ATTENTION! This document may contain spoilers, which some players could like to find out by themself.

How to start playing?
1) Download the latest version setup or archive
2) Install/unpack it and run the game client (mangclient_sdl.exe or mangclient.exe)
3) enter login and password (no need to register, you create a new account by logging)
4) create a character & enjoy the game!

Is it possible to play with Linux/OSX?
Linux client guide: https://tangaria.com/compiling/
For OSX: use VirtualBox (of any other virtualization soft).

How to enter the dungeon?
To enter the dungeon – come on the stairs and push > on keyboard (shift+. ). To go up the stairs – push <.

What does mean the last two numbers in weapons eg Long Sword (2d6) (+3,+4)?
The first number (+3) is hit chance; the second (+4) is a damage bonus.

Why I can not sell anything in the town?
In Tangaria your character can’t sell items to NPC, but at the same time, you got the additional significant gold drop at the dungeon. Don’t worry, this system is well balanced and you would have enough gold to carry on. At the same time, you are welcome to trade with other players!

Why items disappeared from the surface?

Storage house

Every dawn all items dropped to the surface will disappear (actually they are stolen by goblins). To prevent it – trade with other players only in daylight or via players’ shops. But it’s always save to put your items in your house or at the storage-house.


How to create a hotkey to drink a potion?

Let’s assign an action – to drink healing potion – when you push F1 hotkey.

  1. First push { key – to inscribe potion with the inscription:
    1. Choose a potion – Cure Light Wounds; to choose it – push a proper index-letter for it – its in front of this potion name in the list (in my case it was b)
    2. Now enter an inscription: @q1
      and push Enter.
      Explanation: this inscription means that if you would push q (quaff command), then you do not need to push an index letter-key (a-z) to choose it – you could simply push 1
  2. Then create macro hotkey; to do it:
    1. enter macro menu with = key
    2. choose ‘edit keymaps’ with k key
    3. push d – create a keymap
    4. push a key on which do you want to assign drinking potion; in our case it’s F1
    5. now enter this: q1
      Explanation: it means that when you push F1 your character would do two actions at once: q – ‘quaff’ command, 1 – to choose a potion inscribed with number 1
    6. push $ to finish entering the action
    7. push y to save keymap
    8. push b to save keymaps to file

How to save my inscriptions for all characters?
To save your inscriptions:    =   t.  Then these inscriptions would be applied automatically on this type of item, including your new characters.

How to fire a bow/throw a stone to the closest monster?

  1. insсribe ({) ammo with @f1
  2. create (= → k) the following macro:

You could shoot several times with: \ef1*tf1*tf1*tf1*tf1*t
…or you could use ‘Fire-till-kill’ – push hMore info

How to shoot to the closest monster (auto-retaliate) with a ranged weapon?
Inscribe missile launcher using the @On

How to play a mage?

1) check if you have proper (according to your class) spellbook in your inventory
2) you could browse (check which spells there) the book: push b
3) push Shift+G to learn a new spell
4) push m to cast learned spell!
5) you will acquire spell points with lvl ups which allow learning new spells

How to recall to certain locations by coordinates?
Inscribe Word of Recall scroll with #R<x,y>; for example, to recall back to town: #R0,1

Which inscription to use to get down to the dungeon?
#R<depth>, eg #R300 would teleport you to -100 depth. Please note that you do not need to use ‘-‘ (minus) at the depth (as in TomeNET).

Why when I stay in town I become without any money in some time?
There are thieves around, take care. It’s better to stay afk only at your house.

I play with a friend and do not receive exp, why?
You should have 7 lvls difference to receive exp when playing in a party with other players.

Auto-pickup inscription ‘=g’ doesn’t work properly
Known bug. This happens when you step on ammo while running. Workaround: before picking up ammo, stop running and just walk on the item to pick it up.

I felt lag/freeze when hounds breath on me
Yes, that’s the client’s latency for displaying effects. It is a configurable option. Go to the Options menu: =d ‘set base delay factor’ → lower the value (40ms by default). Usually, it’s alright to put 10 or 20ms to keep the breathing effect but lower the latency on the client. You can put 1ms if you don’t want effect at all.

I died.. How to delete a dead character?
When you die, log back to the game and choose your deceased character – the game will give you multiple options: you can delete the character or reincarnate the previous one (a roman number like I, II, III, etc would be added to your name automatically).

What is the character dump and where to find it?

Character dump is your character information which could be posted on oook ladder to share your adventures with other players. There are two ways of getting the dump:

  1. if you are alive: shift+cf
  2. if your character died: login back to character and choose in menu ‘Get a character dump’.

Dump will be stored in Tangaria/lib/user.

It’s a good habit to post your 10+ lvl characters at oook ladder, especially if they died in an interesting way. Some players prefer to post only characters 20+ lvl; but actually there are no strict rules.

Important thing is to protect your character dump after you uploaded it; otherwise, your dump will be replaced with a new one every time when you upload new dump. To be able to protect dump, you have to register at oook forum. Then after you upload dump, you will be able to ‘protect’ it with special tick below comment section (you have to protect each dump in such way).

What are these two numbers at the left bottom of the screen?
The first number is a danger of monsters; second – a quality of loot at the level.

‘Ignore’ feature doesn’t work properly; I have to ignore and then destroy item manually
All ignored items in the inventory are immediately dropped on the floor and ignored (made invisible) as long as 

1) you didn’t equip them (equipping something marks the item as “non-ignorable” so you need to destroy manually) and
2) you’re not in a town (to prevent littering)

I see flickering/redrawing when a character moves; there is a ‘black square spot’ that appears on top right corner nearby to the character when I move.

If you play with tileset – it’s the only way for now. You could play ASCII if you are annoyed by this problem.

Is there really no ‘fire-till-kill’ (FTK) mode like in TomeNET?

Yes, to use it – use ‘h’ hotkey (fire to closest target). Additional notes considering FTK & auto-retaliation:

1) option “active auto-retaliator = yes”: your character will retaliate automatically, meaning as soon as you’re in melee range of an enemy, you will attack that enemy

2) option “active auto-retaliator = no”: your character will retaliate MANUALLY, meaning as soon as you have set something as a TARGET, and that enemy comes into melee range, you will attack that enemy — this means for archers and casters that use missiles or spells, the retaliator will be active once the targeted enemy comes into melee

3) for casters or archers that DO NOT WANT retaliation at all: inscribe your weapon with ‘^O‘, this is the inscription that prevents retaliation — this is vital at low level, as stuff like the Maggot Dogs or Bullroarer are fast, and you want to use phase + ranged against them without wasting turns with melee attacks

In short: if you are ranged class – inscribe your melee weapon with ^O and set auto-retaliator to false in options.

 I would like to be able to turn off the game speed slowing effect (‘time bubble’)
Options menu (=) then “set hitpoint warning” then put 0.

How do I know that the item is the artifact? How to distinguish true artifact and randart?
Artifacts got a special name, eg The Long Sword ‘Elvagil’, where Elvagil is the name of the artifact. True arts have a description, randarts don’t.

Sound doesn’t work
In most cases: just try to restart PC
At Windows 10: if you use ‘K-Lite Video Codecs’: in ‘Lav Decoder’ properties remove tray icon.

Is it safe to stay AFK in town?
1) You don’t consume food while in town;
2) You don’t consume light when in town during the day;
3) The tavern has “safe floor” (means you cannot be harmed), and mobs cannot enter;
4) Outside of tavern you could be killed or robbed by monsters, take care!

I was polymorphed. What should I do?
1) you could drink from fountain to polymorph back
2) another solution is to find or ask other players about the wand/rod of polymorph and use it on yourself. Please note that they could work not at the first time. To target it to yourself use *

I found an artifact and can not drop it.
You cannot drop an artifact below its BASE depth. This doesn’t mean you can drop it at the depth you find it, but at the depth corresponding to the artifact’s level. Sometimes you could find powerful OOD (out of depth) artifacts; to get rid of them, you shall go deeper (we working on solving this issue).

My stats (STR, INT, CON..) are low, what to do?
They would be recovered when you gain a lvl; or you could use certain items to restore them (in case of STR and CON – you could taste some beverages…)

I’m dying from hunger, food is too rare, what to do?
1) you won’t lose satiation in town
2) don’t forget that mushrooms, booze, and some potions gives nourishment;
3) there are some monsters/traps and objects which could steal your food or make you hungry. Some of them could be invisible. Take care of it, there are specific sounds for such attacks. To find invisible monsters could help some consumables…
4) if you didn’t manage to find food for a while – it could be just bad luck. Don’t hesitate to buy food from other players, it’s often when someone got too much and someone got none. Ask about food for sale in game chat and Discord. Also buying food from players could be 3-4 times cheaper than buying it from Black Market;
5) Take note that you spend a lot of satiation when Resting after fights;
6) Some races could need more/less food than others.

I become confused or stunned by monsters and die. What to do?
1) you could heal confusion/stun by some cure wounds potions (take care to drink potions before you’ll become knocked-out!)
2) find items with confusion/stun resistance
3) use consumables (eg eat mushroom of clear mind)

! Please note that we got some crucial differences to MAngband and TomeNET:
a) stun is a separate resistance property; resistance to sound doesn’t give resistance to stun
2) resistance to chaos doesn’t give resistance to confusion

I’ve found a horn and it looks like a very bad thing, no point to use it (put monsters awake)
High stealth characters might find it useful. Sometimes you want to wake up something close without having to go melee range. Horns are there for “aggravation on demand”.

Monk could be effective only at throwing stones/boomerangs/shurikens? or shots (mirthril shot) will also work?
Only throwing (rocks/boomerang/shuriken), you need a sling for shots which you cannot equip as monk

Is it alright to recharge several wand/staves if they are in stuck with several recharge scrolls?

Yes, you could rechange stuck of wands/staves by reading several scrolls in a row. Please note that it’s better to recharge empty devices, without any charges left.


Where to store my items?
You could buy a house to hold your items. Also, you got ‘Deep of Property’ which could be used to claim a small house for free (up to 10k price); to buy a house push Ctrl+e and direct to a door.

How to customize my house? (paint house)
Try a potion at a door, it should change to the type corresponding to the color of the potion.

I’ve got two houses and can not buy more. What to do?
As far as houses go, the 2 house restriction is
1) to ensure players don’t buy all the big houses
2) to stay fair regard of no-wilderness when you just have your home in town. This will force players to “manage” their houses: buy a small one, then, later on, buy a bigger one, then after you will enter end-game — buy a second big one.

How to enlarge house:
Moreover, you have the “enlarge” house feature, so once you have no more space in your houses, you can go to the General Store and buy House Foundation Stones and a Scroll of House Creation to enlarge your house:
You need a house that’s not close to other features. Choose one of the walls and fill a rectangle area of at least 3 rows with House Foundation Stones. Stand next to the area and read the scroll, it should change the stones into space and extend the wall.

Also please note that there is a restriction that you can’t enlarge houses which are closer than 2 grids (not tiles! locations) to town. This is a quite unnecessary restriction and we would work on removing it in the future.

How to put an item for sale in the house?
Inscribe an item as ‘for sale ….’, eg “for sale 1000” or “for sale 50000”
To check the price: close your door inside the house, press Ctrl+e and point at the door – it will list the items for sale.

Some weapons and armour can not be put on sale till I would wear and take it off
Not a bug. Wearable items aren’t fully identified until you wear them. Intended.

I can’t wear certain item!

Check, maybe you’ve inscribed it as !* (in TomeNET it doesn’t deny wearing item, in PWMA – does).

It’s dark in-game, is there a way to play in daylight?
You could sleep till morning: use Shift+r – to ‘sleep’ and speed up time; It will take something like 5 minutes in real life to sleep the whole night.

I don’t have see invisible, but I occasionally see invisible monsters. Why?

Infravision allows you to see some invisible monsters if they aren’t cold-blooded.

How does the fractional speed system work?

Basically, time passes in the world in small units called “game turns”, and during every “game turn”, each entity (the monsters and the player) receives some “energy” points, based on its “speed” rating. When an entity acquires at least 100 energy points, they must perform some action (such as move or attack or rest) which consumes some of their energy points. The higher the “speed” rating, the faster “energy” points are acquired, so more actions can be performed in a given number of “game turns”.

A “normal” entity has a speed of 110, and receives 10 energy points per game turn. A “slow” entity has a speed below 110, and receives between 1 and 9 energy points per game turn. A “fast” entity has a speed above 110, and receives between 11 and 49 energy points per game turn. Note that the number of energy points received per game turn is approximately equal to the speed minus 110, but the actual equation is more asymptotic. The current speed of your character, if not “normal”, is displayed as “Slow (-N)” or “Fast (+N)”, indicating the distance of the speed from “normal”.

The most obvious effect of speed is in combat, but it also affects the rate of food consumption (extremely fast characters must be careful not to starve), and the number of “player turns” that a character must spend on a level to get a level feeling on the next.

Whats are items qualities?

 'terrible'  - cursed artifact, usually bad
 'worthless' - cursed ego item
 'cursed'    - cursed item
 'broken'    - useless normal item
 'average'   - normal item
 'good'      - item with bonuses
 'excellent' - item with special powers (ego item)
 'special'   - artifact, usually good

What is a weapon of freezing/burning/shocking/melting?

These weapons are “branded” with one of the four elements, cold/fire/electricity/acid (respectively). A monster that is not resistant to the branded element will take x3 base damage from any attack with that weapon.

Interface, windows, tileset

I’ve heard there are more tileset and also an option to play in 3D! How to do so?

  1. Download Necklace of the Eye (NotEye+Hydra Slayer package)
  2. Unpack it to  \Tangaria\noteye
  3. Run noteye.bat (it’s in \Tangaria)
  4. In opened window paste the way to \Tangaria\noteye , eg “C:\games\Tangaria\noteye” (without quotes)
  5. Confirm updating files: ‘y’ (yes)
  6. After updating finishes you would see ‘Necklace of the Eye’ window
  7. ‘p’ would open the game with ‘noteye’ mode
  8. to change graphic modes press ‘F4’ -> ‘m’
  9. Enjoy 3D, isometric projection and third-person view! 😀

After install you don’t need to run noeye.bat anymore; you could just start \Tangaria\noteye\noteye.exe

Also you could save your log/pass to \Tangaria\noteye\pwmangband\pwmangband.ini for auto-login

I’ve accidentally closed game windows. How to restore them?
in mangclient.ini make ‘Visible=1’ to all terminals which you wish to show.

How to play in one-window mode (like Tangar does at his streams)?
To play in fullscreen and adjust tileset size, check Tangar’s AHK addon.

How to change message window height?
in mangclient.ini change NumRows parameter. Please note that minimum size of the Terms is fixed to 16×4; if you want even smaller Terms, reduce the font size.

Technical troubleshooing

GCU client sometimes doesn’t react on keys

Known bug. GCU client is currently bugged… GCU is meant for Linux, the port for Windows is atrocious and just hack over hack. Nobody should ever use that client on Windows, unless toying around with Necklace of the Eye for fun.

My character disapearred. What happened?  

From time to time we make full wipe in the world to be able to include new updates to the game. But wipe in roguelike game with permadeath is nothing really. Just start a new character and have fun!

I can not see my character!
If your character is not visible – please turn your monitor into a 32-bit color mode (because some players turn 16-bit to play in old games)

How to change my password?
For now, it’s not possible. Only admin could create a char with a new password then copy from the “account” file which is a quite big task, so better to avoid such situations.


How to setup your own server:

  1. download PWMA latest binary
  2. put there Tangaria’s gamedata folder and config file
  3. change CONSOLE_PASSWORD in config file
  4. run mangband.exe to start a server
  5. to auto-connect to your server – add your IP to host= in client config file (mangband.ini or mangclient_sdl.INI); it could be for localhost
  6. run client – mangclient_sdl.exe or mangclient.exe

Who are Tangaria developers?
Tangaria created 5 January 2019 by Tangar Igroglaz. A huge role in its foundation belongs to Powerwyrm, developer/maintainer of PWMAngband (which is a basis and game engine of Tangaria); Powerwyrm implemented a lot of features which made it possible to create Tangaria in the first place – eg enhanced tileset support, fixed bugs, helped with truckloads of problems and enhancements. He does great work on PWMAngband and each of his updates makes Tangaria a better place.

Tangar Igroglaz currently works on game design, visuals, world-building, and lore; he is also planning to get into coding soon.

I wanna contribute to the project, how to do so?
Please check the PWMAngband source code and join our Discord.

Are there more multiplayer roguelike games around?

Yes! It’s MAngband, TomeNET and PWMAngband. All three games are beautiful and unique, and all of them are in active development. MAngband (1998) is where it all came from, it’s very atmospheric and oldschool because it’s based at early version vanilla Angband. TomeNET (2001) got fast-paced gameplay with a skill-based system, a lot of different modes and unique designs. PWMAngband (2007) takes all modern vanilla Angband core mechanics and got advanced multiplayer customization. 

Lore and World

Some items in the game priced incorrectly, like a ring of levitation (50 gold?) vs lantern (500 g!)

Note: it’s not a ring of flying, just levitation. A ring that makes you fly (hover, really) is pretty useless to adventurers going underground. The only thing it helps with is avoiding drowning when crossing water and feather falling effect; while Brass lanterns are very important! The shopkeepers know what you want and are perfectly willing to gouge you for it.

I saw monsters which are intrinsically ‘good’ creatures: such as Maggot, Bullroarer and of course the Maia. Why they attack the player?

1) Don’t try to get away with Maggot’s mushrooms.
2) ‘For the Greater Good’ we often make bad thing happen in the end.. Also who says that the *player character* is always good? Actually, if you would manage to defeat Dark Lord M. you may consider taking his Crown and become the new Lord of Darkness… It makes ‘good’ creatures to consider you as a very big danger, maybe even worse than Morgoth himself..?
3) Considering Maia, or spirits. Dark Lord S. himself is a Maia, so there’s nothing that will tell you which one is good or bad. In the dungeon, assume that they are all bad Maia. The ones that are not (Arien for example) simply see you as a nuisance that breaks the universe’s balance and must be stopped.

Mushrooms of Shadows is pretty imba

There is nothing imbalanced there for having 10 turns of stealth at the cost of wasting one inventory slot (so putting bad effects is as good as putting them permanently ignored in the menu like all other trash)

Why am I finding crops in the dungeon? this makes no sense

They are stolen from people.. If you will read NPC dialogs you will know… they appear only at shallow depths

Endgame is too hard.

well killing Morgoth is the goal of the game, everything after that is just bonus — remember that MAgband forces you to retire once you killed Morgoth, you have like 30 mins to get rid of your char before it is automatically retired

Increase the player’s carrying capacity.

This idea involves giving the player more item slots or the creation of items like “bags of holding”… If the character was allowed to carry a nearly unlimited supply of items, then there would be no strategy involving careful selection of equipment and inventory, which is an integral part of the game.

Please add a “pass through wall” spell.

This would create too many problems with line-of-sight computations. If the player was somehow blinded by being in the wall, then the wall would grant infinite armor class. This has being implemented in some varients, however the implementation varies between them.

Why it’s forbidden for players to give their items to other players for free?

That would make the game trivial for low level players with friends; game will become dull for them; they won’t receive fun of exploration. Btw, in Nethack, players can do this indirectly, because its “bone” files contain the inventory of the dead player; but there is ghosts and items become cursed.

What happened to player ghosts?

Player ghosts were removed in Angband 2.7.9, during a code cleanup by the then maintainer (Ben Harrision), who thought they were a hack. There have been proposals to put them back in, but none have come to fruition yet. Also, some variants (including OAngband and PernAngband) have reimplemented player ghosts.


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