New PWMAngband 1.3.0 build 11 released!

– Fix custom stairs in towns
– Add small racial antimagic modifier
– Make unbeliever antimagic bonus a class modifier

Rework of antimagic — now un-hardcoded and works differently. Antimagic now works as follows:

1) check vs class modifier which is 1d1 for Unbeliever (50% at level 50)
2) check vs polymorphed race if player is polymorphed (ring, shapeshifter) with bonus set as half the race level (for example: true believer level 57 gives 28% antimagic)
3) game takes the best of 1) and 2) and caps at 50% (unbeliever level 20 polymophed into true believer would get 28%, unbeleiver level 40 would get 40%)
4) check vs race modifier which is now added (so go wild with antimagic race), capped at 10% (for example: 1d5 which gives +1 every 5 levels would work nicely)
5) check vs using a “dark sword” is added, capped at 40% (all DS in PWMang have max +4 anyway)
6) once all bonuses are added, the result is capped at 90% — so a “foo” (race with +10 AM) unbeliever level 50 using a +4 dark sword would get 10% + 50% + 40% = 100% capped at 90%

— fixed several tileset problems (thanks to Lavas for report)
— you can’t buy dialogues from NPC’s anymore 🙂
— Iron Mountain’s hydras doesn’t breath plasma anymore, but sound (regular hydras in the dungeon does plasma as always)
— Shtukensia got some more smuggled consumables in her possesion.. She could sell it for ya for a reasonable price. Time is money, friend!

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