Tangaria has potions, spell books, wands, staffs, rods, activate-able items, melee weapons, ranged weapons, and whatnot. They’re meant to be used, for crying out loud! It can take a while to get used to using all the different types of items, but they work best when used in concert. For those able to use magic devices, rods wands and staves can be very useful when your mana is running low, and allow you access to spells that may not normally be available to your class.

Players may not be inclined to carry multiples of an item, or do so in a limited quantity, perhaps due to weight encumbrance concerns. Don’t be afraid to carry a LOT of an item, particularly the basics — food, light, projectiles, cure potions, “run away” scrolls, etc. Don’t be afraid to MAX OUT important items! Some monsters will steal or destroy your items, so it’s worth carrying additional quantities of key items – such as Scrolls of Recall or important spell/prayer books. This becomes very important when you reach dungeon levels in which monsters develop fire and acid-based attacks. Mages and priests tend to start out with low strength, and so are very limited in how much stuff they can carry, so consider carrying additional copies of the spellbooks that you know you can’t afford to lose during a fight.

Common fallacy: you find an incredibly powerful Staff of Mighty BOOM! (3 charges), or a single Potion of become Chuck Norris, and then you keep carrying it around and never actually use it. It could be a life insurance, but you might still reconsider your strategy: maybe you’ve become too careful lately (Tangaria rewards deliberate risk-taking, after all). Or maybe you should just sell the thing and invest the money into something you do use.

Don’t be afraid to buy from the “blackmarket”. Sure the prices are more expensive than the other stores, but it tends to offer a good selection of items and it can be worth the gold versus not having it in the dungeon. You can always get more gold, but the RNG is random. It’s just another store — don’t worry about the name. The blackmarket is may become a good source of valuable consumables, so it’s worth checking it each time you visit the town – and try to have enough gold to purchase potions for the most important properties  for your character.


Item Collecting

Its easy to stockpile, but you’ll run out of space VERY quickly. Further, what was useful may not be useful now and what’s useful now may not be useful later.

Inventory full of standard items and found a magical one? Toss a standard one and pick it up. Got a lot of magical and found an ego item? Toss a magical one. As your character progresses and you continue to dive you will find better classes of items. If you can differentiate even by pseudo-ID, don’t be afraid to toss the less valuable stuff to make room, so you can continue diving.

This is particularly important while diving. If you let a full inventory be a limiting factor, you won’t be able to get to dungeon boss as if you are willing to discard items along the way — even if they would have fetched a decent value. Remember, magic is usually worth still more than standard, and ego is usually worth more than magic…

💰Why I can not sell anything in the town?
In Tangaria your character can’t sell items to NPC, but at the same time, you got the additional significant gold drop at the dungeon. Don’t worry, this system is well balanced and you would have enough gold to carry on. At the same time, you are welcome to trade with other players!

Where to get good items?
If a monster drops an item, it can be anything. Really. You may find rare spellbooks on illiterate Trolls, and jellies may drop artifact weapons. Some rare monsters, like powerful dragons, will carry good or even exceptional objects — but still, the dungeon level is the most important factor. What was “exceptional” on dungeon level 8 will probably be rather uninteresting on level 30.

For every single item, there is a tiny chance that it will be an artifact. This might seem slim, but considering the number of monsters you will slay, it soon adds up. If you work through a large room full of orcs, there’s about a quite solid chance that you’ll discover at least one artifact among the carnage. Artifacts typically have impressive statistics and an ability that can be activated.

🗡️What does mean the last two numbers in weapons eg Long Sword (2d6) (+3,+4)?
The first number (+3) is hit chance; the second (+4) is a damage bonus.

📃How to identify items and equipment? Where can I buy research scrolls for {??} items?
Equipment – just wear/wield it; if it’s possible – try to Activate them. For other items: aim magic wands, Use staves, zap rods. Consumables could be used to identify the flavour. Also you could buy Identify scrolls in town (black market occasionally sell them cheaper then Decard Coin). Check the guide section for more details.

👁️‍How to ID rod/wand/staff? When I read ID scroll it won’t work on it

ID scroll works only on wearable items; all other stuff could be IDed by using.

🤷🏿‍♂️How do I know that the item is the artifact? How to distinguish true artifact and randart?
True artifacts (truarts) are special unique items that can be on the server in just one exemplar. There are also randards – randomly generated artifacts. All artifacts got a special name, eg The Long Sword ‘Elvagil’, where Elvagil is the name of the artifact. To distinguish them: true arts have special fictional description, randarts don’t. Also you could try to put artifact to a house; you won’t be able to drop on the house floor true artifact.

🤷🏽‍♀️So artifacts are not allowed to be stored in houses, right?
Yep, you could store there only ‘random’ ones.

Do we have true art expiration system? Like after n-days true art will dissapear?
Yes, we have a true art expiration system, it’s called “dying”.

🎒I found an artifact and can not drop it.
You cannot drop an artifact below its BASE depth. This doesn’t mean you can drop it at the depth you find it, but at the depth corresponding to the artifact’s level. Sometimes you could find powerful OOD (out of depth) artifacts; to get rid of them, you shall go deeper to drop them.

📯I’ve found a horn and it looks like a very bad thing, no point to use it (put monsters awake)
High stealth characters might find it useful. Sometimes you want to wake up something close without having to go melee range. Horns are there for “aggravation on demand”.

🧞I’ve found a lamp which apparently contains a djinn. How to activate it?
Eject (the same button as Eat)

👘I can’t wear certain item!
Check, maybe you’ve inscribed it as !* (eg in TomeNET it doesn’t deny wearing item, in PWMA – does).

⚖️Whats are items qualities for pseudo-ID?

 'terrible'  - cursed artifact, usually bad
 'worthless' - cursed ego item
 'cursed'    - cursed item
 'broken'    - useless normal item
 'average'   - normal item
 'good'      - item with bonuses
 'excellent' - item with special powers (ego item)
 'special'   - artifact, usually good

🥶What is a weapon of freezing/burning/shocking/melting?
These weapons are “branded” with one of the four elements, cold/fire/electricity/acid (respectively). A monster that is not resistant to the branded element will take x3 base damage from any attack with that weapon.

⚔️I found ‘Dark Sword’ and ‘Magic Arrows’. What do they do?
Dark Sword: This sword emits anti-magic aura around you when wielded.
Magic Arrows: These arrows return to you when shot.
Crystals[of *]: Spellbooks for telepath.
Scroll of House Creation: expands house

🔪How do missile weapon to-hit and to-damage bonuses work?
The to-hit bonuses for using a bow can come from any source: rings, DEX, gauntlets of slaying, the bow or the arrows. But the to-damage bonus for shooting a bow come only from the arrows and the bow, so a Ring of Damage (+18) won’t help your bow damage.

🔪Why my dagger has less damage with elemental bonus than 2h weapon?
Note that, for weapon attacks, the special multiplier for the weapon (if any) does not affect the damage bonuses. This means that a dagger (1d4), even if it does x5 damage, is not as good as a two-handed sword (3d6) that does x2 damage, unless you get more swings with the dagger, or the dagger has a very high to-dam bonus.

For bow attacks, it’s vice versa – the basic multiplier for the bow and the special multiplier for the ammo (if any) both affect the damage bonuses. This makes a heavy crossbow (x4) with a high to-dam-bow very powerful, even with non-magical bolts.

✝️My priest character doesn’t feel comfortable wielding his or her weapon. Why?
Priests are penalized for wielding “non-priestly” weapons. Priests are basically restricted to blunt weapons and “blessed blades.” They should get a warning message if they wield a non-priestly weapon. Priests get a whopping to their spell failure rate (before adjustments) for wielding one of these, and also a malus to hit and damage. However, some of the more powerful artifact weapons may be worth wielding regardless of these penalties. And of course, your character can always switch weapons before praying.

😶When inspecting pile of items, it says “Owner: <name>”. Why?
Not a bug — this is because owner is recorded as id and last time when server savefile was wiped the ids changed, so it points to invalid owner — to fix this, just drop the item and pick it back.

🧰I just found a ruined chest, how to open it?
It’s ruined = opened by someone else. Deco item for your house 🙂

🤔Some items in the game priced incorrectly, like a ring of levitation (50 gold?) vs lantern (500 g!)
Note: it’s not a ring of flying, just levitation. A ring that makes you fly (hover, really) is pretty useless to adventurers going underground. The only thing it helps with is avoiding drowning when crossing water and feather falling effect; while Brass lanterns are very important! The shopkeepers know what you want and are perfectly willing to gouge you for it.

🤔Mushrooms of Shadows is pretty imba
There is nothing imbalanced there for having 10 turns of stealth at the cost of wasting one inventory slot (so putting bad effects is as good as putting them permanently ignored in the menu like all other trash).

🤔I’ve found item with the magic of endless enhancement. Not sure that such magic should be allowed. 
Enchant on activation seems powerful but it’s in fact not that good, all you can do is enchant your stuff to +9, maybe +10 and if you want more you will take hours just to go up to +15, and most of the items you find are +20 upto +30 sometimes. It’s like having healing on activation — you think it’s pwoerful but since you can use it like once every 10 minutes it isn’t that good.

I found magic Throwing Rocks {??}. But when I picked them up – they become regular..

When you buy rocks in shop they are identified but you don’t learn the rune associated with them (stunning brand), so you have to find more and throw them at mobs to learn the stunning brand rune hat’s why they first appear as {??}

What does it mean “moves +3”?

It’s like speed +3, but only when you move, not when you attack

Why is this item got +2?

It’s mod antimagic. +1 = 10%

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