial music pack

Some of you may wondered where to get the music which plays at my streams.. And at last, unofficial Tangaria’s music pack published:

Just download archive, unpack (password is game’s name), copy to game’s folder and enjoy!

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  • Werewolves got lycanthropy: during the night they become more terrible and powerful than ever before;
  • DAM_RED affects only physical damage;
  • DRAIN_EXP now takes some satiation (for <50 lvl heroes);
  • some monsters could now drop Fortune Cookies with interesting messages;
  • added some additional food as monster’s drop, eg Ugluk drops “Swig of Orcish Liquor”; Beorn may have Honey-cake, etc;
  • spiders now can weave bigger web if they are not warriors, monk or unbelievers;
  • rebalanced damage cap (reduced some minor resistance for ~25-50);
  • plasma attacks apply stun less often;
  • possible stun length increased;
  • possible poisoning effect length increased;
  • added seahorse and djinn as possible habitants in fountains;
  • digestion when gorged slowed;
  • DETECT_TREASURES doesn’t work in labyrinths;
  • new monsters: darkling & shadow of nazgul;
  • wisps and Ungoliant got EAT_LIGHT;
  • Halflings got Black Breath resistance;
  • Black Breath makes you hungry;
  • fix spider invisibility glitch;
  • fix wrong appearance after reincarnation;
  • added two test dummies and test spell for testing purposes;
  • fix for titan and half-giant blows per round;
  • fix Stormbringer sword tile.

IM_LIGHT and RES_LIGHT flags for monsters: Continue reading

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 1

– Allow resizing the GCU client on Windows without a crash
– Make object_flag_is_known() return true if object is fully known
– Fix crash when a monster breathes chaos on another monster
– Disable keymaps during setup phase
– Fix Wipe spell not removing artifacts
– Fix crash when forgetting spells
– Fix visible equipment slots when using the ‘e’ command
– Add WASCLOSE and WASLIT flags to fix a lighting bug
– Attach WASSEEN to player instead of being global to the cave

Please update the client

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Dig fountains (don’t)

  • Now it’s possible to dig fountains (normal and dried). Be careful, it might be not too safe;
  • Now you can get object feeling again! To get it you should explore most parts of the level (by default it was 10%);
  • New sounds: spell fail, unaffected, immune, resist a lot, resist, resist somewhat;
  • ?CSW helps a bit VS poison;
  • ?CLW less useful vs confusion;
  • Mountain Gorge dungeon got less trees in corridors;
  • Added more stairs in early-mid dungeons;
  • Old Ranger doesn’t have ‘normal’ items anymore;
  • Fixed monsters lore in-game and at the website;
  • Added plenty of new guides – in English and in Russian language;
  • Fixed commands in ‘help’;
  • Players now can find foundations stones (for house building) only after lvl 8;
  • Fix sound ‘resist_a_lot’ error;
  • Players starts without spades;
  • Fixed wrong LIGHT flag for some races;
  • Added road to second newbie dungeon (will be available in next major update);
  • Fixed cost line in player’s village (next update too).



  • spell of Identify require some satiation
  • Detect Treasure, Find traps/doors/stairs: now cause blind status for some time

Class spells MAP_AREA become less cruel for Druid, Hunter, Ranger, Necromancer, Sorcerer. Telepath spells can do mapping without penalty.

Warrior/monk/unbeliever + titan/half-giant race got -1 BpR till lvl 35

Necromancer and druid got missing start equipment

RACES (a lot of rebalancing as usual)


  • no dam_red and tunnel bonus (as they got regen without extra hunger)

Continue reading

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Spider evolution

← spider race change their appearence during their progress

  • spider now can weave web with y hotkey
  • spider got immunity from poison right on
  • spider start with dried fruits
  • human, hydra, undead, vampire, frostmen, minotaur could get additional food at start
  • vampire, maiar, demonic, spider starting mana reduced
  • maiar, draconian, move slower (but acts faster)
  • demonic start with less shurikens
  • titan and half-giant don’t have trap immunity
  • elemental move slower
  • djinn don’t have slow digestion; slowed regen of mana and hp at low lvs; save reduced
  • titan become more hungry and got additional mana over levels
  • elemental less hp regen and less mana
  • pixie become trap immune
  • dump @ includes timestamp and it became default ordering
  • /retire command to delete character
  • building/buying house is possible from lvl 8
  • fountains, traps and rubbles appear more often
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 7

– Increase MAX_TITLES to 60 to avoid getting empty scroll names
– Fix “implicit declaration of function” warnings under Linux
– Only apply non-ASCII terrain redefinitions from font-gcu.prf if using the Windows console
– Refactor cave and monster generation
– Add provision for new races and classes to user.prf
– Remove references to Orb of Draining destroying cursed items
– Update help

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Racial gifts

  • Assigned racial gifts – each race starts with special items
  • Halflings got bonus for staying barefoot
  • Centaur race slight nerf
  • CANT_FLY flag prevents you from flying (even if equipment got levitation magic)
  • FEATHER_SAVE flag – allows save from certain traps due flying
  • Ent, Hydra, Troll, Golem, Centaur, Naga can not fly
  • new ego item: Dwarven cloak
  • Dangerous potions damage rebalance
  • World change: sea bay at player’s village and less trees in Farfest
  • Prevent MAKE_DOOR and WEB in town
  • Digging in town takes more energy
  • House prices adjusted
  • Remastered volume of all sounds
  • Town NPCs got reduced prices for magic projectiles; scrolls: Identify Rune, *Remove Curse*, Deep Descent, Enchant Weapon To-Hit, Enchant Weapon To-Dam, Enchant Armour
  • TMD_effects thresholds: now you can not be poisoned, slowed, confused, afraid and stunned for almost endless amount of time
  • Necromancer feels better when he casts Darkness spell
  • Bombadil now can not be killed in Old Forest
  • Adding more stuff to dumps: player ID, time, server turns
  • Dump file name now contain time and date insead of turns
  • Dump ‘?’ symbol (tomb) replaced by ‘@’
  • Reassigned player sex default value
  • New message upon choosing sex of new character
  • Added house build tooltip about door
  • Tileset fixes
  • Fix scroll flavor
  • Fix squeaky board trap
  • Fix [STAT_MAX]

PWMAngband updates:

– Allow ignore while looking
– Initialize the RNG on the client
– Refactor hit chance calculation
– Update visuals after successfully tunneling
– For town generation, also clear room flag on the walls
– Remove redundant item testers
– Fill out comments describing curse.txt
– Update help

Please update client to enjoy latest fixes and features

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 5 & 6

This was tremendous update so we had to wipe server to be able implement new awesome PWMAng features:

– Add message when changing hitpoint warning settings via =h
– Improvements to necromancer spells
– Allow targeting the closest to pick up a target outside the current panel
– Improve ranger spells, update number of extra shots for archers accordingly
– Adjust lighting model to better account for light sources that aren’t
the player or SQUARE_GLOW
– Implement new device failure calculation
– Allow the equipped weapon (if it isn’t stickily cursed) to be thrown
– Avoid randart activations that duplicate or conflict with other artifact
– Prevent creating doors outside of dungeons
– Don’t reposition the player on NO_STAIRS terrain when logging back in dungeons
– Add resistances to elements monsters breathe
– Fix being able to buy back an infinite amount of non-staple items sold in the
General Store
– Avoid the “can move again” monster message if monster is about to die
– Set ego minima correctly
– Fix message when decrementing from a stack when there are multiple similar
stacks (i.e. phase door scrolls or cure wounds potions)
– Change handling of projections with unrevealed mimics
– Change lighting of walls on surface
– Fix compatibility with Angband ladder dumps
– Fix knowledge menus under Linux
– Fix crash when trying to write a parsing error message to server log during
setup phase
– Fix disable_enter option
– Don’t send a “clear” packet when pressing SPACE during setup phase
– Changing font size on Windows doesn’t refresh terms properly
– Incorporate stunning into TAP_DEVICE effect handler
– Unset target after TELEPORT_TO
– Replace hard-coded depth check for caverns with min-level entry
– Introduce effects SET_VALUE and CLEAR_VALUE to align times for multiple timed effects
– Reduce usage of standard string functions strcmp() and sprintf()
– Always initialize second argument passed to scatter()
– Add player “real” name at the end of server dumps
– Update version.rst with bits of MAngband history
– Fill out comments describing curse.txt

During server wipe all dead heroes were sent to enjoy eternal life in Hall of Fame! It’s time to start new adventure 😉

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