Roguelike housing paradise

  • houses are now unique: they are randomly generated using hundreds of different walls and floors;
  • you do not just buy the house anymore; you should build it (or buy house which were built by another player);
  • houses do not dissapear upon character death; they become unowned – so you can buy them with a new character;
  • digging walls and rock in the dungeon sometimes gives house stones which you could use as house foundation and in some other cases – you get simple stones which you could throw;
  • you could now chop down trees in daylight locations too;
  • you could build house almost everywhere, even in town location (check housing rules);
  • you can build/buy up to two houses;
  • now you can build two houses near to each other and connect it with a door (two rooms house); but you can’t build near other player’s house doors;
  • new players received Small House Creation scroll and could use House Deed to build small house for free;
  • max number of items in one pile in house become 8;
  • WINDOW flag for house windows; you can’t throw objects or cast spells through windows in player’s houses;
  • NO_HOUSE terrain flag which forbid to build house too close to NPC stores, water etc;
  • new system to wipe houses for DM (Dungeon Master aka GM aka Game Master);
  • adding new (additional) newbie dungeon “The Very Old Ruins” for new characters; entrance just to the north from “Old Ruins”;
  • new object types: “junk”, “cobble”;
  • added classic roguelike junk items: broken bones, sticks, shards etc;
  • experience potion now works on new players too;
  • CHR price table revamp; it’s become less severe;
  • added 9 CC0 .ttf fonts from Google Fonts;
  • fixed bunch of self-inflicted bugs 🙂
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 1

– Un-hardcode Hydra form progression
– Improve quiver inscriptions
– Sort flags by level of application on character birth screen
– Allow more variation for pillar or ragged edge rooms
– Add level of application for player flags
– Check input values for slot_by_name() and slot_object()
– Update version.rst with bits of MAngband history
– Fix crash when calculating tax price for house expansion
– Fix “%ull” format (vstrnfmt)
– Fix “Place feature” command only allowing to place staircases
– .ttf font support (thanks Serega88)

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Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse

An update ready… though it’s not live yet. It will be online closer to the weekends all together with server wipe. Right now you could already test it on local machine – to do so get it from github. Patchnotes:

  • Added additional slow digestion. Golems and Wraiths almost don’t need to eat;
  • Added CHARISMA stat (V 3.4.1 port + adjustments);
  • Charisma influence prices in the shops; later on several new effects will be added;
  • Charisma is end-game stat. The only way to increase Charisma is to drink potions of Augmentation;
  • All races and classes got initial bonuses/maluses to charisma. Eg necromancers got -4 charisma; while priest got +4; spider got -9, while high-elves +5. Please note that character could have certain progression over his life: young high-elves got neutral charisma; though when they become older – it grows.

During charisma stat assigning, there were some more race rebalance:

  • Half-trolls got ‘common’ regen;
  • High-elves got a bit harder start in the beginning: less INT and WIS; though Light resistance now inhereted from lvl 1 (instead of 50);
  • Thunderlord: +3 stealth, +1 hp, no malus to mana;
  • Dragons: +1 HP; melee bonus and nexus resistance removed;
  • Hydras can swim. Elder hydras now could obtain chaos resistance;
  • Damned: +1 hp;
  • Barbarians become more sturdy;
  • Goblins: +1 STR later on, better in search. Elder goblin who made it to survive till mature age got extra speed;
  • Ogre: +1 hp, -1 stealth later on;
  • Troll: thick skin now provide protection which enhance during lifetime;
  • Orc: elders got bonus to stealth and speed;
  • Forest Goblin: elders become stronger and faster;
  • Dark Elves: become stealthier more early;
  • Wereworlfs: become less stealthier more later;
  • Undead: +1 hp, a bit better at fighting at beginning;
  • Vampire: +1 hp;
  • Enlightened renamed to Maiar: get exp +25% faster, +1 hp;
  • Cambion renamed to Demonic: not vulnerable to time attacks anymore;
  • Celestial: +1 hp, vulnerable to time attacks, strogner at beginning;
  • Balrog: +1 hp;
  • Nephalem: resists light and darkness at 25, kill demons at 25, destroy demons at 40;
  • Golem: +1 hp. Also now golem ‘upgrade’ his parts at certain levels which gives him better parameters;
  • Frostmen: elders got cold brand;
  • Djinns: don’t have bonus to protection;
  • Troglodyte: a bit more faster;
  • Lizardmen: stronger in time;
  • Imp: +1 hp.
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Nagas do not wear boots

  • new flag: NO_BOOTS
  • Djinns can’t wear boots anymore; but now they are not limited in teleportation and recalling; though at high levels they don’t have res_mana and got slowed regen of HPs and mana
  • Nagas can’t wear boots too. But they become faster in time (in actions, not in movement)
  • Wraith can not recall anymore and had to crawl in walls to find exit from the dungeons.  Now they got +2HP dice, no penalty to DEX, not limited in teleportations; but lost their initial bonus to speed
  • Troglodyes could become stronger in time
  • Half-trolls now don’t need extra food (but pure trolls – do)
  • Merfolk got regeneration (weaker version)
  • Lizardmen not so good in melee
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Regeneration != hunger

Oook, our baby startin to make his (her?) fledged first steps.

I was quite unsatisfied by regeneration property in Tangaria, as food is quite rare there. There were a rumours that regeneration property made you eat much more often.. So having regeneration as it’s implemented in V made this property quite harmful in Tangaria, most players avoided having regeneration.

So now it’s independent property; while there is a new property – hunger. Even not only hunger, but also HUNGER (twice bigger one). Changes:

  • Regeneration now do not require extra nourishment
  • New flags HUNGER and HUNGER_2
  • Arts and items with regeneration rebalanced
  • New flag: RACE_REGEN. Gives additional regeneration to certain races (do not stuck with traditional regeneration; racial regen is better than regen from magic items)
  • Half-trolls, Trolls, Werewolfs and Troglodyte got regen all together with hunger.. Damned, Hydras and Lizardmen got regen without malus
  • Nazgul rings now make you want to eat pretty badly (instead of drain_exp, which is quite profitable property in Tangaria)
  • misc technical stuff
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Djinns shall not pass!

Tangaria now got its own git source repo:
Binaries & data accessible there:

For now there is new NO_RECALL flag, so djinns can not use World of Recall magic anymore.. use your legs (or what djinns got in their place…) and stairs.

PWMA got cool update too — FAST_SPAWN dungeon flag which double monster respawn rate. FAST_SPAWN flag setted to The Old Ruins dungeon. Also Powerwyrm continues bloody fight with circular_rooms recently ported from V which bashes server to death every now and then. Yet another fix today, crossing fingers that it will be the last one on this circular issue.

At the end of the day PWMA Wyrms Inc breathe fire with yet another hot update:
– Take into account sidebar/topbar in double-height tile rendering
– Use font-tng.prf instead of font-sdl.prf for “tg” fonts
– Change visual mapping for PvP arena wall
– Add error condition check to file_putf
– Don’t use handle_stuff() in adjust_level()
– Update comments for room templates’ rating and type
– Update .gitignore

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PWMAngband can swim

TLDR: Send and check limits for race/class structure fields, CAN_SWIM, fixes

– Allow create traps on more floors
– Allow create stairs on more floors
– Allow fire/plasma breaths to create lava on more floors
– Implement CAN_SWIM player flag, add it to the Ent race
– Fix vulnerabilities not shown on birth screen
– Send and check limits for race/class structure fields

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PWMAngband: V up to 26/04

– More useful summons
– Change logic in join_region() and gauntlet_gen() to avoid disconnected
gauntlet levels
– Require at least two rooms in moria_chunk()
– Use square_islit() rather than square_isglow() for the initial determination
of whether the player’s location is seen
– Adjust some logic for hard centre levels
– Change drawing of outer walls about circular rooms
– Split building template rooms into two passes
– For pillared rooms, cut off the corners when not adjacent to a floor
– Update class.txt comments
– Update comments for room templates’ rating and type
– Add most of the missing bell() calls

– Fix ESC key not clearing the queue
– Prevent auto-retaliator after clear request

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Big spring rebalance

Races page now got pictures! ;D

Oookey.. And we have quite a lot of rebalancing of new and old races. There are plenty of stuff worth mentioning but I’m a bit short of time atm, so for now will say just:

  • As new racial forms can’t cast spells (yet) – they got additinal survival bonuses
  • Most of races which had too hard start with some classes now got special bonuses which will help them to survive first days… It’s temporary measure till more weights for gamebalance scales will be implemented.
  • Adjusted appearences: spider form, wraith, lizardmen, troglodyte, draconian, beholder and his form… and wood-elf‘s hair no londer white
  • Also take a look at adorable yeeks race. Now they got special funny forms:

oook   eeek   yaak

…while yeeks are frighten they turn into balls of fur which can not move or attack, but they got plenty of thirst to live…  these forms helps at least small portion of yeeks to avoid early death by waiting in safe when ?WoR yanks them up to the town.

oook yeek form is a tribute to Angband mecca: 🙂

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Titans incoming!..

– revamped dungeon’s brackets progress
– rebalance of gold drop table
– increased chance of labyrinths’ levels to become unlit/unknown

18 new races:


Some of this races got special forms which they could polymorph upon getting certain level.

Existing races rebalance:

less moves bonus

initial INT +3
stealth decrease over ent’s growth
tunnel bonus (ents are good in chopping rocks, eg Isengard)
mature ents are bad at regeneration
could turn into “lonely tree”

initial INT/WIS +1
when become older got malus to mana and become more vulnerable
+1 hp
bad at digging
bad at MD

could take more advanced shapes over their growing up
more exp to lvl up

better at curses resistance (it’s hard to curse someone who is already cursed)

no polymorph forms
less moves
trap immune at 50

initial INT +3
movement become slower over leveling

Dark Elf
damage malus on start removed

agro at 50 removed
cutting brand don’t stuck at 50
removed internal bonus to movement
forms got bonus movement

initial INT/WIS +1
eventually become immune to nether, but it’s now overall more clumsy

initial INT/WIS +3

start with cold brand
+2 hp
malus to blows, mana and might at lvl 50 (scales of Middle-Earth)
slay evil at 50

+3 hp
no longer susceptible to electricity
susceptible to time

+2 hp
start with electro brand
electric resistance
they hate digging
less melee proficiency and a bit less shooting
moves slower
low mana regenetation at 50
slay undead at 50

start with more INT/WIS

slay demons at 50

now susceptible to acid
+2 hp
+2 initial INT

now susceptible to electricity

additional +7 CON at 20 lvl, but less blows/might

Also some races received brands and slays.

– unusual food drop chance reduced
– magic staves give more mana
– forest spirit scroll now not so deadly
– you can not sell items to stores to ID them
– new amulet: Amulet of Cat (Beruthiel)
– fix error with random object effects (could be only one random effect per item)

– world map adjustments
– new descriptions on staircases
– Fallen Gondolin dungeon layout
– Ranger tavern (starting place) now got passable windows
– Old Ruins could be now entered only at 1st lvl
– fixed non-diggable rock

– archer class poison brand replaced with sharp arrows at high lvls
– necromancer read minds unnerf
– necromancer in fruit bat form now can move faster

– Boss buff: Old Man Willow, The Wight-King of the Barrow, Ulfang the Black, Golgarach
– new monster: adult sandworm
– Stormbringer now fly 🙂
– magpie got less hp

– MOVES objects/races rebalance
– new font 3×5 for mini-map
– server timeout 3 -> 4
– ASCII fix for entrance to Illusionary Castle
– ASCII seahorse now orange

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