Humans are.. humans. All other races are often compared to them. Humans are average at everything and tend to learn faster than any other race due to their shorter life spans. There are a lot of different kinds of humans live in Tangaria, but most of them are just common folk, which being mediocre became powerful in a certain way, as they don’t have drawbacks. 

Half-elves tend to be smarter and faster than a human, but not as wise or strong. Half-elves are slightly better at magic, disarming, saving throws, stealth, archery and searching, but they are not as good at hand-to-hand combat. Half-elves are immune to dexterity draining and inherited the ability to see in the dark.

Elves are better magicians than humans, but not as good at fighting. They tend to be smarter and faster than humans, though not as wise or strong. Elves are better at searching, disarming, perception, stealth, archery and magic, but they are not as good at hand-to-hand combat. They are resistant to attacks involving bright light, are immune to dexterity draining, and have fair infravision.

Halflings are very good at shooting, throwing, and have good saving throws. They also are very good at searching, disarming, perception, and stealth; so they make excellent rogues but prefer to be called burglars. They will be much weaker than humans, and not good at melee fighting. Halflings have fair infravision. They have a strong hold on their life force and are thus resistant to life draining. Halflings are very partial to mushrooms and can identify them well when found.

Gnomes are smaller than dwarves but larger than halflings. They, like the halflings, live in the earth in burrow-like homes. Gnomes make excellent mages and have very good saving throws. They are good at searching, disarming, perception, and stealth. They are not as strong as humans so they are not very good at fighting with hand weapons. Gnomes have good infravision. Gnomes are intrinsically protected against paralysis and some slowing effects. Gnomes are excellent at using wands and staves and can identify them when found.

Dwarves are the headstrong miners and fighters of legend. Since dungeons are the natural home of a dwarf, they are excellent choices for a warrior or priest – or indeed, that combination of the two, the paladin. Dwarves tend to be stronger and tougher but slower and less intelligent than humans. Because they are so headstrong and are somewhat wise, they resist spells which are cast on them. Dwarves also have excellent infravision. They can never be blinded. Dwarves are excellent at digging and can sense nearby buried treasure. They have one big drawback, though. Dwarves are loudmouthed and proud, singing in loud voices, arguing with themselves for no good reason, screaming out challenges at imagined foes. In other words, dwarves have miserable stealth.

Half-Orcs make excellent warriors and decent priests but are terrible at magic. They are as bad as dwarves at stealth, and horrible at searching, disarming, and perception. Half-Orcs are, let’s face it, ugly. They tend to pay more for goods in town. Half-Orcs do make good warriors and rogues, for the simple reason that Half-Orcs tend to have a great constitution and lots of hit points. Because of their preference for living underground to on the surface, half-orcs resist darkness attacks. They have fair infravision.

Half-Trolls are incredibly strong and have more vitality than most other races. They are also very stupid and slow. They will make great warriors and iffy priests. They are bad at searching, disarming, perception, and stealth. They are so ugly that a Half-Orc grimaces in their presence. Half-trolls always have their strength sustained, and they regenerate quickly like other trolls. Unfortunately, this regeneration also requires them to eat more food than other races. They have fair infravision.

Dunedains are a race of hardy men from the West. This elder race surpasses human abilities in every field, especially in constitution. However, being men of the world, very little is new to them, and knowledge are very hard to gain… their hardiness ensures that their constitution cannot be reduced. 

High-Elves are descended from those among the Elves who dwelled at the very beginning of time before the sun and moon were made. Because of this, they are far superior in terms of abilities when compared to their lesser Elven kindred. They can also see into the invisible world of ghosts and wraiths. However, they find new experience even harder to come by than Westmen. Like normal Elves, they resist attacks involving bright light. They have good infravision and can even see cold-blooded invisible creatures.

Kobolds are a race of small somewhat dog-headed humanoids that dwell underground. They have excellent infravision and are intrinsically resistant to poisons of all kinds. They have good dexterity and constitution. However, they are weaker than humans, and also not noted for great intelligence. Furthermore, they are ugly, and not trusted in town. And while their constitution makes them tough, it still cannot prevent the fact that they are not the biggest of creatures, and have few hit points.

Yeeks are a race of small humanoids. They are very light, therefore they can fall like a feather. Also known as Weaklings, they have the lowest strength and vigor available to a race. Yeeks are average at everything and tend to go up levels much faster than any other race because of their very short life spans.

The Ents are a powerful race dating from the beginning of the world, eldest of all animals or plants who inhabit Tangaria. Spirits of the land, they were summoned to guard the forests. Being much like trees they are very slow but strong and do not have to eat as often. As the Shepherds of the Trees, they can learn to sense the presence of others, such as animals, orcs, trolls, giants, dragons, demons, undead, all evil-minded creatures, and even every minded creature in a short-range at their peak of growth. They could see invisible things. They accumulate experience very slowly. They make great fighters, priests and paladins. Unfortunately, as they’re made almost exclusively of wood, they’re also vulnerable to fire.

Thunderlords are an old and powerful race of dragon hunters. They have an intrinsic telepathic vision of all nearby creatures, the radius expands as they gain levels. They can spot dragons anywhere on a level. In time, while they grow – they gain intrinsic basic resistances, fire, cold, acid and lightning. Thunderlords have tamed the Argentavis (great eagles) of Tangaria and use them in their hunts. They need a very long time to gain experience, as both bird and man need to gain levels. They need to eat often. Thunderlords can fall like a feather from birth.

They are creatures legends are made of. Dragons have great health but need much more experience to advance in their skill compared to humans. They have bad stealth. They can fall like a feather and resist nexus intrinsically. The Dragon race is a very special race. Dragons evolve physically as they gain experience. In the beginning, they start as newborn dragons. At a certain moment, the colour of their scales is revealed and they polymorph into a baby dragon of that colour. Then they polymorph into a young dragon. At middle age, they polymorph into a fully-grown dragon. After a while age, they become an ancient dragon which could develop into a mighty wyrm. Finally, after long years – they become an ancient wyrm. Dragons cannot wield any weapons; they get special melee attacks instead (biting and clawing) that increase in power as they gain experience. Almost from the start of their life, Dragons are able to breathe their corresponding element, but using this ability makes them ill. They also gain the innate resistances and abilities of their type.

Black Numenorean
A High Men from ancient times, renegades and.. ally of The Dark Lord.. Not all of them was ‘corrupted by many gifts and promises of great power’. Some just wanted to have a free will and refused to accepted handouts of the West.. But nonetheless, they had to choose a side, just to survive under the sky.. Black Numenorean could sense ‘evil’ creatures with extrasensory powers at a certain stage of their development.

Some call them Highlanders and there are rumours of their great power. The truth is that endless life comes not for free. Mortals who belong ‘forever’ live cursed life, getting much less them common human does. Nevertheless, they are resistant to ageing effects and life drain and regenerate extra fast.

Human-like water-dwelling creatures who live on shores to the north of Big Step coast, but plenty of then dwells on river banks and seashores. They spend a lot of time in water and know how to communicate with water creatures. They know waters so well that they even get their own magic from its source. They are resistant to water and good in infravision. But digging isn’t really their big passion.

Wildlings from the North who spread across all Tangaria after undeads have risen in the past Dragon war. Barbarians came to all parts of the land willing to seek a place for their tribes. At first, they came with fire and steel, but nowadays, after they met Magic Council dread they become less aggressive and trying to find a compromise. Barbarians are resistant to poison as they had to eat all kind of ‘food’ to survive in wildlands. And of course, they are fearless.

Black Dwarf
Black Dwarfs was once far stem of one forgotten dwarven clan. They didn’t like deep cavern, preferring to live at hills. This made them outcast among ‘true’ dwarfs and they made more contacts to other races, that to their mountain kindred. They traded a lot with eastern human caliphates and even with some other outcast races (as they themself become one). Some say that they are not in a war with goblins.. Perhaps it was the reason why they became hated by mountain folk and nowadays their family ties lie forgotten. Their proximity to the daylight surface made them especially suffer from past war among Dragons and Titans, which changed their appearance, making their skin darker. But with this they got the special ability – they are somewhat resistant to the ruination of disenhancement magic.

Goblins like to sneak around and take what lay on ‘bad’ spot. It’s what people say about this race. Although it’s not always the truth, most of this folk prefer living in the night time, dwelling in a tiny cavern and coming to the earth surface only for fishing.. or fighting. Don’t underestimate these creatures. Despite their size, they are more than capable of destruction. Goblins are resistant to darkness and very agile.

They are descendants of Titans… And they still got pieces of their power. Huge size makes it hard for them to use teleportation magic thought. At the same time, they are protected from gravity effects, could stun their opponents and are very hard to kill.

Ogres or swamp trolls – it’s ancient race. Some say that they were the first of troll race. Slick and covered in slime with greenish skin, ogres are not the most pleasant lot which you could meet under the sky. Not all of them are ‘bad’ though, some ‘families’ came to live in the city and.. what makes them quite special – become a not bad in magical arts, as ogres practice their own, shamanic spell-weaving. Ogres sustain their intelligence even under big pressure.

Troll is a huge piece of walking rock. Their skin is hard to pierce even with a sharp blade. They are slow though. Don’t fear poison (they eat literally everything, resistant to magical shards. Regenerate fast. Very healthy. Very hungry. Not too bright.. There are plenty of trolls in Middle-lands, they often work as bodyguards protecting caravans.

Huge orc hordes settle to the southern Banlands. They try to get their own piece of fertile lands to live peacefully, but the Empire of Strenght won’t make it happen. Orc is resistant to darkness and poison.

Forest Goblin
Forest goblins look like nice little creatures. Indeed, some of them are quite kind and friendly, but some are cruel.. depends on the tribe. They are sneaky and fast, but not quite weak in term of physical strength.

Dark Elf
Dark Elves live in the southern parts of the forest behind Roaring Mountains. Some say that they live underground in caves and that’s why they got pale dark skin. It’s not the truth, though they don’t have too much in common with ‘green’ elves who dwell in forests. Dark elves are hermits who take their spot at Roaring Mountains just recently.. just to survive. Not much of this folk left as for a long time they exterminate each other in families dissension. Dark elves are good fighters, could see invisible, resistant to darkness, but vulnerable to light magic.

Werewolves are strange folk who dwells to the east from Golden Forest on the north. Ascetic people, victims of a mysterious curse.. or disease.. They can not hold their passion for wildlife and nature. Some of them become to control it and even consider it’s as a gift. Werewolves could use their huge claws and teeth in a battle to tear their enemies in pieces. They feel animals from the distance could regenerate and resistant to dark. They don’t like light magic though.

Undeads occupy most of the far north at the moment. This is intelligent race (at least some part of undeads), they even got their own country which has to protect itself from real, brainless undead hordes from Wildlands. Not very pleasant looking, but resistant to nether and poison. They do not regenerate their wounds, although they are able to help them. Quite slow at first ‘mature’ undeads are able to move with normal speed. Susceptible to light magic.

Vampires live to the north from Honor Empire. A quite reasonable folk actually although most of the races scared of them. Indeed.. They are very powerful, but not too many survived the Last War, which makes them live quietly in their lands.. Vampires don’t regenerate, but they are able to restore their help with the blood of slain enemies. They resist time, poison, nether and darkness. They don’t feel fear and got perfect infravision. They don’t like light though and for them, it’s hard to learn anything new as they lived a very long life already.

Enlightened – descendants of ancient powers. Not much know about them, except that it’s very hard to kill one of them. Resistant to numerous effects and possessing god-like abilities, they are very slow on getting new skills though. Another weak spot is that they receive their power not at once, but after they become experienced in this ‘mortal’ world.

Cambion – corrupted spirits, servants of First Gods. They are the same kind as the Enlightened race but to the other side of power. Resistant to chaos, they are able to control nexus vibrations and possess very powerful abilities. But there is a price for this – they are very hard to learn.. Chaos inside of them makes it almost impossible to control their will to achieve their own goals…

Celestials.. Some people call them ‘angels’, but they are not kind and helpful (and they doesn’t have wings!), but a very cruel race which got their own goals which they would achieve no matter what. The only thing which saves the world from their roth is that there are not too many of them; most of them perished in ‘eternal’ war with Titans. Resistant to gravity, celestials could get rejoice with of lightning when achieving a certain level of development.

Balrog – underground ancient ‘race’ or some would call them as a ‘force’. Main enemies of celestials, balrogs fought on Titans side to devastate dragons.. Not much of them left unharmed because dragons use not only fire (for which balrogs are immune), but other elements.. Those who survived that war though, become a terror for all races of Tangaria. Only past ages, Balrogs learned to control their roth.. and their appearance. So nowadays they learnt to appear in ‘human’ form; there are even rumours that in Middle-lands there is a balrog archmage who teach at Magic Academia. But it’s well-known that when balrog takes his true-form, he posses immense fire magic, which makes everything go mad around it, so creatures could ‘feel’ balrog presence from big distance, which makes this race hard to become unnoticed in the dungeons of Enemy.

Nephalem – example what could appear if celestial would make love to balrog. Amazingly it happens sometimes, so such creatures could be met.. very-very rare, but there they are. They live among us and we won’t know about it. Hey, maybe you are the one, with this twisted blood? They only way to test it is to become exposed to light and dark magic at once. Nephalem doesn’t fear both.

Gargoyles are stone creatures which sometimes appear after magic storms when arcane nexus vibrations animate rock. It’s a very rare occasion, but for centuries it happened a from time to time, so you could meet gargoyles in Tangaria more often, than, for example, balrogs.

As gargoyles made from stone, they are resistant to fire, acid and electricity. It’s hard to harm them with shards magic. They do not fear poison and could levitate with the help of their inner magic.

Their weaknesses in certain slowness and also they can’t restore hitpoints and mana easily. They are good in infravision though and their stats can’t be reduced. Another problem is that it’s very hard for them to learn something new. But they are very powerful physically and it’s not easy to destroy them. They are wise, but not too really smart.. and in most cases quite ugly.

Some powerful wizards tried to make gargoyles with their magic, but they managed to create only ‘golems’ – by powering clay with their spellcasting, as it appeared that much easier to magically operate with clay, than with stone or rock.

Artificial magical creatures, made by powerful wizards to serve their will. When golems just created they do not understand their purpose and they just do what they told to do. But in time some golems could start asking themself a question – why do they exist? Why they have to do the job which humans obliged them to do? There was a golem rebellion in the past and it brought a lot of destruction. The result was permission for golems to buyout their freedom by working on their master for several decades. Every golem dream to get its freedom. But not all mages are honest with them and not all people respect their ‘feelings’. If you are ‘born’ as a golem, who knows, would you ever get liberty? Should you deserve it or take it by force?

Golems are extremely strong, but a bit slow. They can not be paralyzed or poisoned. They could see invisible and good at digging. They are miserable in stealth, good at fighting and somehow resistant to malicious spell effects.

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