Concerning Rings of Power

Recently, PWMA introduced a new system to enhance the Rings of Power (RoP), incorporating new curses over time to replace old AGGRO flag. I agree that having simple, predefined AGGRO on RoP can be somewhat monotonous. However, it may also be overly severe to impose many curses on rings that are currently already unpopular. Some curses, such as NO_TELEPORT, significantly detract from the user experience. Conversely, some curse effects are too weak or easily avoided (e.g., no TIMED_INC_NO_RES), making the rings too reliant on RNG and challenging to balance.

Therefore, I’ve designed a special multi-curse for the Nazgul ring. Each ring has a (quite low) chance of triggering some malicious effects, but these effects are not fatal and are quite bearable, such as a rare negative effect for 2-3 turns once in a while or occasional teleportation. This makes using the ring more interesting as it leads to varied situations. It’s a balance of Risk vs Reward.

In Tangaria, it’s also not possible to take off a cursed item on the first attempt (it requires several tries), which adds additional challenge. To encourage players to wear the Ring (as Nazgul rings, according to the lore, should gradually take control over time), I’m utilizing PWMA’s worn system to reduce the nourishment penalty (I’ve also refactored it to use less server CPU). This means that when you wear the Ring, it initially causes hunger (an additional requirement for nourishment), but over time, you will become resistant to it.

Later on, we can further enhance the appeal of the worn system for rings. It could be interesting to assign more predefined characteristics to each Nazgul’s Ring. For example, a ring from the Witch-King or other magically adept Nazguls could be better suited for mages (with some predefined stats and some RNG ones). Deviating slightly from the lore to make the game more engaging could be fun, giving Nazguls more personality and each of their Rings some predefined stats. As players wear the rings, we could develop different side effects and increase certain bonuses while reducing others through the worn system. But that’s a task for another day.

To introduce the new Rings of Power system, a wipe has been performed. Please update your client.

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