Tangaria’s tileset

Terrain fragment preview (outdated; check .psd)

Tangaria’s tileset – 32×32 px coloured tileset on 4096×4096 px field, which could hold up to 16384 tiles; it’s based at beautiful David Gervais artwork, with adding a lot of new tiles from other artists who published their work at CC0 or Creative Commons licences.

I’ve designed this tileset for Tangaria (online roguelike game), which is powered by PWMAngband. If you would do some tweaking – this tileset could be used with most of *bands. Also, you could add it to any other roguelike or grid-based game.

Monsters fragment preview (outdated; check .psd)

The tileset is published under the Creative Commons licence (I prefer CC0 licence, but as our tileset was initially based at Gervais work which got Creative Commons licence – so I obliged to preserve it). You are free to copy, distribute and transmit those tiles (even commercially) as long as you credit following:

Please note that this list updating as long as tileset getting new tiles! I’ll continue maintaining this tileset, so there would be new versions. I’m adding art only from zero-licence (CC0) or creative-commons works (and also Shtukensia draw tiles by her own). If I forgot to mention someone – please contact me (igroglaz@gmail.com) and I’ll credit you asap!

Also I wanna say huge thanks to DCSS devs and artists who published their tileset under CC0. Tangaria become much more beautiful with porting some of DCSS tiles!

Download links:

Tileset package includes file with hex codes for mapping stuff, so it’s much easier to work with it. Also, it includes Tiled setup for drawing maps, PWMAngband files and templates.

I work on this tileset during live streams, so you could check my youtube channels if you interested in ‘process’:

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