A load of updates

Loads of improvements today:

  • Designed dungeons appearance: Fetid Swamps, The Orc Mountains, The Old Forest, Abandoned Manor, The Sandworm Lair, The Land Of Rhun, The Barrow-downs, The Maze, The Small Water Cave, The Heart of the Earth, The Helcaraxe, The Mines of Moria
  • New type of sunlight terrain for ‘light’ floors in dungeons which are ‘outside’ (The Land Of Rhun)
  • Added traps and object flags to all floor terrains
  • Reassigned prices in stores and goods in stores
  • Fixed scrolls of treasure detection (thanks to Powerwyrm for a report)
  • Common food now even rarer; but now it’s possible to find in dungeon new vegetables from MAngband
  • Added 20 new hints on website (~15 of them are reworked hints from TomeNET)
  • Fixed tileset bugs (‘Baby red dragon’ showed as Ancient, etc)
  • Fixed dozens of mistakes and typos at the website
  • Translated FAQ to Russian
  • Added formatting to the guide

Client updated (it’s not mandatory update; it will just fix tileset bugs).

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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