An unexpected feast

New Tolkien’s inspired food:

    • Cram Bread
    • Petty-dwarf roots
    • Salted Pork from Isengard
    • Elvish wine
    • Cold chicken
    • Maggoty bread
    • Flagon of mead
    • One Ring Cake
    • Stolen mushrooms
    • Elvish water
    • Apple of Youth
    • Pipe-weed (not really food, but.. 🙂
  • Now most of dungeon bosses drop different food (rebalancing in process);
  • New mushroom flavours: red, orange, pink, beige;
  • Some polishing of existing food;
  • Halfling, Demonic, Gargoyle got Black Breath resist;
  • Undead, Vampire, Wraith, Golem got Black Breath immunity;
  • Less hunger drain from BB;
  • “Ration of Food” generation chance reduced;
  • Removed “Ration of Food” from classes gifts;
  • Light resistant monster’s rebalance;
  • Monsters: SRES_Light flag (minor resistance);
  • Monsters: SRES and RES electricity and acid;
  • NO_DROP flag which prevents items from dropping;
  • Now you can’t drop some newborn items, eg Remove Hunger (tattered) scolls;
  • Sorcerer’s Dig spell buffed;
  • Unbeliever can not use Magic Devices, but can see invisible at close range;
  • Healing and *Healing* potions now also give 1 turn resist from confusion;
  • DM can drop items inside of other player’s houses;
  • fix CHR bonus appeared on truearts and nazgul’s rings;
  • hotfix for dead player’s location crush;
  • fixed wrong satiation loss from experience drain attacks.

Please update client to see new food properly.

Note that some food which bosses drop may look not so good at first glance. But actually it’s useful, you just need to think how to consume it 😉

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