First release of PWMAngband 1.3.0 beta 0!

Recently we had 255 limit problem. Now it’s fixed in 1.3.0 beta 0!


– Allow more than 255 terrain types
– Fix some spell level errors

Considering 255 problem:

The reason is obvious: the terrain “floor d hills” is exactly number 256 in the f_info feature array. This means there is somewhere where feature is coded on a “byte” and doesn’t allow more than 255 terrain types. And I found the culprit:

struct square {
byte feat;
bitflag *info;
int light;
s16b mon;
struct object *obj;
struct trap *trap;

Everywhere else, feature index is coded on an integer. Vanilla code has the same “struct square”, so it must also happen in V.

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