PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 4

– Adjust food again
– Changed some vaults and interesting rooms so the tunneling code can always connect them properly
– Implement water and tree tiles in vaults
– Add CHALLENGING_LEVELS server option to make dungeon levels more challenging
– Activate “hard centre”, “lair” and “gauntlet” dungeon profiles
– Add a facility to dump a level (as HTML) for post-mortem analysis
– When loading a savefile discovers a mimic with no mimicked object, just delete the mimic instead of making a new object
– Allow negative MOVES
– Adjust damage per mana value of some spells

Also our server moved to a new hosting. No lags should appear!

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 3

– Fix party members not always visible when LIMITED_ESP is on
– Fix stupid door mimic generation bug
– Allow negative value for BLOWS
– Activate DAM_RED as a race/class modifier
– Remove positive restriction on MIGHT, add lower cap of 1 on shooters
– Activate MOVES as a race/class modifier, add lower cap of 1
– Fix description of branded weapon when resulting damage is zero for all brands
– Don’t convert pit walls when building streamers
– Don’t customize pit/vault walls with passable or projectable terrain
– Refactor feature customization using a generic function
– Fix dungeon boss monsters not always being generated
– Add custom wall features for “core” walls to dungeon.txt

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Linux shell script

Serega88 made shell script for Linux with auto-updater. You will find latest version of the script in Downloads section or in root folder in github.

Also thanks to Serega88 for help with fixing Linux manual:

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 2

– Fix makefile.bcc (missing effects-info file)
– Allow shimmering of multi-hued monsters when using a tileset with “ASCII monsters” option active
– Fix monsters not able to path around damaging terrain
– Change hint when choosing sex during birth phase to something more meaningful
– Don’t apply disturb_icky option when self-buffs end

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 released!

– Revert “Increase house price a bit depending on the HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE option”
– Add check for existing player id when logging in with an existing character
– Remove 2x XBM price cap on items for sale in player shops
– Add preferred price info (BM price) when inspecting identified items
– Use “askprice” for worthless items when selling in player shops
– Add store:home-inven-max in constants.txt to set home capacity on servers with access to houses
– Upgrade FREETYPE to version 2.10.2
– Upgrade PYTHON to version 2.7.18
– Set minimum value of light for lantern of shadows
– Use ARC for wands of Dragon’s Breath etc, allowing device boost
– Only forget floors when going dark in cave_illuminate()
– Fix some blackguard spells
– Drop the empty lantern after refueling if there’s no room in the pack
– Allow confused monster to move into non-passable terrain (+ message)
– Allow monster to hit player/decoy standing in non-passable terrain
– Fix ID-by-use not working on Identify scrolls
– Don’t automatically repeat the digging command if there’s no chance to clear the obstacle
– Allow a monster’s confusion to affect breath targeting
– Fix typo in monster_effect_accuracy()
– Use a white asterisk rather than an orange asterisk for detected gold lying on the floor
– Add terrain configuration items to help phrase messages for looking/targeting
– Add check for failed ego search in brand_object()
– Move describe_effect() code to effects-info.c
– Add handling for unrevealed mimics in push_object()
– Fix device boost display
– Increase the damage on Dispel Evil and Undead
– Increase chest frequency
– Make healing potions that used to add to food cost food
– Change names of BLOWS and MOVES modifiers
– Stop trampling of uniques
– Fixes to group_monster_tracking()
– Tweaks and bugfixes to randarts
– For spell decisions in mon-attack.c, use the decoy position, if it is present
– Set so smart monsters won’t use TELE_SELF_TO when next to the target
– Turn fear into hold if a monster has nowhere to run
– Don’t allow a monster to cast if the player cannot witness the attack
– Fix contains_only_spaces()
– Fix water resistance not being able to be learned as a rune
– Fix broken ENLIGHTENMENT effect
– Add lab-depth parameter in constants.txt to set the depth where labyrinths start to be generated unlit/unknown
– Add LEVEL_FEELINGS server option to hide or limit level feelings
– Fix level feeling squares not set for a player entering a level with another player on it
– Prevent the Target Dummy from being teleported away
– Add hack to try fixing keypresses not being processed in some cases

We had a wipe on server! Please download new client, create new characters and enjoy! 😀

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 16

– Make secret doors properly use custom wall features
– Fix throwing multiplier in calc_damage()
– Add time limit of 7 days on Expensive Black Market orders
– Increase house price a bit depending on the HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE option
– Make ego torches more common

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 15

– Allow “fire at nearest” command to throw missiles when no launcher is equipped
– Allow quick_floor on wield if there is something to wield in the inventory
– Fix OPP_CONF timed effect not ending properly
– Move decrease_timeouts() before process_pending_commands() to make effects last the proper amount of turns
– Add HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE server option to limit the size of object piles in houses

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 14

This release fixes a CRITICAL security bug that was present since forever.

– Add level_golds.txt to define gold drop rates instead of using a hardcoded table
– Don’t wipe items on the surface at dawn if there are players on the level
– Save player id counter + player names in a separate file
– Check saved password vs provided password when loading player savefile
– Don’t display Target Dummy in the list of uniques
– Don’t display pain/death message for Target Dummy
– Add message for projected damage if show_damage option is set
– Reveal mimics when using teleport other
– Remove duplicates from the player name database when loading player names
– Use new player id if player id already exists in the player name database when loading player savefile

There was an amusing bug in V code that was fixed so I ported the fix — in early game, you could scum mimic pits, kill all the mimics except the ones that were mimicking rare items (potions of experience/augmentation, scrolls of banishment, ethereal DSM…), use teleport other on the mimic that would only teleport away the monster but leave the object on the spot, grab the item and use it for free (only the mimic coins are supposed to drop object, all other mimics are not supposed to leave anything behind when killed) — that would give endless amount of experience, augmentation and endgame items for free.

This was simply because teleport wouldn’t make the mimic “wake up” so now it does — “the mimic was really a monster! the mimic disappears” and so the mimicking object is deleted before the mimic is teleported away.

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PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 13

– Slight tweak to gold drop rates at low level
– Don’t wipe townies at dawn if the number of townies is less than the max for that town
– Add message when using chargeable items from the ground
– Remove “wield” command from quick_floor option
– Stop Create Arrows creating special artifacts
– Fixed bug with food counter that stopped starvation when the counter hit 0 and caused the food indicator to disappear
– Fixed apparent issue with trampling of shape-changed monsters
– Fixed bugs with tracking of shape-changed monsters
– Don’t close VERSION_BETA servers if an object cannot be placed, but just discard the object
– Allow full home capacity on VERSION_BETA servers
– Don’t generate custom stores in the base town
– Give Bert, Bill and Tom the DROP_GREAT flag like all other dungeon bosses
– Add new terrain “training grounds” for the Target Dummy, fix its location to a random lot in the base town
– Fix ghostly powers for deceased warriors/unbelievers/monks

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  • Fixed wrong tiles (hill giant, troll blackguards)
  • Entrance to Mountain Gorge moved to more friendly place
  • Terrain rework (NO_MONSTERS -> NO_GENERATION)
  • Updated addon keys
  • Archer got additional stealth
  • Black dwarf negative stealth removed
  • Boldor has a bit less ‘friends’
  • Removed acquirement from shops
  • Added some item’s descriptions
  • Reassigned nourishment from mushrooms and potions
  • Removed nourishment from healing potions
  • Reduced chance to find food
  • More stairs across all dungeons
  • Scroll of Wilderness Mapping now useful even indoors
  • Nerf potion of experience (actually it’s a buff as it could easily ruin your progress previously)
  • Koschei now pass walls
  • Abandoned Manor got more undeads and vampires
  • Nerfed monsters Mountain Gorge (outdoor)
  • Fixed and buffed troll bosses in Ettenmoors
  • Fixed small trees flags
  • Change to Alter reality and Evil spirit scrolls
  • Buffed useless true arts
  • Revamp slow digestion items and true arts
  • Added pixie race
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