During you childhood, you heard many rumours of unique weapons of great or terrible deeds, here are some that you remember…

Phial of Galadriel

A small crystal phial containing the light of Earendil’s Star. Its light is imperishable, and near it darkness cannot endure.

Phial of Undeath

It appears like the Phial of Galadriel at first – but wait! It is a cursed phial created by an evil wizard to lure adventurers into wielding it unknowingly.

Star of Elendil

The shining Star of the North, a treasured heirloom of Elendil’s house.

Arkenstone of Thrain

A great globe seemingly filled with moonlight, the famed Heart of the Mountain. It splinters the light that falls upon it into ten thousand sparks of white radiance shot with glints of the rainbow.

Swords and Daggers


Forged by Telchar, greatest of Dwarven smiths, and used by Beren to gouge a Silmaril out of Morgoth’s crown, this long chopping dagger slices through ordinary metal as easily as its name, “Iron Cleaver”, suggests.


Instead of a blade, a flame seems to emerge from this dagger’s hilt.


From the hilt of this dagger springs not so much a blade as an icicle.


In this dagger is bound the very force of lightning.

of Rilia

A large stiletto dagger that glistens with odorless poison, to which the wearer seems oddly immune.


A frosty dagger wreathed in a nimbus of ice with a hilt of elk horn and an edge to wound the wind.

‘Rust In Peace’

Despite its name, this dagger will never rust.

of Azaghal

Azaghal, Dwarf-king of Beregost, fell before Glaurung in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. With his final breath, Azaghal plunged this blade into Glaurung’s belly with such a blow that the Father of Dragons fled the field with all his kin, and was at first believed to be mortally wounded.

of Maedhros

A short thrusting blade with a large guard worn by the eldest son of Feanor, Maedhros the Tall, who lost his right hand while escaping from Angband.


A slender, tapered needle of ice that coldly grips its impaled prey.

‘Careth Asdriag’

An heirloom of the dauntless Lords of Rhыn far to the east, and a name of dismay to creatures natural and unnatural.


“I will give you a name, and I shall call you Sting.” The perfect size for Bilbo, and stamped forever by the courage he found in Mirkwood, this sturdy little blade grants the wearer combat prowess and survival abilities he did not know he had.


A stubby blade worn by Beren, whose horn sounded of old in the glades of Brethil.


Famed sea-defender of Lebennin. A short, slightly curved chopping blade with a perfect edge shining cleanly in the sun, an object of hate to the men of Umbar who met it in combat.


Companion to Orcrist and Glamdring, and like them long lost, this sword is continually covered in tiny arcs of captive lightning that flash and dance eerily in the globes of light they create.


A damascened scimitar that hefts with wondrous ease. Famed in song as the “Sickle of Harad”, and a deadly foe to the undead.


The weapon of Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor; it shines like a column of ice lit by light unquenchable. Morgoth came but unwillingly to meet it of old; his lame foot will remind him of its might should he face it again.


The famed “Flame of the West”, the Sword that was Broken and is forged again. It glows with the essence of fire, its wearer is mighty in combat, and no creature of Sauron can withstand it.


Forged of meteoric iron by Eol the Dark Elf, and as deadly as any other blade he forged.


The “Singing Blade”, whose wearer can slay Orcs and Trolls in the hidden and secret places of the earth.

of Angmar

Dark flames wreath the naked steel of the Witch-King of Angmar. A mighty curse to all those who wield it apart from its master, the torture of the wraithworld awaits those who dare.


The beautiful sword of Thingol, justly named “King’s Ire”. It glistens icy enough to freeze the hearts of demons, and you feel supple and lightfooted as you clasp its hilt of gold and silver inlay.


This fiery, shining blade, mate to Orcrist, earned its sobriquet “Beater” from dying orcs who dared to behold hidden Gondolin.


This coldly gleaming blade, mate to Glamdring, is called simply “Biter” by orcs who came to know its power all too well.


This sword has runes of power incused on its ornate hilt, and a single blood channel that gleams coldly blue as you grasp this mighty weapon of peril.

of Eowyn

The blade of the legendary Shieldmaiden of Rohan, who slew the foul steed of the Morgul-lord before striking down the mighty Witch-king himself, whom no mortal man could hinder.


An utterly perfect, cleanly chiseled sword, with a edge that effortlessly slices rock and bone, and spells to render the wearer light and nimble. It is combat incarnate.


A giant sword once wielded by mighty Turin, and an even greater dragonbane; for what worm could stand against the blade that bathed in Glaurung’s blood?


Runes dark and deadly stand stark against the naked steel of this awesome weapon, and you feel a wrathful power of slaying and rending as you slowly approach.

‘Icon of Life’

A sacred artifact to defend life rather than to threaten it.


A giant’s weapon, with a long blade tall and straight thrusting out from a massive double-pronged hilt. On its blade are written doomspells against both the living and undead.


This weapon of wrath, wrought by a desperate berserker gang, dives hungrily into the yielding flesh of your enemies. You yourself fall under the shadow of death even as you inflict wounds that will not heal.

‘Hunger Strike’

A mighty sword which seems to be completely blunt. However, it is a conduit into the realms of pure chaos and strikes its victims with the devastating might of chaos itself whenever it connects.

Blunt Weapons

of Gothmog

A great crackling Balrog’s whip of flame, this weapon could bring even Ungoliant to heel.


A powerful whip that is deadly against orcs and poisons foes.

of Fundin Bluecloak

The weapon of a mighty dwarven priest, whose shade is rumoured to haunt the halls of Angband still.


You feel strong and firm of foot as you whip its spiked orb around and bathe it in the blood of your foes.


A famed battle-lord of old with a head as ruddy as embers that can yet rise up in wrath.


A flail whose head befuddles those who stare as you whirl it round and becomes a fiery comet as you bring it down.


The long-lost weapon of Kzurin, Dwarven champion of ancient Belegost. Runes of strength adorn its handle, and flames and sparks roar and crackle around its massive head.


A great ridged mace that surrounds you with a nimbus of living lightning. You remain utterly untouched, even as fat sparks crackle around your fingers and eyebrows.


Once wielded by the High Priest of Meneltarma, this great mace gleams coldly as though moonlit, and can strike equally mighty spiritual and physical blows.


This mighty bludgeon brings destruction to all around it, and is the bane of dragons and magic.


Named for a fiery star and set with priceless gems bearing mystic auras of protection and thought.


The radiant golden staff of an Istar of legend, this wizard’s companion grants keen sight and clear knowledge of many hidden things.

of Olуrin

A staff tall and sturdy, borne of old by Gandalf. Rough-hewn runes that invoke the element of Earth stand bold upon its gnarled surface, and no creature who lives in the shadow of mountains can withstand the blows it deals.


A powerful hammer that makes one agile and fast, with a thirst for evil and undead creatures.

‘Ars Numenis’

This hammer carries divine will to purge the unclean.


of Aule The wondrous hammer of Aule, creator of the wise Dwarven lords of old. It bears demolishing magics that no serpent or demon can withstand, and invokes the strength of mountains to ward off the tumult of the elements.


Where Quietus hits, silence follows.


A weapon so massive it seems beyond the strength of mortals, yet you feel the might of giants within you as you heft it. As you grip the handle of ebony and steel, coronas of fire blaze, and mighty spells to preserve magic surge around you. You wield the Fear of Dragons and the Despair of the Undead!

‘Skull Splitter’

Whatever the foe, if it has a skull it better watch out.




The mighty spear of Gil-galad, famed as “Snow-point” in the songs of Elves. Against it, all the foul corruptions of Sauron dashed in vain.

of Orome

The thrusting spear of wise Orome the Vala, strong against giants of frost, and able to pierce rock or flesh with ease.


A thin spike of thrice-forged steel caps a straight silvan shaft cut from a legendary tree, and spells to break the wills of the undead and strike cold into the breasts of your enemies lay upon this perfectly balanced spear.

of Melkor

A mighty, heavy black spear, once wielded by the Lord of Darkness himself as he came to Valinor in wrath. Its envenomed bite pierced the Two Trees with wounds that would not heal.


This spear never misses when it comes to giving the final blow.

of Wrath

A massive triple-pronged spear, so great it normally requires two hands to wield, evoking the spirit of Osse who with it pierced legions of evil and undead.

of Ulmo

The awesome weapon of the Vala Ulmo, Lord of Waters. Mightiest of all the powers of good save Manwe himself, Ulmo laughs to scorn the dread powers of the undead, and is utterly in command of the Element of water.


Lordly and tall did Osondir stand against the wrath of giants, and clear-eyed in barrows fell, wielding a halberd glowing ruby red.


Within this long two-handed spear dwell the spirits of frost giants and fire demons, who war forever, fettered by sorcerous binds.


An axe of amok, cracking skulls and splitting torsos, causing mad terror and showing no mercy to anything in its way.

of Theoden

The narrow axe head of this weapon would pierce the armour of a very Dragon, and the designs of your enemies stand naked and revealed.

of Hurin

Wielded by Hurin Thalion, last lord of Dor-Lуmin at the Battle of Tears Unnumbered. He stood alone, his friends and kinsmen dead about him, his axe smoking in the black blood of Gothmog’s troll-guard. No less than seventy times, as he slew his foes, did he utter his mighty war-cry: “Aure entuluva!” – “Day shall come again!”


A royal heirloom of the southern coast, strong in combat against the evil creatures of earth.


Forged by the dwarves of Khazad-dum in a time of desperation, this axe turned many a battle against the invading orcs.

of Balli Stonehand

The twin blades of this weapon were forged in Belegost, and powerful forces to resist and endure lie ready for he who shall wield it once more.


A superbly crafted double-bladed axe once borne by Ceruthain, commander of the Rangers of Arnor.

of Dain Ironfoot

The axe that beheaded Azog, Orc king of Moria. He stood over the fallen body of Brand, King of Dale, during the War of the Rings. Valiant till the very end. Baruk Khazad!


A massive axe with twin razor-sharp heads, so large that it usually requires two hands to wield, with spells to ward off the elements intricately engraved upon its surface in filleted gold.

of Durin

The twin massive axe heads of this ancient demon’s dread gleam with mithril inlay telling sagas of endurance. The powers of Khazad-dыm protect its wielder and slay all evils found underground.

of Eonwe

The axe of Eonwe, leader of the Hosts of the West in the War of Wrath, strikes with icy wrath at the undead, disperses hosts of evil at a word, and grants Maia-like powers of body and mind.


Holding elemental powers whose struggles turn this weapon red and purest white, this shining reaper bears within it a power of going forth and returning.

of Pain

The massive cleaver that crowns this glaive glows blood-red and black; fell spells of annihilation swirl and dance as you swing death’s myrmidon down.

of the Eorlingas

“Forth Eorlingas!” To the field of Celebrant, Eorl the Young came beyond hope to save beleaguered Gondor, and from his lance fled massive trolls and dire wolves.


This radiating and beautifully shaped weapon was carried down to earth in the southern regions by a mighty guardian of the skies.


This flashing and beautifully shaped weapon was carried down to earth in the northern regions by a mighty guardian of the skies.

‘Soul Reaver’

from their bodies. Which champion dares to wield it trying to resist its corruption? Merely looking at this otherworldly artifact fills your heart with terror.

‘Razor Sharp’

A sickle gleaming with unmatched sharpness.


This huge mace was forged by the storm giants and grants its wearer the power of lightning, letting him strike as fast as the wind.

Missile Weapons


of the Halflings

have expected. In fact there is no fault to be found in balance or power.

of Lamfada

Wielded by Lugh, hero of the skies, this sling will match the skill of even the greatest of fighters.

of Amrod

One of a pair of hunting bows once belonging to Feanor’s two youngest sons. The bows are like and yet unlike, much as the twin brothers were.

of Amras

One of a pair of hunting bows once belonging to Feanor’s two youngest sons. The bows are like and yet unlike, much as the twin brothers were.


The great bow of Beleg Cuthalion, the most famous archer of the Elves. Its backbone of black yew holds strings of bear sinew, and of old, only Beleg himself could draw them.

of Bard

The great yew bow of grim-faced Bard, who shot the mightiest arrow that songs record.


A slim hunting bow of unique design and with enchantments protecting its user against the elements of nature.

of Domination

This large bow is surrounded by wild flashes of ethereal blue and red fire and subdues even the most terrifying beasts of hell.


A crossbow that grants fiery speed to its finder, and imbues its bolts with flame unquenchable.

of Umbar

A great brazen arbalest with arms of gleaming steel. It shoots quarrels with mighty power for those brave enough to risk betrayal.

of the Goblins

A black crossbow that shimmers white here and then.

of the Uruk-Hai

A tool to cut down elves, humans and dwarves and all enemies of Mordor with relentless force.



of Bard

A dark black arrow with which Bard took down Smaug, the Golden.


A powerful arrow that is feared by even the mightiest demons.

of Gondor

An arrow that was created to rid the Gondor of its enemies.


An unerring, ever-returning arrow that belonged to Beleg Cuthalion.


A bolt imbued with the powers of the elements.


A bolt that eats through any armour and bites sharply into the flesh.

of Thunder

A bolt that electrocutes its targets and leaves them stunned.

of Moon-Stone

A mysterious shard that fell down from heaven.


‘Giver of Sleep’ covered with fields of red grass, its origin is a mystery.

Digging Tools


of the Miner

The miner’s best friend.

of Fast Digging

A nice shovel of gnomish origin, perfect for finding treasures fast.

of Khazad-Dum

The perfect companion of any self-respecting dwarf.

of Erebor

A fine dwarven pick, good for a miner, and suitable as a weapon should the wielder ever tunnel through into a foe’s stronghold.

of the Elven Ranger

The pick from the heroic tale of escaping through a staircase hidden by walls and inaccessible if not for this trusted tool.

of Azog

The pick of Azog, which granted him strength and stamina.

of Nain

A mighty Dwarven mattock, as good for hewing orc-necks as for hewing stone. Nain, King of the Iron Hills, brought his mattock-wielding warriors to the Battle of Azanulbizar, and no Orc could withstand them, although Nain himself fell before their lord Azog.



of Nevrast

Footgear made of bear leather and set with opals, which grant the wearer silent, hasted movement.

of Feanor

This wondrous pair of leather boots once sped Feanor, creator of the Silmarils and the mightiest of the Eldar, to fulfil his hero’s challenge and do battle for a Middle-Earth held in thrall. “Dear-bought those songs shall be accounted, and yet shall be well-bought. For the price could be no other.”


A pair of high-laced shoes, bestowing extraordinary agility and proof against the powers of corruption and withering.

of Wormtongue

A pair of running shoes once used by the treacherous Grнma son of Galmуd, the Wormtongue of Edoras. They are aptly suited for a messenger, a servant, a spy… or a coward.

of Radagast

Made of brown leather, covered with scuff marks and dust, still these boots possess the magic of Radagast, friend of birds and nature.

of Gimli

A set of iron-shod boots stamped by Gimli’s combat prowess, a peerless ally to those journeying through halls of stone under mountains.

of Thrуr

Dwarven king-in-exile who wore them.


And they hewed off Gelmir’s hands and feet, and his head last, within sight of the Elves, and left him. By ill chance there stood Gwindor of Nargothrond, the brother of Gelmir. Now his wrath was kindled to madness, and he leapt forth on horseback, and many riders with him; and they pursued the heralds and slew them, and drove on deep into the main host.

That Were Forgotten

No one knows who once forgot these shoes, but they surely endured ages.

Helmets and Crowns


of Thranduil

The hunting cap of King Thranduil, to whose ears come all the secrets of his forest domain.


A unappearent leather cap with surprising abilities.

of Thengel

A ridged helmet made of steel and embossed with scenes of valour in fine- engraved silver. It grants the wearer nobility and understanding.

of Celebrimbor

A metal cap forged by the greatest Noldorin smith of the Second Age, this helm serves equally well in battle or at the forge, and its enchantment will never be diminished.

of Dor-Lуmin

The legendary Dragon-helm, forged by one of the legendary Dwarven smiths of the First Age. The visage of mighty Glaurung forms its crest, and the mere sight of the helm, borne by Turin Turambar, struck dread into the hearts of the servants of Morgoth.


A famous forged iron helm granting extraordinary powers of mind and awareness.

of Gorlim

A headpiece, gaudy and barbaric, that betrayed a warrior when he most needed succor.

of Knowledge

This helm, designed by Petty-Dwarves ages ago to act as the brain of a long lost project, is made of finest glass. Its light banishes all secrets, and makes audible whispers from the deceased.

of Hammerhand

A great helm, as steady and as distinctive as the hero of the Westdike. Many long months was Helm Hammerhand besieged in the Hornburg, yet he strode out time and again among his foes and slew many. Although they knew of his coming, none could stand against him.


With the helm ‘Lebohaum’ your head is safe!

of Durin

A helm wrought with the image of what Durin saw when he first gazed into the Kheled-zaram. Passed down to each Lord of Khazad-dum, till Durin III was slain. Found by Balin son of Fundin, Uzbadkhazaddumu, the last Lord of Moria.

of Beruthiel

The midnight-hued steel circlet of the sorceress-queen Beruthiel. It grants extraordinary powers of sight and awareness at a terrible physical cost.

‘Veridis Quo’

This radiating and impervious head gear will ensure that its wearer will see nothing but the very truth.

of Gondor

From dying Numenor, Elendil brought this shining winged circlet, emblem of Gondor through an age of the world.

of Numenor

A massive golden crown, set with wondrous jewels of thought and warding, once worn by the kings of ancient Numenor.

Light Armour


of Incanus

Gandalf’s long, flowing robe. It provides insight and allows the wearer to see things not seen by all.

of Piety

A traditional monk’s clothing, made for improving meditation and also worn while serving repentance.


Familiar with the secret ways hidden in darkness, this leather cuirass is truly more than it appears.

of Scarlet

Order aids every zealot in his struggle against the unholy forces.

of the Sandworm

This powerful piece of armour was made using the remains of the Sandworm Queen.

of the Winds

A leather armour that lifts its wearer’s body and soul up to ride on the winds, rendering him immune to any adverse effects of wind and weather.

of Himring

In this studded cuirass of pliable leather lives the memory of unvanquished Himring, defiant fortress surrounded by the legions of Morgoth.


An amazingly light tunic and skirt sewn with thick, overlapping scales of hardened leather. Those who wear it move with agility and assurance.

Heavy Armour


of Trone

The flying suit of Trone. It protects the user from fire and imps are said to be less annoying with this on.

of Flare

The flying suit of Flare, very powerful armour that protects the wearer from cold, but prevents teleportation.

of Arvedui

A hauberk, leggings, and sleeves of interlocking steel rings, well padded with leather. You feel as strong and tall as Arvedui, last king of Arnor, as you put it on.

of Bart, the Old Gladiator

This chain mail has endured many many fights!

of Caspanion

A hauberk, leggings, and sleeves of interlocking steel rings, strategically reinforced at vital locations with a second layer of chain. Magics to enhance body and mind lie within, and no door can bar the wearer’s path.

of White Ore

Made of white ore this mighty armour has a surface hard as diamond and cold as ice.

of the Rohirrim

Small steel plates cover an inner layer of sturdy canvas, and both metal and cloth bear scenes of hunting and war. As you don the armour of Eorl the Young, matchless in combat, you feel his spirit surround you.

of the Wyrm Hunter

The armour of the Wyrm Hunter. His whereabouts are unknown.


An armour of thick gleaming layers of steel that appears utterly impenetrable. Powerful engraved runes ornate arm and leg protectors.

of Isildur

A gleaming steel suit covering the wearer from neck to foot, with runes of warding and stability deeply engraved into its surface.

of Ebonite

Made of this rare black ore this mighty armour has an extraordinarily hard surface. It also seems to absorb any form of energy.


This wondrous shirt of fine-linked chain shimmers before your eyes like light upon a rippling sea, the gems on it glittering like stars, the sound of the rings when shaken like the tinkle of rain in a pool. It stands untouched amidst the fury of the elements, and blows seem strangely less powerful.

of Celeborn

A shimmering suit of true-silver, forged long ago by dwarven smiths of legend. It gleams with purest white as you gaze upon it, and mighty are its powers to protect and banish.


A suit of imperishable adamant with unconquerable strength to endure evil and disruptive magics. It protects the life force of its wearer as nothing else can.




A cape worn by a hero from Valinor, a land utterly beyond the strife of Elements.


This elven-grey mantle possesses great powers of tranquillity and concealment, and grants the wearer the knowledge and understanding of the Sindar.

of Thingol

A translucent cloak of pearly grey with glowing, energized Elven runes showing calm and clear as moonlight on still water.

of Thorongil

This shimmering cloak of greens and browns was once worn by the young Aragorn, a keen-eyed captain of Rohan and Gondor, valiant on both land and sea.


A crystal-blue cape of fine silk worn by a silent messenger of the forces of Law. Seldom will its wearer be diverted from his mission.

of the Druedain

The fabled cloak of the Druedain that will protect those who wear it from darkness and poison attacks. It also aids in the seeing of warm blooded creatures.

of Luthien

The opaque midnight folds of this cloak, inlaid with a multitude of tiny diamonds, swirl around you, and you feel a hint, a fragment of the restorative magics of Luthien, the most beautiful being who ever knew death.

of Tuor

The great cloak given to Tuor by the Dweller in the Deep. As you wrap yourself from head to foot the words of Ulmo echo: “Thus thou shalt walk under my shadow”.

Gloves and Gauntlets



A hero’s handgear that lends great prowess in battle.


These gloves glow so brightly as to light the way for the wearer and cast magical bolts with great frequency.

‘Soul Grip’

Sacred gloves of an archpriest whose name is not remembered.


A set of gauntlets that smoulder with an unnatural heat.


A set of handgear, freezing with unnatural cold.


A set of handgear with sparks that crackle across its knuckleguards.


A set of gauntlets that give off a foul, acrid odour yet remain untarnished.


A pair of weakening gauntlets, named after Beren, who returned to Thingol having lost to Carcharoth the hand that clasped a Silmaril.

of Eol

The iron-shod gauntlets of the Dark Elven smith Eol, who imbued them with magics he could channel in battle.

‘Wrath Verge’

Gauntlets that convert the wielder’s anger to strength in combat.

of Fingolfin

The hand-sheathing of Fingolfin, the Elven warrior-king, who dealt Morgoth seven mighty wounds and pain that will last until the end of Arda.

of Sir Robin

When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled…

of the Warlock

The alchemist’s best friend.



of Elros

The shield of Elros Tar-Minyatur, founder of Numenor. Granted long life by the Valar, even his shield became imbued with power.

of Thorin

Invoking the strength and endurance of Thorin, King under the Mountain, this little metal shield is proof against the Element of Earth.

of Celegorm

This shield emblazoned with a multitude of creatures unseen for ages once protected Celegorm, Lord of Himlad; around it, a mystic balance lies, containing the conflicts of the elements.

of the Haradrim

The painted shield of a chieftain of Far Harad, gaudy and barbaric. Its wielder will fear nothing and fight with unnatural strength, but also draw attention to himself.

of Anarion

The great metal-bound shield of Elendil’s younger son Anarion, whom even Sauron could not corrupt.

of Earendil

A shining shield wrought for Earendil Half-Elven, son of Tuor and Idril, “scored with runes to keep all wounds and harm from him”.

of Gil-galad

The legendary shield of Ereinion Gil-galad, who fought his way to the gates of the Dark Tower, and with whom came light even to Gorgoroth.

‘Mirror of Glory’

A shield of radiant mithril. Spells of protection flashing across its surface, there is not a single dent in it. Its wielder will fear little, but also draw attention to himself.



of Barahir

Twinned serpents with eyes of emerald meet beneath a crown of flowers to form this ring, an ancient treasure of Isildur’s house.

of Tulkas

The treasure of Tulkas, most fleet and wrathful of the Valar.


The Ring of Fire, made of gold and set with a ruby that glows like flame. Narya is one of the three Rings of Power created by Celebrimbor and hidden by the Elves from Sauron.


The Ring of Adamant, made of mithril with a pure white stone as centrepiece. Nenya is one of the three Rings of Power created by Celebrimbor and hidden by the Elves from Sauron.


The Ring of Sapphire, made of gold with a brilliant blue gem that shines like stars. It glitters untouchable despite all that Morgoth ever wrought. Vilya is one of the three Rings of Power created by Celebrimbor and hidden by the Elves from Sauron.

‘The One Ring

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” Made of massive gold, and inscribed with hidden runes in the foul speech of Mordor, Isildur’s Bane possesses powers so great that it inevitably twists and masters any mortal being who wears it.



of Carlammas

A fiery circle of bronze, with mighty spells to ward off and banish evil.

of Ingwe

The ancient heirloom of Ingwe, high lord of the Vanyar, against whom nothing of evil could stand.

of the Dwarves

The Nauglamнr, a carcanet of gold set with a multitude of shining gems of Valinor. The radiant Silmaril of Feanor hangs in its midst as its crowning glory. The sturdy spirits of Dwarvish craftsmen who laboured long in mountain smithies lie within it still, and as gossamer it rests upon the bearer.


A green stone, imbued with the power of Elvendom and the light of the Sun. Those who gaze through it see the aged and infirm as young again, and its wearer brings healing after victory in battle.


A plain white jewel, given by Queen Arwen to Frodo Baggins before his return to the Shire.

‘Toris Mejistos’

A blue stone, with an incredible number of small runes of power on it. It carries many secrets.

of Maglor

A red jewel, one of the two Silmarils that were reclaimed by the last sons of Feanor after the War of Wrath. If the Silmaril taken by Maedhros was lost forever into a fiery pit, this Silmaril, once held by Maglor and thrown away into a deep sea, was later found and mounted as a necklace. But beware… Though this amulet will grant the wearer great powers, it will still carry the original Feanorian curse!

Dragon Scale Mails


‘Black Heart’

An armour made of a black dragon’s hide, containing some of this beast’s powers.

‘Blue Heart’

A piece of dragon hide fashioned into an armour, shimmering bright blue.

‘White Heart’

An armour fashioned from dragon hide, glistening the white of snow.

‘Red Heart’

The skin of a dragon made into a suit of armour. It glows a bright red and radiates heat.

‘Green Heart’

A suit of armour fashioned of dragon hide. It is dirty green and smells awful.


A massive suit of heavy dragon scales deeply saturated with many colors. It throbs with angry energies, and you feel the raw elemental might of untamed Lightning as you put it on.

‘Shimmering Heart’

A powerful armour made of dragonhide. It glows red, blue, green, black and white.

‘Shadow Heart’

A suit of armour made of dragon hide, glowing with a strange light, or is it darkness?

‘Law Heart’

A piece of dragonhide cut and shaped so it can be worn as armour. The scales are very sharp, and the roaring of a storm seems to come from it, but you’re not afraid of either.

‘Gold Heart’

A suit of golden-hued armour made of dragonhide. The rustle of its scales occasionally increases to a loud boom.

‘Chaos Heart’

A suit of armour made of dragon hide. It glows in colours you have never seen before. As you put it on, you feel like you could change the world and are no longer afraid of your equipment losing its magic.


A great suit of dragon hide, set with scales of many hues. Even the mightiest wyrms of Law and Chaos fear the judgement of its wearer.


An adamant suit with scales of every colour. Untrammelled powers elemental and ethereal swirl around it in an inextricably intermingled nimbus.

Quest artifacts


Mighty Hammer ‘Grond’

The mighty Hammer of the Underworld, blackened by doomspells of shattering. Its wielder holds the lives of all Morgoth’s servants in his hand.

Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth

this plain iron crown has mounted upon it the two remaining Silmarils, greatest treasures of Middle-Earth.

of Seven League

Walking above ground in mid-air, the wearer of these silvery feather spangled boots resists the influence of gravity.

‘Ocean Soul’

Woven by the Noldor to honour the Valar Ulmo, mild ruler of the endless sea. This cloak allows its wearer to travel over the sea without need for a ship and at the same time protect him from the wrath of unleashed waves.

of Finwe

Finely woven silk gloves of the first high king of the Noldor, friend of Thingol, who lead his people on the journey from Middle-earth to Valinor.


Gleaming steel, brass-shod with flashes of light running over its surface, this shield is astonishingly heavy and not easy to handle.


A foul, twisted sword with blackened spines and knobs, its very name is a curse upon the lips of Elves and Men. It is said that it will drink the very lifeblood of its wielder.


Its creator didn’t believe in much, but he knew all about pain.


It will crush your enemies to pulp.

of the Black Ninja

The fastest way to kill weak enemies.

‘Crystal Heart’

A suit of armour made of the hide of a dead crystal drake.

‘Silver Heart’

A suit of armour made of the hide of a dead silver dragon.

‘Ethereal Heart’

A suit of armour made of the hide of a dead ethereal drake.

‘Heart of Basil’

A suit of armour made of the hide of a dead dracolisk.

of Havoc

A long sceptre crowned with a ram’s skull, imbued with magic allowing you to sense evil and to unleash devastating forces on your foes. A white glow emanates from its hollow eyes as you channel its powers.

‘Cobalt Focus’

A stick of white marbled wood with a small blue crystal embedded at the top which resembles a perfect globe showing no trace of inclusions and shines in every glimpse of light it catches.

of Hellfire

The ebony staff crowned by three rubies, which evoked the hellraiser’s power.

of Rohan

A horn carved from the bones of the Dragon of Ered-Mithrin, this heirloom of the House of Eorl bestows to its user the gifts of courage and command.

of Helm

Heedless of cold, fearless of darkness — besiegers fled at the wind of the solitary coming of King Helm Hammerhand, proclaimed by a single horn-blast in the dead of winter.

of Boromir

Boromir’s horn gives courage and endurance to the wearer, provided he does not wish to travel in secrecy: for it must always sound when its wielder sets forth on a journey. “Loud and clear it sounds in the valleys of the hills… and then let all the foes of Gondor flee!”

‘Water Heart’

A suit of armour made of the hide of a dead water dragon.

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