Welcome to Tangaria! Please understand that by logging in, you are agreeing to abide by the rules listed here for your convenience. Ignoring/breaking these rules is taken as an indication that you no longer wish to continue playing the game and we shall act accordingly.

1) Accounts:

  1. Every person that plays, can have their own account.
  2. You may not make a second account for yourself.
  3. Logging into someone else’s account is a bannable offence.
  4. Connection via proxy servers/accounts is forbidden unless express permission has been granted by the Administration (to monitor the implementation of rule #2).

2) Naming recommendations:
Our server intended to provide players with a high level of immersion in the game world. Character names should adhere to the fantasy genre, and also must avoid being disruptive to the world. Please try to choose a creative, original name that fits both classic fantasy setting and the character you’re going to play. Examples of common disruptive names include (but are not limited to):

  1. Rude or containing insults.
  2. Non-medieval or non-fantasy names (For example Robotman, Сommando, Technotron).
  3. Names that reference well-known people, characters, brands, places, or icons (For example Gandalf, Mcdonalds, Newyork, Frodo, Ancalagon, Merlin)
  4. Names that consist of multiple words if they are not fantasy-suited (For example Inyourface, Welovebeer, Howareyou, Gottakill).
  5. Names that reference to creatures or objects types and which are already existing in the game world (Goblin, Trader, Wizard, Rogue, Nazgul). 
    Please note that name like: ‘Goblinbane’ is alright as they sound like fantasy surnames. At the same time, please try not to use names with two capital letters in one word, like GoblinBane.
  6. Names are written in uppercase letters aka CAPS (JORMY, KITTAS, MORT).
  7. Names which include titles (Sirjasper, Lordbritish), be unpronounceable in English (“Rjgebwf”); acronyms (Rtfm, Roflmao).

Having an appropriate name not only improves your roleplay but that of those around you. If you need help coming up with something good, just ask in Discord!

3) Behavior:

  1. The transfer of money and items between characters without anything reasonable in return is a bannable offence. The exception: if you play in the same party with other player and you found the item while you both were at the same dungeon level together – this particular item could be shared.
  2. It’s forbidden to take debts, loans, credits etc from other players. All trade operations should be processed and finished at once. The only exception is “food debt”: if player (debtor) dying from hunger and can’t pay for food at once – other player (loaner) may feed him in debt (give piece of food to debtor; debtor must eat it at once). If debtor will die before he payed back the food debt – debtor can pay the food debt with a new character. Food debt can be payed only to particular loaners’ character who loaned it. If loaner character died before debt was payed – debt canceled.
  3. It’s forbidden to store/drop any items with a purpose to use them with your new character later or to use other players for such goals in any way.
  4. It’s forbidden to rush/powerlevel low-level character with high-level character. To play together with other players you should have not more than 7 lvls difference; another way you shall not interfere in each other gameplay, except fair trade or rare rescue missions (like to bring the light to a player who lost it). For example, it’s forbidden to use ‘scouting’ with high lvl character to tell low level player is it safe to hunt at the level.
  5. Every your new character is individual and independent from you previous characters. You shall not have any material relations with other players, which you had with your past (dead) characters, at your new character.
  6. It’s forbidden to use ‘powergaming’ (‘manchkin’) mechanics to achieve a better result. An example of unwanted behavior is ‘rolling’ dragon breed (to suicide or die on purpose if you don’t like breed which your dragon had, so you will get better breed next time). You should try to play in fair and legit roleplay traditions.
  7. It’s forbidden to exit the game during dangerous battle intentionally to avoid death; we have low character exit timeout to prevent deaths due disconnects; players who will cheat using this mechanic – will be permanently banned.
  8. Repeated/consistent stealing of another player’s kills or loot is considered harassment and will be handled as such.
  9. It’s forbidden to block other players movement on purpose.
  10. Do not give out precise spoilers information using public lines of communication. To give a detailed answer for other players questions – use PM. At the same time, if your answer describing the general idea and do not contain a step-by-step guide – it’s ok.

If you are in an unpleasant situation with another player, please send a help request in Discord before you go and make things worse for yourself. Let us handle it.

4) Housing:

  1. It’s forbidden to place houses which block entrances to NPC stores, roads, important routes (from one location to another or to dungeon), other player’s house doors.
  2. It’s forbidden to build houses too close to dungeon entrances.
  3. Do not build houses in town center.
  4. Do not build houses near location border.
  5. Do not build houses in places where they interfere with game atmosphere. If you are new player and not sure about this point – it’s recommended to build house @ -1, 1 location which is well-suited for housing.

If house was placed wrongly – it could be wiped. If you are not sure about place for house – better to ask in our discord.

5) Language:

  1. We do not tolerate racial/religious/national/ethnic slurs and any kind of harassment.
  2. Please keep world chat drama free. If you have an issue with another player, please inform admins about this situation in Discord and don’t be rude.
  3. Keep foul/abusive language out of public chat.
  4. Please keep out of the game chat any Real-life activities (football, weather & etc). You are welcome to discuss it in Discord #offtopic channel.
  5. Spreading the real-life information on any player is strictly prohibited, regardless if it takes place outside of the game and discord.
  6. Please don’t spam chat with the same or similar messages over and over.
  7. Advertising any form of service or product is not allowed with the exception of in-game services such as player trading.
  8. General trouble making such as public insults, flames, taunts, excessive complaining, and similar disruptive behavior is not tolerated.

6) Etiquette:

  1. Leave the shop as soon as possible; never form a line behind you!
  2. Avoid saving in shallow floor; never save on 50ft.
  3. Never pester the other players; remember they don’t have to do you a favor.

In short: ‘Think of the others’.

7) Scripts, triggers & bugs:

  1. It’s forbidden to use any scripts to control your character in any way; no matter are you at the keyboard or not.
  2. Triggers used to automate response of your character’s behavior or artificially inflate your gameplay – are not allowed. Players could use only in-build macroses at official clients.
  3. If you find a bug or think you might have found a bug, please report it. The exploitation of a bug will not be tolerated.

8) Legal:

  1. These rules can change at any time, with or without notice. Although we will do our best to keep you informed in our Discord of any major changes.
  2. We do not take responsibility for losing data, or server offline time, but we will do our best to keep the server up 24/7.
  3. We do not replace lost objects/items in-game. This is permadeath game and it’s always great to start a new character 🙂
  4. Buying and selling of in-game goods for real-life currency are strictly forbidden.

9) Community Guidelines:

At the heart of Tangaria lies a commitment to fostering a cooperative, fun, and respectful environment. Our player base is diverse, many with rich histories in the roguelike genre. Our pace is deliberate, valuing the journey over the destination, the experience over mere achievement. With that said, let’s dive into what defines the ethos of our community.

Core Principle: Positivity & Respect

Our cornerstone is positive interaction. This goes beyond just avoiding negative comments—it’s about uplifting each other, learning from mistakes, and enjoying the game together. We celebrate those who contribute to this spirit and discourage behaviors that undermine it.

For clarity, here are some examples to illustrate appropriate and inappropriate behavior:

1) BAD: “This is awful, I keep getting killed. Hate this game”
GOOD: “Every loss is a lesson. I’ll bounce back!”

2) BAD: “My team’s incompetence is why we lost.”
GOOD: “We faced some challenges there. Let’s refine our strategy.”

3) BAD: “Feels like I’m the only one here. Is anyone even playing?”
GOOD: “Calling all adventurers! Ready to embark on an exciting journey? Join me!”

4) BAD: Persistent negativity, complaints, inappropriate language, and rudeness.
GOOD: A positive attitude, constructive feedback, and respect.

Consistent deviation from our core principle could result in removal from the Tangaria community.

Encountered a concern? Report it. Together, let’s make Tangaria an inviting realm for everyone.

Remember, the essence of Tangaria lies not just in winning battles but in the spirit of fair play, community camaraderie, and mutual respect. Cherish the spirit of the game! Play fairly, report any misconduct, and refrain from trolling or provocation.

We appreciate your contribution to our community and the values we stand for. Thank you for being a part of our community and upholding these values. Happy adventuring!

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

2 Responses to Rules

  1. Billy says:

    ooh, it sucks that you are so focused on the role-playing aspect.
    I love roguelikes but HATE role-playing, hate hate hate it.
    so this game is not for me.

    • tangar says:

      Where did you read about focus on role-playing? 🙂 For now there are not much players who RP – most people just regular folk. Though if someone RP – it is always fun.

      So, no. We are not focused on RP aspect. The only thing is that it’s _recommended_ to use RP suitable nickname. But it’s also not obligatory.

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