The class is the character’s occupation and determines stat bonuses, abilities, hit dice, and what spells (if any) the character can learn. Certain classes may be more suitable for different races – for example, beginner players should not try to create Dragon or Hydra of any other classes than a monk (since Dragon and Hydra are not able to fight with weapons).

Please note that all ‘pure-magic’ classes (like mage, shaman, priest etc) are clumsy with ranged weapons and especially with throwing, though at high levels they become much more confident in it.


A Warrior is a hack-and-slash character, who solves most problems by cutting them to pieces, but will occasionally fall back on the help of a magical device. Their prime stats are strength, constitution, and dexterity, and they will strike more blows with melee weapons than any other class. A Warrior will be excellent at fighting, shooting and throwing, but bad at most other skills. A warrior has bad stealth and cannot learn any spells.


Archer could shoot squirrel in the eye so fur would not be spoiled. Very good in archery, they don’t really know from which side to hold a sword; they don’t need one honestly. With the ability to hurl multiple arrows at long distances, an Archer can inflict more damage in a single turn than any other character class, including mages. However, outside of his powerful bow, an Archer is relatively weak compared to the other classes. He does not have any healing nor defensive spells like the magical classes to compensate. Archers especially like bows; shooting with them, they could achieve incredible speed and precision; much better than with a crossbow or a sling. They can see farther than others.


Monks are very different from all other classes. Monks are warriors who decide to fight barehanded and cannot use weapons or bows. However, their training in martial arts makes them much more powerful with no armour nor weapons. As they advance in levels, they gain some new martial arts techniques to hit their opponents more effectively. In time, monk can learn how to stun and slow his opponents. With levels, they also gain interesting abilities: at level 10, they learn to fall like a feather; at level 15, they become resistant to fear; at level 20, they become resistant to confusion; finally, at level 25, they learn to resist paralysis effects. They can’t wield weapons, but get extra damage, defense and attacks per round as they advance in levels. However, they must wear light armor to stay unencumbered and fully benefit from their class bonuses. It is rumoured that the monastic training even makes monks faster than any other character class…


A Mage must live by their wits. They cannot hope to simply hack their way through the dungeon, and so must therefore use their magic to defeat, deceive, confuse, and escape. A mage is not really complete without an assortment of magical devices to use in addition to his spells. They can master the higher level magical devices far easier than anyone else, and has the excellent saving throws to resist effects of spells cast at him. However, they are incredibly weak, getting few hit dice and suffering strong penalties to strength and constitution. Intelligence is their primary stat and at high levels they can cast many spells without a chance of failure. There is no rule that says a mage cannot become a good fighter, but spells are their true realm, and they will get fewer blows with melee weapons than other classes.

Mages speciality is a spell of Fireball which they operate especially good.

Remeber: if you get out of mana you’re dead.


A Shaman is a lover of nature, and at one with the natural world. Shamans have control of their environment and direct power over creatures, leading even to the ability to take their forms. Shaman skills are moderate, and they have some fighting ability, especially when transformed. A shaman will usually seek to shape the flow of events to their purpose rather than using devices or missiles, but at high levels they do gain access to potent nature-based magic. Shamans rely on their wisdom, and have good saving throws.


A Priest is a character of holy devotion. They explore the dungeon only to destroy the evil that lurks within, and if treasure just happens to fall into their packs, well, so much more to the glory of their temple! Priests receive their spells from a deity, and therefore do not choose which spells they will learn. They are familiar with magical devices, preferring to call them “instruments of God”, but are not as good as a mage in their use. Priests have great saving throws, and make passable fighters, better if they can find a blessed weapon. Wisdom is the priest’s primary stat and at high enough levels they can cast many prayers without a chance of failure. Priests have poor stealth. Although weak in the beginning, priests could become decent fighters who strongly prefer blunt weapons over edged ones; if they wield one that isn’t blessed, they receive an additional severe penalty.


A Warlock must live by his wits. He cannot hope to simply hack his way through the dungeon, and so must therefore use his magic to defeat, deceive, confuse, and escape.

A warlock seeks to master the spirits of sentient creatures, creating servants of their own will. They have chosen a dark and wicked path, and run a continual risk of harm to their own body and mind. Warlocks love shadows and hate light, automatically shrouding themselves in darkness. Their spells require high intelligence and frequently harm the caster or place them in danger. In return, they achieve awesome power at high levels. The ultimate aim of the necromancer is to supplant the Dark Enemy and set up a tyranny in his place.

Sidenotes: you’re supposed to be a warrior with mage stats, but you need to play partly as a cold based mage, partly as a melee char and partly as a ranger char. So you can use frost bolt, frost ball, nether bolt, but also melee with vampiric touch, use summons to CC enemies and shoot them; at high level you will mostly melee, the hard part is getting there 😉

At first use Horrify to scare away monsters or stun them.

Vampiric bat is 50% random movement, it’s supposed to be so?
Vampiric bat should be used as a stationary fighter: you poly, melee, poly to something else, move. At 25 you get vampire form; at 35, master vampire; at 45, vampire lord. Summoning is supposed to be high level stuff so yeah at level 18 don’t expect to get liches that fight for you and kill stuff. But if you have hordes of orcs chasing you, a good skeleton in a corridor makes a good CC.

There is a problem that skeletons disappear after some time from inventory..
Skeletons don’t disappear, only corpse (they rot): Corpse -> corpse (rotten) -> no more. Higher level monster will rot way slower.


A Paladin is a warrior/priest. Paladins are very good fighters, second only to the warrior class, but not very good at missile weapons. They receive prayers at a slower pace than the priest, but can use all but the most powerful prayers. A paladin lacks much in the way of abilities. Paladins have poor stealth, perception, searching, and magical device use. They have a decent saving throw due to their divine alliance. Their primary stats are strength and wisdom.


A Rogue is a character that prefers to live by their cunning, but is capable of fighting their way out of a tight spot. The master of traps and locks, to the experienced rogue no device is impossible to overcome. A rogue has a high stealth enabling sneaking around many creatures without having to fight (press S to go to Stealth mode), or sneak up and get the first blow. They can steal items from monsters, but need to be wary of being caught in the act. Rogues’ perception is higher than any other class, and many times they will notice a trap or secret door before having to search. A rogue is better than the more fighting oriented classes with magical devices, but still cannot rely on their performance. Rogues can also learn a few spells, but not the powerful offensive spells mages can use, and there will always be a chance of failure even with the simplest spells. A rogue’s primary stats are dexterity and intelligence.

They gain experience a bit faster than others.


A Ranger is at home in nature, and good at turning the environment to good use. Rangers are good fighters, and one of the best of all the classes with missile weapons, especially bows. The ranger learns chiefly spells of survival and forest craft. A ranger has good stealth, good perception, good searching, a good saving throw, and is good with magical devices. Their primary stats are strength, wisdom and dexterity.


A Blackguard is a brawler of no principle, who lives for the joy of maiming and killing. Blackguards prefer heavy weapons and shields, and learn a few spells for the purpose of wreaking more destruction. Their lust for blood is legendary, with a blackguard in full cry nigh on impossible to kill. Blackguards scorn skills apart from slaughter, and require strength and intelligence (or rat-cunning) to thrive in the dungeon. Blackguard can polymorph in werewolf, can heal by spending rage and got additional blows per round (BpR) by using his battle skills.


Sorcerors use intelligence primarily, determining how much mana they have to cast spells and how low their failure rate is. They are the all-around best magicians, having the most powerful spells. A high-level Sorceror can be very powerful, but getting there can be a difficult journey. On the downside, they are the worst fighters, being unable to use any weapon but a Mage Staff comfortably, and still unable to be anything even remotely approaching effective with it. A Sorceror has very few hit points compared to other classes, making survival difficult in the beginning. That’s why this class is not recommended for beginners. Intelligence is the sorceror’s primary stat.


The full opposite of Sorcerors, Unbelievers so strongly despise magic that not only do they refuse to use magic spells, they refuse all training in the use of magic items, which leaves them totally incompetent when trying to use a magic item, although they can still quaff potions and read scrolls. Because they are so unattuned to magic, Unbelievers can prevent magical gates from opening around them, eventually extending to a complete suppression of teleportation abilities and all magic in the surrounding area. Unbelievers can replenish their forces when doing damage to non-natural magic users. Also they could sense invisible creatures in melee range, can resist item’s curses and cancel some other magic effects, eg when they drink from magic fountains, they often unmagic it. They can’t remove curse from items.


Hunters aren’t good at fighting, but can deliver extremely high damage with their ranged weapons. They can die quickly too, however. Hunters are to arrows what warriors are to melee. They are nearly the best class around with any bow, crossbow or sling. A hunter is very bad at melee, being only better than the Sorceror. Wisdom and dexterity are the archer’s primary stats. They could use wide-range of tricks, traps and even magic in their hunt in the dungeons.


The Telepath is a character who uses the powers of mind instead of magic; mindcrafters, they can weaken or even kill with their wits. Their powers vary from simple extrasensory powers to mental domination of others. A Telepath uses the wisdom score to determine how well he / she can perform these psychic powers. In solo combat, a Telepath is slightly weaker than a Priest, although a Telepath is never penalized for wielding an edged weapon (unlike a Priest).


Elementalists are spellcasters specializing in offensive spells. They share the same stats as mages, but get almost no support spells at all. They rely on the powers of the four elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water) and can combine them to cast powerful Elemental spells. Elementalists have the innate ability to increase the power of their spells by studying them again each time they level. As masters of the elements, they gain intrinsic basic resistances as they level, fire at 10, cold at 15, acid at 20 and lightning at 25.


A Summoner is the weakest of all classes you may choose. They have pathetic stats, no fighting abilities, and a few spells to kill enemies with magic. However, all these weaknesses don’t trouble them much, because they can summon creatures to help them in battle, and still gain some experience from their kills. Summoners use wisdom to cast spells and summon allies, and to determine how many of them they can control and how effectively they can control them.

Tip: to target macro to your minion automatically use m1d(*t (Minor Healing spell)


Shapechangers possess the ability to transform into various creatures by defeating them in battle. They are fighters that get abilities from the forms they can mimic. Basically, Shapechangers will melee a lot with the benefits from their current form (resists, melee brands, defense, speed and damage boosts…). Some of those forms will provide innate spells and even breath attacks. Shapechangers get basic mana points to cast those spells (note that breath attacks, like for the Dragon race, don’t cost mana, but hit points instead…). The higher level the monster, the more the Mimic is required to vanquish before he can assume their form. While transformed, they lose their intrinsic abilities, and gain those of the creature they have transformed into, plus whatever abilities and resistances provided by their equipment.

Some races that have their own polymorph or shape forms got certain restrictions on being shapechangers.

How do I get monster spells for Shapechanger?

You get spells from forms that have spells — if you change to a novice mage (apprentice) you’ll be able to learn magic missile or phase door, if you change to a fire dragon you’ll be able to learn breathe fire and confuse. If you change to a warrior that has no spells you won’t learn any spells obviously.


Villagers are common folks, versatile and able to do anything, but also average at everything they do. They have no strengths nor weaknesses. Villagers use stamina given by their constitution to perform common tasks and can be accompanied by a single pet that they can summon at their leisure. They can chop wood and mine ore more easily as they advance in levels. They are able to turn terrain into crops and farm food from them which is rare gift nowadays as not many can cultivate fields which become fell under dark curses of the Enemy.


Scar-covered hands of tamer – person devoted his life and (remaining) limbs to take care of wild creatures – is an evidence what a tideous and dangerous job it is. Going through dense dim-lit thickets, hot sands and insidious mountains to stalk a dragon in its den.. to make friends with it – this is your life ambition. You will start not with dragons though, but with a frog companion. If you take good care of it – frog will eventually give you certain powers.. Each new pet that you acquire will teach you something and fight for your life.


Nature magic and can shift to animals. Good at martial arts and do not use weapons. Every 5 levels can learn a new animal form to transform; some forms can cast magic spells or have innate abilities.


Mercenary who uses different fighting tricks and blows to survive at all cost. Like all mercenaries, they are very good at armor and weapon care. Fighters are very superstitious and believe in fortune. As they care a lot about signs and omens, they may get lucky to survive blows that would be mortal wounds for anyone else. His mana pool depends on his intelligence and his strength. Also fighters can sense hidden weapon properties better than others.


Noble knight in heavy armour who charges into enemies with immense power. They cannot be confused and can use their shield with astonishing mastery.


Common person who know some basic magic and are not too bad at fighting.. He is not alone in his wanderings – he’s got a four-legged friend. Travellers are pretty sure that they know well about navigation and direction, maps and cardinal points… but often they come into real adventure due to this overconfidence.


Expert in musicianship and singing, you can not only give joy to people, but also know how to use music magic to bring cure and wreak havoc. He is resistant to sound attacks.


Specialized in destruction of his enemies not only with power of elements, but also uses all melee fighting skills makes him universal death machine. There is no reason a Battlemage cannot become a good fighter, but magic is their true realm.

Unlike other ‘magic’ users battlemage does not have problems with using ranged weapons and throwing.


Weak and fragile, necromancer has powers to raise and command armies of dead. Resistant to nether, he can summon power of bone and poison for his profit. The most powerful necromancers can also command golems.


Spiritual guide, this holy monk has sworn not to take a weapon in his hand. This sacred vow does not interfere with his ability to crush enemies’ skulls with his bare hands.


Legendary magician who obtained ancient secrets which were forgotten for ages. There is a rumour that wizards even can summon and control daemons.


Enterprising merchant who went into the dungeon to fulfill his life ambition: get enough money to open his own tavern. Trader proud of his cat, who follows him during adventures. Trader can sell items to NPC stores. With higher lvls he has better prices. They can not form a party with other players.


Stealthy slayers who know 100500 different ways to kill its prey fast and effectively. Their ambushing is especially deadly to enemies who are not expecting an attack. Most powerful assassins specializes in sentries – special magic traps which shoot poison, blades and magic elements at enemies on sight.


Warrior who dwells in two worlds and doesn’t feel space/weight burden. It can teleport around and using its phase techniques to cut enemies to pieces. They prefer swords and are not good with other types of weapons. They can teleport from non/limited-teleport area.


Some also call them ‘Weathermasters’. Cryokinetic can instantly change surrounding temperature to extremums. Not many creatures can endure their freezing roth which changes in a flash to blazing fire. They don’t fear lava and can’t slip on ice.


Extremely brittle, but lightning fast, they command time by void magic. Some call them ‘Mesmers’ as they also have battle telepathic powers. They become especially speedy after level 30.


Vagabond who ventured to the dungeons to get his hands to monster’s treasures, but also won’t say no to marauding corpses of other adventurers. He can salvage equipment into valuables right in the dungeon, so he does not need to get distracted by going to town every now and then. They are good at stealing, but not so good as rogues. Also they got a pet rat, which is trained to divert enemies’ attention. Scavengers can salvage ego items at lvl 20, random artifacts at 30 and true artifacts at 40+ lvl. The higher level it got – the more valuables he can get from salvaging. They can not form a party with other players.


Can brew potions and concoct elixirs which can not only bring devastation and exterminate all living creatures, but also may bring cure and hope. To make a potion, they should first gather a reagent. Some reagents are organic and may be found in plants. Some are minerals and may be gathered by mining. Brewing a potion takes some time and concentration, during which the alchemist is very vulnerable. Brewed potions are soulbound and can be used only by creator; you can not neither trade it, nor drop it on the ground.
To get rid of potions that you don’t need: use ‘k’ key to destroy it or simply drink it or throw into enemies. They can not form a party with other players.


Can gather resources by chopping trees for logs or mining mountains for ore, to use these materials in crafting equipment. Crafter equipment is soulbound and can be fitted only on creator; you can not neither trade it, nor drop it on the ground. To get rid of crafted equipment that you don’t need: use ‘k’ key to destroy it. They can not form a party with other players.


Inquisitors exterminate heretics, witches and other sacrilege magic riffraff. They hate sorcery and witchcraft, which they judge as black magic and idolatry. They themselves refuse to use common magic, they refuse all training in the use of magic items, although they can still quaff potions and read scrolls, which they accept as minor evils to fight greater evil. Because they are so hateful towards magic, inquisitors can prevent magical gates from opening around them, eventually extending to a complete suppression of all magic in the area around them. They prefer not to use weapons, but to break bones with their bare hands… Inquisitors replenish their life forces by hurting victims who fear them.

================ ===  ===  ===  ===  ===  ==========
    Class        STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON  HD (bonus)
================ ===  ===  ===  ===  ===  ==========
    Warrior       +3   -2   -2   +2   +2      10
    Archer        -1   -2   -1   +3    1       3
    Monk          +1   -2    0   +2   +1       8
    Mage          -3   +3    0    0   -2       1
    Shaman        -2    0   +3   -2    0       2
    Priest        -1   -3   +3   -1   +1       2
    Warlock       -3   +3    0    0   -2       1
    Paladin       +1   -3   +1   -1   +2       7
    Rogue          0   +1   -3   +3   -1       5
    Ranger         0    0   +2   +1   -1       6
    Blackguard    +2    0   -3    0   +2       9
    Sorceror      -5   +5    0    0   -3       0
    Unbeliever    +3   -4   -3   +2   +2       9
    Hunter        -2   -2   +2   +2    0       4
    Telepath      -1   -2   +3   -1    0       3
    Elementalist  -4   +4    0    0   -2       1
    Summoner      -5   -5   +5   -5   -5       0
    Shapechanger  +1   -1   -1   +1   +1       5
================ ===  ===  ===  ===  ===  ==========

Please check other classes parameters in-game.
=========== ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= =======
 Class      DisarmP DisarmM Device   Save   Stealth Search   Fight   Bows 
=========== ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= =======
 Warrior    42(+10) 28(+08) 18(+7)  18(+10)  0(+0)  10(+12) 70(+45) 55(+45)
 Archer     28(+08) 21(+07) 18(+07) 18(+10)  1(+0)  10(+12) 35(+15) 82(+55)
 Monk       42(+10) 28(+08) 32(+11) 28(+10)  3(+1)  20(+16) 64(+40) 60(+30)
 Mage       35(+09) 43(+11) 36(+13) 30(+9)   2(+0)  10(+12) 35(+15) 20(+15)
 Shaman     30(+10) 30(+10) 24(+10) 30(+10)  3(+0)  12(+12) 45(+20) 40(+30)
 Priest     34(+08) 27(+07) 30(+10) 32(+12)  2(+0)  10(+14) 45(+20) 35(+20)
 Warlock    30(+10) 35(+12) 36(+13) 30(+9)   2(+0)  10(+12) 35(+25) 20(+15)
 Paladin    34(+08) 27(+07) 24(+10) 25(+11)  0(+0)  10(+12) 65(+40) 40(+30)
 Rogue      43(+11) 36(+10) 32(+10) 28(+10)  3(+1)  20(+16) 35(+45) 66(+30)
 Ranger     36(+10) 42(+10) 32(+10) 28(+10)  3(+0)  15(+15) 60(+40) 72(+45)
 Blackguard 20(+15) 20(+10) 24(+10) 18(+10) -1(-1)   8(+10) 65(+40) 35(+15)
 Sorceror   35(+09) 50(+12) 40(+15) 30(+9)   2(+0)  10(+12) 30(+11) 20(+15)
 Unbeliever 42(+10) 21(+07)  0(+0)  32(+14)  0(+0)  10(+12) 70(+45) 55(+45)
 Hunter     42(+10) 28(+08) 32(+10) 28(+10)  2(+0)  15(+15) 56(+30) 82(+55)
 Telepath   34(+08) 28(+08) 30(+13) 30(+6)   1(+0)  15(+15) 42(+20) 30(+20)
 Elemntalst 35(+09) 49(+11) 36(+13) 30(+9)   2(+0)  10(+12) 34(+15) 20(+15)
 Summoner   20(+06) 20(+06) 36(+13) 30(+9)   2(+0)  10(+14) 34(+15) 20(+15)
 Shapechger 36(+10) 34(+08) 35(+10) 28(+10)  1(+0)  10(+12) 60(+40) 66(+30)

Please check other classes parameters in-game:

=========== ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= =======

Above you could see class ability table. For character classes, there are two figures: the first figure is the base level of the skill, while the second figure (in parentheses) is the bonus that the character gains to this skill every ten levels. So, to find out the total skill value of any character’s skills, add the race value to the class value, and then the bonus once for every ten levels that the character has.
Please note, however, that these numbers are only good for comparing characters to each other in the absence of other bonuses from high stats (strength bonus to-dam, dex bonus to-hit, wisdom bonus to saving throw, intelligence bonus to magical device usage, etc.) or wearing magical items.

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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