• Fixed wrong tiles (hill giant, troll blackguards)
  • Entrance to Mountain Gorge moved to more friendly place
  • Terrain rework (NO_MONSTERS -> NO_GENERATION)
  • Updated addon keys
  • Archer got additional stealth
  • Black dwarf negative stealth removed
  • Boldor has a bit less ‘friends’
  • Removed acquirement from shops
  • Added some item’s descriptions
  • Reassigned nourishment from mushrooms and potions
  • Removed nourishment from healing potions
  • Reduced chance to find food
  • More stairs across all dungeons
  • Scroll of Wilderness Mapping now useful even indoors
  • Nerf potion of experience (actually it’s a buff as it could easily ruin your progress previously)
  • Koschei now pass walls
  • Abandoned Manor got more undeads and vampires
  • Nerfed monsters Mountain Gorge (outdoor)
  • Fixed and buffed troll bosses in Ettenmoors
  • Fixed small trees flags
  • Change to Alter reality and Evil spirit scrolls
  • Buffed useless true arts
  • Revamp slow digestion items and true arts
  • Added pixie race

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