You can carry only very limited number of items; you cannot be a walking treasury like you did in NetHack or ADOM. In place of carrying all the stuffs with you, in Tangaria you can build house and stock items there. Also you can use free storage house (it’s capacity limited by your CHR stat; also you can’t put item on sale there). Though big houses appear expensive for low level players, you could actually get a small house for relatively low price!

How to build house? To build a house you need to have at least 10 account points. Go to a Mayor and buy scroll of Cabin Creation for ~10k. Your character must also have at least 8 level. Now dig any mountain a bit (digging inside of the dungeon could harder, but takes much less nourishment) to get House Foundation stones. Drop stones over desirable area, in case of Cabin with 1 floor tile it will be 3×3:

After that step on one of the stones and read Cabin Creation scroll. Congratulations, you’ve built your first house! Now create a door with T command.

To build bigger house – you must have more account points. For example, to build house with 3 floor tiles – you need to have 50 account points. Example of 3 floor tiles layout:

How to buy house?  Bumping into the house door tells you the price of that house if it’s not owned already. To buy a house press Shift+H and direct to a door. To be able to buy house you should have enough account points.

Only the house owner can open the door. You simply drop items on the floor of your house; yes, the size matters! Other player could buy items from your houses if you will inscribe item ‘for sale <price>’ or ~<price>; for example ~500 will put your item for sale for 500 gold.

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