Broken memories

  • Races:
    • Humans got some damage reduction over their life (they are getting used to pain..)
    • Yeeks are now much faster in running (not attacking!)
    • Dragon got bonus to mana while young
    • Hydra changes:
      • AoE attack
      • More HPs
      • Moves faster (only movement speed!)
      • Receive more damage
      • Drain exp at 10+
      • Regen
      • got bonus to mana while young
      • Nerfed primary stats & disarm
    • Troll & Half-giant: movement debuff instead of speed
    • Ogre: movement debuff
  • New items:
    • equipment: broken dagger, broken sword, filthy rags, Old Rusty Chain Mail
    • artifacts: Filthy Rag of Righteousness, Broken Dagger ‘Shard’, Broken Sword ‘Narsil’
    • ego-lights: Feanorian and Dwarven lamps
    • food: Sprig of Athelas, Strip of Beef Jerky
    • mushrooms: Paranoia, Hallucination, Toadstool
    • jewellery: Ring of Woe, Amulet of Doom
    • scrolls:
      • curse armour/weapon (thanks Powerwyrm for returning traditional flags!)
      • Animate Weapon, Evil Spirit
    • Potions:
      • Ugliness
      • Novice Alchemist’s Creation
      • Stomach Water
      • Lose Memories is back (ty PW!)
    • Junk:
      • Ruined chest
  • Stores:
    • NPCs are selling Stomach Water instead of Salt Water (which still there, but not sellable)
    • Newbie NPC sells Phase Doors now
    • Provisioneer sells Empty Bottles\
  • Archer/Monk classes reordered in character creation screen

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