Download the game

To start playing:

  • download and unzip client (choose Windows or Linux below)
  • run mangband_sdl.exe
  • enter desirable login/password (no need to register, you create a new account by logging) and enjoy!

Windows (optimized for 1920×1080 resolution)

To run the game: start mangclient_sdl.exe


If download links doesn’t work – try to use VPN. Client hosted at GitHub which is blocked in some countries.

Music pack (extract music pack to Tangaria\lib\music):
1) Official (short version, ~250 MB):
2) Unofficial (extended, ~630 MB; it plays at Tangaria streams):

How to update client?

  1. Easy way: after each major update you download new client binaries manually. To preserve your settings – keep file mangclient.INI and folders: Tangaria\lib\customize and Tangaria\lib\user.
  2. IT savvy (and fastest) way: you can download GitHub Desktop, clone binaries repo and update it with one click by pulling only files which were updated.

if you have any trouble or can not login to the game – please join our Discord channel and we will help you asap!

For developers:
Tangaria source @ GitHub
PWMA source @ GitHub

Tangaria’s gamedata files list (could be outdated; check github)

Antivirus false positives

When you download the game files, you might encounter an antivirus alert. Such alerts, while potentially alarming, are commonly triggered by complex codes in lesser-known software like ours. Tangaria, while not mainstream, is a long-standing and legitimate open-source game. It doesn’t harbor any malicious elements. For your peace of mind and to foster trust, we have kept the entire source code of Tangaria open and accessible. This transparency allows you to inspect, verify, and assure yourself of the game’s safety. You are welcome to compile the game from scratch following our compilation guide for Windows or Linux.

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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