Roguelike housing paradise

  • houses are now unique: they are randomly generated using hundreds of different walls and floors;
  • you do not just buy the house anymore; you should build it (or buy house which were built by another player);
  • houses do not dissapear upon character death; they become unowned – so you can buy them with a new character;
  • digging walls and rock in the dungeon sometimes gives house stones which you could use as house foundation and in some other cases – you get simple stones which you could throw;
  • you could now chop down trees in daylight locations too;
  • you could build house almost everywhere, even in town location (check housing rules);
  • you can build/buy up to two houses;
  • now you can build two houses near to each other and connect it with a door (two rooms house); but you can’t build near other player’s house doors;
  • new players received Small House Creation scroll and could use House Deed to build small house for free;
  • max number of items in one pile in house become 8;
  • WINDOW flag for house windows; you can’t throw objects or cast spells through windows in player’s houses;
  • NO_HOUSE terrain flag which forbid to build house too close to NPC stores, water etc;
  • new system to wipe houses for DM (Dungeon Master aka GM aka Game Master);
  • adding new (additional) newbie dungeon “The Very Old Ruins” for new characters; entrance just to the north from “Old Ruins”;
  • new object types: “junk”, “cobble”;
  • added classic roguelike junk items: broken bones, sticks, shards etc;
  • experience potion now works on new players too;
  • CHR price table revamp; it’s become less severe;
  • added 9 CC0 .ttf fonts from Google Fonts;
  • fixed bunch of self-inflicted bugs 🙂

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