Bree tavern

  • A lot of new terrain tiles:

New Bree tavern

    • 68 water tiles (seaweed & waterplants)
  • 64 bloody floors
  • 32 dirt floors
  • 32 sand floors
  • 100+ new walls
  • mountains on dirt terrain
  • new plants and rocks
  • Included severs’ walls by Repne
  • General tileset reordering
  • Finished short-desc for all terrain
  • Fixed wrong terrain flags
  • Furniture become FLOOR_SAFE
  • quick_floor and disable_enter options become default (hide_terrain is off as it’s good for new players; but I personally play without it)
  • World design:
    • used new trees, grass, mushrooms, mountains, rocks, etc
    • aded some Tolkien-flavour to town (I suppose now it could be called as Bree? as there some mentions of ME there). You could meet Mr.Underhill and Co in tavern
    • town rebuild, added different NPCs with some draft-dialogues
    • Mountain Gorge become.. mountains.
  • New artifact: Old Rusty Chain Mail of Olmer, son of Boromir
  • Hydra’s got circular attack level progress
  • Increased townies spawn to 32/64 (up from 4/8)
  • Removed hints text (it mess up roleplay feeling when you speak to NPCs)
  • Same types of townies/animals now appears in different locations
  • Fixed dog/cat NPCs
  • Animals revamp
  • Pointed out in race descriptions that dragons/hydras should be generally be played as monks
  • Included some rumours from TomeNET and FrogComPosBand to website “Bear in mind”

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