Starving and overeating is quite dangerous. If you don’t eat for a longer while – hunger can kill you. At the same time – if you overeat, you will become slow and easy prey in the battle.

You will see satiation indicator below the status bar on the left side in the main window. When you just start yor character it will show Fed 70%f which means that you are well. If your satiation drop below ~10% – a yellow Hungry appear, then it will change gradually to orange Weak and red Starve and you will start getting paralysed by the lack of food! Finally you will start losing hit points and eventually die from starvation.

If you overeat and your satiation will become more that 90% – you will become slow; use Rest command to remove excessive satiation faster.

My character can’t hit anything, he always miss! Also his parameters (to-hit) went down.
Maybe you are hungry? You will fight better on full stomach 😉

🍒I’m dying from hunger, food is too rare, what to do?
1) you won’t lose satiation in town – there you can calm down and think what to do next;
2) don’t forget that mushrooms, booze, and some potions gives nourishment;
3) there are some monsters/traps and objects which could steal your food or make you hungry. Some of them could be invisible. Take care of it, there are specific sounds for such attacks: 

…If you hear this sounds (something touches you) – run or kill it ‘blindly’. Also you could detect invisibility with a scroll or potion (later on you will find equipment with this property).
4) if you didn’t manage to find food for a while – it could be just bad luck. Don’t hesitate to buy food from other players, it’s often situation when someone got too much and someone got none. Ask about food for sale in-game chat and Discord. Also buying food from players could be 3-4 times cheaper than buying it from Black Market;
5) Take note that you spend a lot of satiation when Resting after fights;
6) Some races could need more/less food than others.

🤔Why am I finding crops in the dungeon? this makes no sense
They are stolen from people.. If you will read NPC dialogs you will know… they appear only at shallow depths