PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 14

This release fixes a CRITICAL security bug that was present since forever.

– Add level_golds.txt to define gold drop rates instead of using a hardcoded table
– Don’t wipe items on the surface at dawn if there are players on the level
– Save player id counter + player names in a separate file
– Check saved password vs provided password when loading player savefile
– Don’t display Target Dummy in the list of uniques
– Don’t display pain/death message for Target Dummy
– Add message for projected damage if show_damage option is set
– Reveal mimics when using teleport other
– Remove duplicates from the player name database when loading player names
– Use new player id if player id already exists in the player name database when loading player savefile

There was an amusing bug in V code that was fixed so I ported the fix — in early game, you could scum mimic pits, kill all the mimics except the ones that were mimicking rare items (potions of experience/augmentation, scrolls of banishment, ethereal DSM…), use teleport other on the mimic that would only teleport away the monster but leave the object on the spot, grab the item and use it for free (only the mimic coins are supposed to drop object, all other mimics are not supposed to leave anything behind when killed) — that would give endless amount of experience, augmentation and endgame items for free.

This was simply because teleport wouldn’t make the mimic “wake up” so now it does — “the mimic was really a monster! the mimic disappears” and so the mimicking object is deleted before the mimic is teleported away.

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