Dev team

Tangar Igroglaz – 5 January 2019 he founded Tangaria. Igroglaz is originally game designer, but in 2021 he started coding too. He specialises in general gameplay mechanics.

PowerWyrm – 30 June 2007 created PWMAngband which become foundation for Tangaria. He implements a lot of special features which are essential for Tangaria. Expert in bug hunting, PowerWyrm widely specialized in all aspects of the code – from networking to multimedia.

Serega88 – originally fixed Linux support and provided shell script. Later on he enchanced SDL functionality and now mostly works in area of visual representation. Serega also helps with bug hunting.

Flambard – one of MAngband (which is progenitor of MMO-roguelike genre) developers, in past years he became the most active member of MAng team. Flambard implemented several features which were highly appreciated in Tangaria and was ported there by PowerWyrm.

Also I wanna say huge thanks for Angband community and developers – they are constantly adding awesome new features which are ported to PWMA (and therefore to Tangaria) by PowerWyrm. And big thanks to all MAngband devs for their impact in development of multiplayer roguelike movement and experience exchange.

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