Golden start

Revamped birth_start_kit option – now it provides proper amount of gold. So now if you would push ‘=’ at character creation screen and would choose “birth_start_kit=false” you would start naked, with just a bit of food and bag of gold which you could use at whatever you like. At the same time birth_start_kit provide certain addition items, so you have to think, what is better for you.


  • Added newbie items: 
    – Rusty Lantern
    – tattered Satisfy Hunger scroll
    – rugged Word of Recall scroll
  • Old lantern now appear on shallow depths, while regular lantern could be found bit deeper;
  • New trap: squeaky board (you could find some kinda ‘useless’ items to become useful from now on to avoid this trap);
  • Mysterious girls become brazen strumpets *hic* Thug life…
  • Tileset: fixed rubble and unclothed our courtesans a bit 😉

To be able to see proper graphics you should update client.

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