Detection magic rebalance

We had a glitch in detection magic, now it’s fixed. Also detection magic was rebalanced once again (previous: part 1, part 2):

1) Magic mapping scroll now more rare and expensive, you can’t buy then in Alchemy store (but still you can try to find them in BM). At the same time they become more powerful (thanks to Varatorn for this idea).

2) I reworked all detection items, artifacts, spells in such concept:

Potions -> scrolls -> staves -> rods -> artifacts -> spells

Scrolls & potions are the most powerful source of detection as they got certain inbound magic resourse which ends upon use; also they are rare and expensive. Items (staves) – also quite rare; could be destroyed upon recharging and you also need space in your inventory to hold them. Artifacts (and rods) could be endlessly used, also arts do not take space in inventory, so their magic less powerful, but infinite. Spells – could be used endlesly, so have smallest amound of detection radius – so it would be good idea for a mage also to collect Magic Mapping scrolls or Enlightment potions to use then at especially dangerous level.

Please note that Enlightment (Clairvoyance) magic are still not work as intended as we are waiting when new customization would be implemented in game’s core (vanilla Angband).

Please report you impressions, we need you feedback to make game better!

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