ATTENTION! This section may contain spoilers, which some players could like to find out by themself.

Dungeon name
1 Old Ruins
5 Mountain Gorge
10 Orc Caves
15 Severs
20 Fetid Swamps  Orc Mountains
25 Old Forest  Abandoned Manor
30 Sandworm Lair  Ettenmoors  Land Of Rhun
35 Barrow-downsMaze  Small Watery Cave Heart of the Earth
40 Helcaraxe Moria → Illusory Castle → Cirith Ungol → Numenor
45 Mirkwood Mordor
46 Sacred Land Of Mountains Erebor
47 Dol Guldur Paths of the Dead
48 Fallen Gondolin
49 Mount Doom
50 Angband Straight Road Valinor

Color – means it’s new dungeon and require testing

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