Account score

Players can obtain account points which do not disappear upon death or even during server wipes. This points goal is to give player feeling of RPG progress while preserving roguelikish spirit of the game – so it won’t disturb roguelike hardcore gameplay mechanics by giving any significant advantage.

Account points allows to buy bigger houses, increase storage space, give access to more races/classes and provide other advantages (will be implemented soon). 

To check how much account points do you have: Ctrl+r

The guide to account points

First 10 points you receive by getting levels.

After that you get odd points for getting level and even points for killing monsters. For example:

1) Imagine that you have 11 points total. To get next point (12th) you will need to kill unique monsters as 11 is odd number; getting levels in this case won’t give you 12th point. Also you might need to kill not one, but several uniques – as getting point is kinda random event; and the more points you have – the more uniques you might need to kill to obtain next odd point. Killing high level  unique monsters gives more chance to obtain point, than killing low level monster.

2) Now lets imagine that you have 14 points (odd number). To get (15th) point you will need to obtain a new character level. Again, it might take to get several level for you to get the point as it’s random event. The more account points you have overall – the less chance to get next point, but at high character levels you have more chances to get points that at low levels.

Bonus account poins for Hardcore characters
If you player hardcore character (without Second Chance mechanic) – for 10-20-30-40-50 levels you will receive an extra point(s). To create hardcore character – on character creation press = and change birth_hardcore option to yes.

Housing and account points

House House size Account points
Cabin 1 10
Cabin 2 25
Cabin 3 50
Small 4 100
Small 5 150
Small 6 225
Medium 7 300
Medium 8 400
Medium 9 500
Big >15 650
Big >20 800
Big >25 1000
Villa >32 1250
Villa >44 1500
Villa >64 2000
Estate >100 2500
Tower >144 3500
Keep >256 5000
Castle >324 10000


Bonuses to storage:

You got extra space in storage house for each of points thresholds:


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