Four general surveys have been taken of  the first three by Mischa Gelman in ’95-’96, ’97-’98, and ’98-’99, and the fourth by Leon Marrick in ’01-’02.  Results for these surveys are available here.

Survey of 1995 – 1996

Survey of 1997 – 1998

Survey of 1998 – 1999

Survey of 2001 – 2002

The 2001-2002 survey ran during January 2002. It generated almost 400 messages in two threads (plus some email messages) and got 101 individual responses. By the time it was over, the maintainer of Moria, the maintainer of Angband, several famous names in early Angband development, most of the active coders, many of the key advice-givers and idea-contributors, and a whole bunch of folks who do more playing then posting all said what was on their mind.

Basic results

  • Brief results
       Results to most of the questions in the survey.
  • Stories
       A treasure-trove of Angband stories.

Detailed Results
Probably the most comprehensive – and certainly the most
democratic – commentary on Angband available.

Technical Results


Survey of 2020 (initiated at oook forums):
















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