Fast start

💡 If you need any help with the game – please write to Discord

1. Download client and unzip it in any place
2. Run the game with mangclient_sdl.exe
3. Your account will be automatically created when you first time enter the server
💡 If keyboard doesn’t work – switch language layout to English.
4. Press a to create a new character
5. Enter character’s name and press a four times to create Half-Troll Warrior
6. Spend stat points with arrows left-right keys → EnterEnterSpace
💡 Make sure to increase STRenght to 18/30 (to attack more often)
7. You are in game. Check inventory – i; check equiped items – e
8. Wear item – w; take off – t
9. Move with NumPad (if you don’t have NumPad – check this)
10. To run, when there are no monsters around: Shift+<direction>
💡 If running doesn’t work – disable NumLock.
11. Speak to ranger near tavern’s entrance (to do so “bump” into him)
12. Buy 40 Throwing Rocks: px40Enter
13. Go to newbie dungeon with one floor – Old Ruins
14. To get down: stay on staircase and press >; get up <
15. Battle goes in real-time; you attack automatically in melee
16. Throw rocks to the monsters from distance with h
17. Use items with U; pick up g; drop d
18. If you character become a “number” – you are hurt; eg “4” = 40% HP
19. To restore HP by resting: R&Enter
20. It’s crucial to know how to create macroes to be able to use items fast. It’s quite simple. Let’s create macro which drink healing potions when you press F1:

  • press % (macroes menu)
  • h to create ‘Keymap by item
  • press key on which you will have macro: F1
  • choose healing potion – Cure Light Wounds
  • $ to finish macro creation
  • y to save macro
  • press any key
  • b (‘Save keymaps to file‘)
  • Esc to exit macroes menu

21. When you be bored in Ruins, got to the east in 5 lvl dungeon Mountain Gorge
💡 Please note that when you get lvl 2 and exit the first dungeon – you can not enter there again. There is a number on each dungeon’s entrance which shows it maximum level  (eg on this screen it’s «5»); if you exceed it – you won’t be able enter anymore.
22. Next go to Orc Caves (entrance till 10 lvl) – from Gorge follow the path to the north, enter new location and get to the east. You may also visit the town – it’s to the west.
💡 Read r Word of Recall scroll when you inside of the dungeon to get back to the surface.
23. After Caves go to Sewers (up to 15 lvl) to the west from town (map)
24. Check who is online: @; to say something  in the chat :
25. Play in party with other players – P
26. If you died – delete old (dead) character and create a new one.

Short list of commands (see more detailed list in the next chapter):

Сtrl+<direction> – alter. Universal command – works as attack, digging, open/close and disarming/breaking – depending on what it was applied;
U – use an item (universal command);
h – shoot/throw missile to the closes enemy
– inventory
e – equiped items
w – wear/wield
t – take off
< go up staircase; > got down
g – pick up item
d – drop on the ground
R – rest
C – character properties (C → m will show resistances)
Ctrl+x – exit the game
Q – detele character

Now I strongly recommend to check next chapter of the guide. If you will carefully study it, you will die much less often 😉

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