Items table

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Name Activation Recharge time
Aeglos frost ball (100) 500 turns
Anduril fire ball (72) 400 turns
Arunruth frost bolt (12d8) 500 turns
Avavir word of recall 200 turns
Belangil frost ball (48) 5+d5 turns
Belegennon phase door 2 turns
Bladeturner berserk rage, bless, and resistance 400 turns
Cammithrim magic missile (2d6) 2 turns
Carlammas protection from evil 225+d225 turns
Caspanion door and trap destruction 10 turns
Celeborn genocide 500 turns
Colannon teleport 45 turns
Colluin resistance (20+d20 turns) 111 turns
Cubragol fire branding of bolts 999 turns
Dal-i-thalion remove fear and cure poison 5 turns
Dethanc lightning bolt (4d8) 6+d6 turns
Elendil magic mapping 50+d50 turns
Eonwe mass genocide 1000 turns
Eriril identify 10 turns
Feanor haste self (20+d20 turns) 200 turns
Fingolfin a magical arrow (150) 90+d90 turns
Firestar large fire ball (72) 100 turns
Galadriel illumination 10+d10 turns
Gondor heal (500) 500 turns
Holcolleth Sleep II 55 turns
Holhenneth detection 55+d55 turns
Ingwe dispel evil (x5) 300+d300 turns
Lotharang cure wounds (4d7) 3+d3 turns
Luthien restore life levels 450 turns
Narthanc fire bolt (9d8) 8+d8 turns
Narya large fire ball (120) 225+d225 turns
Nenya large frost ball (200) 325+d325 turns
Nimthanc frost bolt (6d8) 7+d7 turns
Olorin probing 20 turns
Orome stone to mud 5 turns
Pauraegen lightning bolt (4d8) 6+d6 turns
Paurhach fire bolt (9d8) 8+d8 turns
Paurnen acid bolt (5d8) 5+d5 turns
Paurnimmen frost bolt (6d8) 7+d7 turns
Power (the Ring) bizarre things 450+d450 turns
Razorback star ball (150) 1000 turns
Rilia stinking cloud (12) 4+d4 turns
Ringil frost ball (100) 300 turns
Soulkeeper heal (1000) 888 turns
Taratol haste self (20+d20 turns) 100+d100 turns
Theoden drain life (120) 400 turns
Thingol recharge item I 70 turns
Thrain clairvoyance 100+d100 turns
Totila confuse monster 15 turns
Tulkas haste self (75+d75 turns) 150+d150 turns
Turmil drain life (90) 70 turns
Ulmo teleport away 150 turns
Vilya large lightning ball (250) 425+d425 turns


Item Activation Recharge time
Cloak of Lordly Resistance resistance 150+d50 turns
Amulet of the Moon sleep monsters 100+d100 turns


Color Activation Recharge time
Blue breathe lightning (100) 450+d450 turns
White breathe frost (110) 450+d450 turns
Black breathe acid (130) 450+d450 turns
Green breathe poison gas (150) 450+d450 turns
Red breathe fire (200) 450+d450 turns
Multihued breathe multi-hued (250)
(lightning, frost, acid, poison, fire)
225+d225 turns
Bronze breathe confusion (120) 450+d450 turns
Gold breathe sound (130) 450+d450 turns
Chaos breathe chaos/disenchant (220) 300+d300 turns
Law breathe sound/shards (230) 300+d300 turns
Balance breathe balance (250)
300+d300 turns
Shining breathe light/darkness (200) 300+d300 turns
Power breathe the elements (300) 300+d300 turns

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