Download the game

To start playing:

  • download and unzip client (choose Windows or Linux below)
  • run mangband_sdl.exe
  • enter desirable login/password (no need to register, you create a new account by logging) and enjoy!


  • Windows client – optimized for 1920×1080 resolution.
    To run the game: start mangclient_sdl.exe

1) For manual installation check the guide:
2) Shell script with auto-updater (thanks to Serega88)

Music pack:
(extract music pack to Tangaria\lib\music)

If you have any trouble or can not login to the game – please join our Discord channel and we will help you asap!

For developers:
Tangaria source @ GitHub
PWMA source @ GitHub

Tangaria’s gamedata files list (could be outdated; check github)











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