Hotkeys reference card (NumPad)

'a' Aim a wand               'A' Activate an object
'b' Browse a book            'B' (unused)
'c' Close a door             'C' Character description
'd' Drop an item             'D' Disarm a trap; lock door
'e' Equipment list           'E' Eat some food
'f' Fire an item             'F' Fuel your lantern/torch
'g' Get objects on floor     'G' Gain new spells/prayers
'h' Fire ammo at target      'H' Buy house
'i' Inventory list           'I' Observe an item
'j' (unused)                 'J' (unused)
'k' Ignore an item           'K' Toggle ignore
'l' Look around              'L' Locate player on map
'm' Cast a spell             'M' Full dungeon map
'n' (unused)                 'N' (unused)
'o' Open a door or chest     'O' (unused)
'p' Project a spell          'P' Access party menu
'q' Quaff a potion           'Q' End character & quit
'r' Read a scroll            'R' Rest for a period
's' Steal                    'S' Stealth mode (Rogue class)
't' Take off equipment       'T' Dig a tunnel
'u' Use a staff              'U' Use an item
'v' Throw an item            'V' Polymorph (Shapechanger)
'w' Wear/wield equipment     'W' Walk into a trap
'x' Swap equipment           'X' (unused)
'y' Use dragon breath        'Y' (unused)
'z' Zap a rod                'Z' (unused)
'!' (unused)                 '^A'   Do autopickup
'@' Display online players   '^B'   (unused)
'#' See abilities            '^C'   End character & quit
'$' Drop gold                '^D'   Describe object
'%' Interact with keymaps    '^E'   Toggle inven/equip
'^' (special - control key)  '^F'   Repeat level feeling
'&' Dungeon Master menu      '^G'   (special - bell)
'*' Target monster/location  '^H'   (unused)
'(' Target friendly player   '^I'   (special - tab)
')' Save screen dump         '^J'   (special - linefeed)
'{' Inscribe an object       '^K'   (unused)
'}' Uninscribe an object     '^L'   Center map
'[' Display visible monster  '^M'   (special - return)
']' Display visible object   '^N'   (unused)
'-' (unused)                 '^O'   Show previous message
'_' Drink/fill (fountain)    '^P'   Show previous messages
'+' Alter grid               '^Q'   Get a quest
'=' Set options              '^R'   Redraw the screen
';' Walk (with pickup)       '^S'   Socials
':' Enter chat mode          '^T'   (unused)
''' Target closest monster   '^U'   (unused)
'"' Enter user pref command  '^V'   (unused)
',' Stay still (with pickup) '^W'   Full wilderness map
'<' Go up staircase          '^X'   Save and quit
'.' Run                      '^Y'   (unused)
'>' Go down staircase        '^Z'   Use chat command
'\' special: bypass keymap   '~' Check knowledge
'`' special: escape          '?' Help
'/' Identify monster         '|' Quiver list
'TAB'   (unused)             BKS (unused)

'0'      Slow down time at 60%HP
'Ctrl+0' Slow down time always
'Alt+0'  Never slow down time
======== =============================  ====== =============
^ means [Ctrl] key

Alternative reference card

; Walk      . Run       R Rest      , Stay       W Walk into a trap
o Open       c Close door      < Go up      > Go down staircase
T Tunnel     _ Drink from fountain       D Disarm       V Polymorph
i Inventory     e Equip     g Pickup     d Drop    $ Drop gold
w Wield       t Take off       | Quiver list    { Inscribe    } Uninscribe
k Ignore item       K Toggle ignoring       I Observe an item
q Quaff       r Read scroll       a Aim wand       u Use staff       U Use item
z Zap rod        F Fuel lantern/torch       E Eat          A Activate
h Throw/shoot closest       f Fire       v Throw       y Dragon breath
b Browse       G Study       m Cast       p Project a spell
l Look    Esc Cancel looking    * Target    ' Target closest    ( Target friendly
C Character    ~ Information    / Monster info    @ Players    # Your properties
? Help        P Access party menu       M Map  
Esc Cancel   : Enter chat mode   Ctrl+p Previous messages   Ctrl+q Quest
H Buy house         Ctrl+x Exit       Ctrl+r Redraw screen      Q Delete character
= Options       % Macro editor         L Move screen Ctrl+l Center player
S stealth mode (rogue)       s Steal (rogue)

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