Some time passed after the beginning of Fourth Age in the Middle-Earth. Everything was calm but then began to happen strange things. Сrop failure for several years in a row made a bag of wheat cost more than a bag of gold. Gangs of robbers bred around; though they were quickly pacified by the assembled squads, and people gradually began to adapt to a shortage of food..

But suddenly… something appeared at the far east, far beyond Mordor. Strange shadows began to thicken there… And then very strange creatures began to appear everywhere; such creatures that they could not even imagine before – abominable mutants and disgusting hybrids..

At first, there were a rumours that the new leader of Black numenoreans, The Necromant, appeared and gathering a new army for going east. But then it’s become clear that…

The Dark Lords it back. By destroying the Ring – heroes freed part of Sauron’s power (fëa) and when his envelopment spirit was scattered around the Middle-Earth – it was able to combine with released Ring powers into reincarnation in a new ‘spirit’ body. While the Ring and Sauron were separated from each other – part of Sauron in the Ring was entrapped inside and won’t be able to combine with his master. With the Ring destruction which brought the destruction of Sauron’s emanation – they become scattered, but at the same time be able to merge together.

But there should be a power which was able to help Sauron to bring his spirit intact so fast.. It should be several centuries when Sauron will be able to reincarnate…

New Council with the help of Palantir powers was able to recon that everything much worse than it was at first glance. Morgoth finally was able to penetrate with his thoughts to the Middle-Earth from the Void… And His will empowered Sauron to embody once more.

But Sauron doesn’t do anything active, which were very strange. He does not build an army, as he did before; even though the remnants of darkness from all over Middle-earth flock to him.. Combined Palantirs powers reconnaissance showed that Sauron is preparing some strange ritual… He makes terrifying human sacrifices to perform some darkest magic which could be imagined. It appears that he is planning to bring his Master back.. Bring Morgoth back to the Middle-Earth from the Void. Alone Sauron does not have these powers, but Morgoth managed to tunnel part of his power to the Arda which strengthened Sauron enormously.

So Sauron’s made attempts to open the Portal to the Void to rescue his Master. As no one knows how to get to the Void exactly, Sauron crude attempts made certain interference in other dimension. Cracks and rifts appeared in Reality Borders from which started to appear strange creatures which were unknown in Middle-Earth before. Some of them appeared to be very dangerous – unicorns, djinns and other unknown magic creatures. At the same time, some Middle-Earth creatures started to mutate because of radiation coming from these rifts… This and there appeared various dangerous mutants, who immediately became outcasts. And this all was imposed with dire hunger…

Valars recognized danger too late (their foresight didn’t penetrate to the Void, so they wasn’t able to read Morgoth’s mind there) and now they have to make a decision on how to act. They saw the biggest threat not in actually Morgoth (not speaking of Sauron, who is just a nasty flee to them), but in rifts which appeared at Reality Borders. It’s not possible to cease these rifts from the inside, from Arda’s side. To close them – you have to go inside, to visit other dimension and to close it from there (it’s like closing a door after yourself while stepping inside).

But Valars don’t have much time – because there is always a risk that something even more powerful than Morgoth could intrude through these rifts. Universe has endless amount of dimensions and even Arda’s masters could have not enough power to match the Unknown.

At the same time they fear to go through rifts to other dimensions to cease exits.. as they do not know what to expect in other worlds; in some they could be like tiny ants compared to habitants of those places… There is always a chance to do not come back. The other reason – that by entering the realm they (as quite powerful entities) could bring attention to Arda dimension which could provoke an invasion; while for now such rifts may not be known to its inhabitants from other side.

The Valars made a woeful decision – to destroy the Middle-Earth sphere. These rifts and cracks are spreading like cancer and there is still a hope to save Valinor from destruction and this dimension from invasion if Valars will destroy Middle-Earth fast. But first they have to finish Morgoth, who almost finished his impersonation in Middle-Earth. Valars can not destroy the Sphere while there is Morgoth, who is getting stronger every second by absorbing his fëa which were spread in Middle-Earth. And Morgoth is thinking only about revenge to Valars and he doesn’t care about worlds destruction or rifts. He just needs time to collect enough power and then…

Valars foresaw that one hero will have powers to defeat Morgoth, so they almost do not interfere in this particular battle (and they just can’t interfere because of the Scale’s Balance); at the same time they’ve blocked ‘The Straight Road’ between Aman and Middle-Earth and now working on building their defences and getting prepared for Middle-Earth destruction magic ritual – beginning of Dagor Dagorath.

You are one of these heroes who have a chance to stop Dagor Dagorath, to save your beloved people and homeland from destruction.

First you need to destroy Sauron, so he won’t be able to complete Morgoth embodiment. But at that time when you reach Sauron, Morgoth will already get a certain physical form by gathering a some part of his fëa; he is weakened, but still terrible powerful.

If you will manage to defeat Morgoth – you could obtain his Massive Iron Crown which containing much of his power. With its powers, you would be able to comprehend plan of Valars to destroy Middle-Earth to cease rifts in Reality Borders.. You can’t let it happen.
// Note, that at the time when you fight Morgoth – you do not know about Valars decision; actually if you won’t wear the Crown – you will never know about it and you could just go to a tavern and drink beer till the End.

So, to save Middle-Earth, you should travel to Valinor to persuade Valars to stop Dagor Dagorath ritual.

If you will manage to do it… You should know that you’ve intervened with Eru Iluvatar plan. It wasn’t Manwe decision to destroy Middle-Earth, but just his fulfilment of Eru will. It means that eventually you should meet The Master of this dimension and to answer for your deeds. To meet Eru you will have to travel to Timeless Halls, to the Abyss.

No one knows how it would end. But even if you will manage to save Middle-Earth from the prey of Morgoth, defeat Valars and even face Eru – there are still dimension rifts which spreads. You will have eventually to travel to other dimensions to close them. Some of them are a big threat to the world right now, so you could consider to visit them even before you will face Morgoth. Visit dimensions, get to its Essence’s to cease the rifts – and eventually you will be able to safe Middle-Earth… Once and for all.



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