Added gargoyle race.

Gargoyles are stone creatures which sometimes appear after magic storms, when arcane nexus vibrations animates rock. It’s very rare occasion, but for centures it happened a from time to time, so you could meet gargoyles in Tangaria more often, than, for example, balrogs.

As gargoyles made from stone, they are resistant to fire, acid and electricity. It’s hard to harm then with shards magic. They do not fear poison and could levitate with a help of their inner magic.

Their weaknesses is certain slowness and also they can’t restore hitpoints and mana easely. They are good in infravision though and their stats can’t be reduced. Another problem is that it’s very hard for them to learn something new. But they are very powerful phisically and it’s not easy to destroy them. They are wise, but not too really smart.. and in most cases quite ugly.

Some powerful wizards tried to make gargoyles with their magic, but they managed to create only ‘golems’ – by powering clay with their spellcasting, as it appeared that much easier to magically operate with clay, than with stone or rock. But I’ll tell you about golems another time..


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