New races! And archer class

I’ve added several races (client updated). Just some info about them, so you would understand a bit of a lore plot:

Highlander – ancient people, first of a human race;
Merfolk – human-like water-dwelling creatures who lives on shores to the north of Big Step coast. They do not have fishtail, it’s not mermaids (although they got something in common);
Barbarian – there are some different tribes at the north
Black Dwarf – some call them as ‘corrupted’ dwarves. They would kill ya if you would call them like this. Otherwise they are not too evil really, likes to be on their own mind;
Goblin – kind of orcs, tiny and cruel. Lives in caves mostly;
Half-Giant – descendance of giants from old times;
Ogre – swamp trolls, bold and slick, with greenish skin;
Troll – some of them are quite intellegent (if you could call a troll intellegent) and serves as bodyguards at Middle-lands;
Orc – huge hordes of orcs settles to the southeren Banlands. They try to get their own piece of fertile lands to live piecefully, but Empire of Strenght won’t make it happen;
Forest Goblin – look like a nice little creatures. Indeed, some of them are quite kind and friendly, but some are cruel.. depends on tribe;
Dark Elf – live in the south parts of forest behind Roaring Mountains. They live in forest, Carl, it’s not Salvatore’s elves! :E
Werewolf – to the east from Golden Forest on north;
Undead – occupy most of the far north at the moment. This is intelligent race (at lest some part of undeads), they even got their own country which has to protect itself from real, brainless undead hordes from Wildlands;
Vampire – live to the north from Honor Empire. Quite reasonable folk actually;
Maya – descendants of ancient powers;
Cambion – corrupted descendants of ancient powers;
Celestial – yet another … descendants of ancient powers. Some people call them ‘angels’, but they are not kind and helpful (and they doesn’t have wings!), but very cruel race which got their own goals which they would achieve no matter what. The only thing which save the world from their roth is that there are not too many of them. In eternal war with titans;
Balrog – undeground ancient ‘race’ or some would call them as a ‘force’; in eternal war with dragons;
Nephalem – example what could appear if celestial would make love to balrog. Amazingly it happens sometimes, so such creatures could be met.. very-very rare, but there they are.

Also hobbit races ranamed to halfling; Dunadan to Westmen; Black Numenorean to Dark Renegade.

I’ve took inspiration from TomeNET (dark elves, vampire, golbins, maia) and FrogComPosBand. Some of this races are kinda ‘raw’, but they would be polished in future.. a lot 🙂 Please test new races and report about disbalance. Races aren’t static, there would be a lot of changes over time. We would perform constant, eternal rebalance.


Added new class: archer.

Traditional PWMA archer (magical one) renamed to hunter.

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