Roguelike’ish curses

n the past we had classic roguelike ‘sticky’ curse system – when you wielded cursed item, you can not take it off anymore. It often leaded to the need to start over after you wield cursed item – which is quite fatal, especially for multiplayer roguelike experience… Some years ago in Vanilla it was changed to other system – when cursed items had just some annoying properties, but you can take them off freely; so cursed item become just rubbish item, player in most cases don’t need to deal with curses anymore, which is.. a bit boring. So I’ve implemented something in the middle – you can take off cursed items, but can’t drop them from. It makes player to decide: should player continue in the dungeon or go to town to uncurse items which occupy place in inventory / add carry weight. Players may want to bring uncurse scrolls with them (which occupy slot and cost gold). So it makes curses stay in the game, but at the same moment they are not too annoying. Patchnotes: Continue reading

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 6

– Add number of turns remaining when checking current quest
– Allow wands of heal monster to heal controlled summons
– Don’t make poison out of poison in CREATE_POISON effect
– Fix crash when combining pack after buying eight stacks of 40 missiles
– Fix “you have xxx” number of owned similar items limited to 256 when buying from a store
– Rewrite update_ticks() in a much simpler way to make it work under both Windows and Linux
– Simplify controlled summons movement code: attack any visible hostile monster, if none attack any visible hostile player, if none follow the master
– Update setup.bat

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Chop and dig

– Fix fire_till_kill problem which freezed client due too often animation;
– Fix jamming of h command;
– Fix problem with multiple values of the same resistance for races;
– Added double resistance race indicator to character sheet;
– RAND_100 flag to make monster move randomly;
– Fish in town now swims more natural way;
– Now you may slip on icy terrain (+sound);
– All dungeons now have small chance to generate unexpected features like water, sand and stone veins;
– Now you can hear how you dig stone or chop trees;
– You can hear when you’ve felled the tree.


Continue reading

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Roguelike pets


  • Thunderlords got their tamed eagles at last! It’s our first implementation of pets.
    – eagles grow in time: from tiny nestling to Great Eeagle;
    – eagles fly around and attack enemies;
    – in case if monster severely attacked eagle – eagle fly away back to master;
    – thunderlords now easily discovered by enemies as they sing their battle songs loudly and their eagle piercingly screams seeking for pray…
    – need to eat more often to feed themselves and their eagle;
    – do not have previous boni (resistance and expanded ESP).
  • Imps race – little mischievous tricksters – now teleport at will from time to time;
    – in time player will be able to ‘tame’ them, but at start they will teleport around putting you into different adventurous situations;
    – imps can enter ‘Stealth Mode’ (shift+S);
    – imps got high saving throw, less mana penalty, moderate fire resistance at mid-game.
  • Werewolf race now howls from time to time at night.. Also at night they can cut enemies and got:
    – more HP bonus;
    – better stats;
    – worse at shooting;
    – additional speed boni;
    – magic resistance.
  • Beholder race now may try to predict future from time to time which cause hallucinations;
    – they do not have malus to melee attacks anymore;
    – they may obtain better physical strength than before.
  • Damned race now struggle constant disaster which higher powers send to exterminate them – from time to time gods summoning their emissaries around.
    – got plenty of skill/stat boni and protection from fear;
  • Troll and Djinn got no lvl FEELINGs; but now Troll is better in regeneration and Djinn doesn’t have exp penalty;
  • Draconian race gain intrinsic basic resistances, fire at 10, cold at 20, acid at 30 and lightning at 40;
  • Minotaurs now aggroes monsters on close distance, but don’t have physical vulnerability and movement malus anymore.

New lights Continue reading

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Monsters swimming!

Much more monsters can swim now (previously only water immune monsters were able to do it);

  • Monsters can be mediocre at swimming, be good or bad at it; lore is Tolkien-inspired (eg Halflings don’t swim.. except Gollum);
  • Now it’s possible to pass trees in town for everyone;
  • Nerfed some mid-end game food a bit;
  • Freesia won’t spawn in Old Ruins;
  • New TMD_MOVE_FAST effect which increase movement speed;
  • Stomach Water and Salt water restore some mana;
  • Stomach Water can’t be found in fountains;
  • Fix #1 shop wrong prices on magic projectiles;
  • Reduce chance to meet Hunger Trap;
  • Drinking from open water can satisfy a bit more;
  • Allow player to shoot/cast into monster in trees;
  • No nazgul rings for sale in player’s store;
  • Prevent insta KO from Stormbringer and Death vortex;
  • Mage’s “Phase Door” now makes you move faster for some time, which gives possibility to run in case of emergency;
  • Mage’s “Frost Bolt” damage increased, fail rate reduced;
  • Mage spell: Frost Shield -> Frost Attunement; reduced mana cost and fail rate; also fixed wrong resistance. This spell now:
    Icy aura creates a curtain of ice around you to block enemy attacks,
    damaging and freezing them in the process, grants cold resistance, but also
    greatly reduce stealth, movement and can make you vulnerable to fire.
    10 level: + 10 to AC
    20 level:
    – brands your physical attacks with cold
    – you are not vulnerable to fire, but can not have double resist or immunity
    30 level:
    – grants double cold resistance
    – you can not have fire immunity
    40 level:
    – reduce malus to stealth and movement
    – no more fire resist limitations
    50 level: grants cold immunity
  • Rogue class:
    Create Poison: rarely isolate a nutrious substance.
    Stair Creation: you’ve become tired after building stairs and it reduce your satiation a bit.
    Cloak of Changement: also makes you walk faster for a short while.
    Hide Tracks (former Create Traps): now also prevents you from leaving scent for monsters to track you.
    Far Escape: require nutrition
    Trick or Treat (former Summon Monsters): challenge gods for a bet – they summon a rival to you and for such daring they rewards you with a blessing.
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PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 4 & 5

– Make blast damage constant
– Fix fire-till-kill freezing client if base delay factor is too high by disabling spell/shooting animations while fire-till-kill is ongoing
– Fix ICY_AURA effect
– Bring back missing unique kill chat messages
– Fix keymap by spell/casting by spell name when not all books in inventory have learned spells
– Add missing LEVITATE flag to ancient dragons
– Fix disturbance preventing any form of casting or shooting
– Fix death vortex melee dice
– Fix get_item_by_name()

Please update the client

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Hungry tree? Fly to water!

Hunger and water

  • Now it’s possible to drink from any source of water; it will give some satiation to keep you alive, but won’t make you fed (more info will be added to the guide soon);
  • New water types: SHALLOW_WATER, BAD_WATER, FOUL_WATER (+to common WATER);
  • SLOW DIGESTION won’t be generated on magic items;
  • Racial food replaced by less powerful one and players got extra Satisfy Hunger scrolls from classes choice;
  • Scrap of Flesh food become less spoiled;
  • Stomach Water don’t make you starving anymore.


  • Animals and wood monsters can pass trees;
  • Added NO_PASS_TREE flag which prevent monsters to pass trees. Some multiplying animals can’t pass through the thick forest;
  • Druid and ranger classes and ent race can pass trees;
  • FEATHER allow some chance to pass trees if you are 35+ lvl.


  • New property – FLYING: for now it allows to pass trees;
  • It can be found on a special ring or rarely on magic boots or cloak;
  • Flying requre solid ground at the bottom, while FEATHER property works in the air (slowing fall) or help you to stay above the water.


  • Protection from amnesia (PROT_ and TMD_OPP flags);
  • New FORGET_LEVEL effect – makes player forget level surroundins (return back “fog of war”);
  • Beholder race and mindcrafter class are immune to amnesia.


Continue reading

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 3

– Rework whole first_escape system so it properly works as intended
– Stop fire-till-kill when monster is actually killed

Please update the client

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PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 2

– Split player information into two lines in do_cmd_check_players()
– Always generate FEAT_DIRT when digging a wall
– Attach “light” parameter and WASSLIT flag to player instead of being global to the cave
– Prevent NO_DEATH monsters from being moved at all
– Fix crash in post_turn_game_loop() when refreshing the view of a dead player
– No auto-retaliating after a clear request is temporary disabled (until first_escape system is reworked)

Please update client

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An unexpected feast

New Tolkien’s inspired food:

    • Cram Bread
    • Petty-dwarf roots
    • Salted Pork from Isengard
    • Elvish wine
    • Cold chicken
    • Maggoty bread
    • Flagon of mead
    • One Ring Cake
    • Stolen mushrooms
    • Elvish water
    • Apple of Youth
    • Pipe-weed (not really food, but.. 🙂
  • Now most of dungeon bosses drop different food (rebalancing in process);
  • New mushroom flavours: red, orange, pink, beige;
  • Some polishing of existing food;
  • Halfling, Demonic, Gargoyle got Black Breath resist;
  • Undead, Vampire, Wraith, Golem got Black Breath immunity;
  • Less hunger drain from BB;
  • “Ration of Food” generation chance reduced;
  • Removed “Ration of Food” from classes gifts;
  • Light resistant monster’s rebalance;
  • Monsters: SRES_Light flag (minor resistance);
  • Monsters: SRES and RES electricity and acid;
  • NO_DROP flag which prevents items from dropping;
  • Now you can’t drop some newborn items, eg Remove Hunger (tattered) scolls;
  • Sorcerer’s Dig spell buffed;
  • Unbeliever can not use Magic Devices, but can see invisible at close range;
  • Healing and *Healing* potions now also give 1 turn resist from confusion;
  • DM can drop items inside of other player’s houses;
  • fix CHR bonus appeared on truearts and nazgul’s rings;
  • hotfix for dead player’s location crush;
  • fixed wrong satiation loss from experience drain attacks.

Please update client to see new food properly.

Note that some food which bosses drop may look not so good at first glance. But actually it’s useful, you just need to think how to consume it 😉

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